1995 northwestern football roster

“We had Gary Barnett,” says Autry simply. And I remember telling here, "I'm gonna go to Northwestern." But that I think would be the most special year of my coaching career. It brought us together. You would still hear people at that point saying, "Well, maybe this whole Big Ten thing isn't a great idea.". We actually slept on the dirty, filthy streets of Pasadena, with trash blowing in the wind. I did some receiver because of the injuries we had.

But it's really difficult to comprehensively tell the story of any season, but especially that season, even in 20,000 words.

The Foundation: Expect Victory - The 1995 Season At that point, Northwestern was just like a running joke. He changed the culture in terms of how we thought about ourselves and how we thought about the program.”, Still, after all the players were assembled, something made that team of good-but-not-great athletes very special. Oh my gosh, they're on the cover of Sports Illustrated."

Reliving Northwestern football's greatest season ever, through the words of those who lived it the first time 20 years ago. J.A. And [my recruiter at Northwestern] said, "Yeah, sure, why don't you come out to Northwestern!" Dave Eanet: They had a rally at Welsh-Ryan Arena, and I was the emcee for that. That's remarkable. And the notion that he sold —€” that we were gonna take Northwestern and turn it into a Big Ten championship squad —€” he was already there. Greg Meyer (Offensive coordinator): My younger daughter, Makenzie, was five years old at the time, and when we went to the Notre Dame game, my wife and both daughters came to the game with one of the neighbors. It was an out-and-up down the sideline, and I had it covered, but he made a hell of a play on the ball.

So when I think of the Rose Bowl season, I think of a guy like Bill Koziel.

And you watch people around you stand up. Jason Wendland (Junior offensive tackle): When you tell the story of the Rose Bowl season, you cannot neglect to mention those players that were on teams the preceding years. I didn't think about it at all. Did I think I was going to win? That's what I was always taught by coach Brown. The 1993 Northwestern Wildcats team represented Northwestern University during the 1993 NCAA Division I-A football season.In their second year under head coach Gary Barnett, the Wildcats compiled a 2–9 record (0–8 against Big Ten Conference opponents) and finished in ninth place in the Big Ten Conference..

It was a gradual build-up, and the Michigan game was the big moment, because then it was like, "Oh, okay, this is real. The Minnesota Vikings have like a Nordic horn that they blow, and Graham Gnos and I ran through the bowels of the Metrodome, and we went and found it in a room in the basement. He was the roommate of my host on my recruiting trip, and he had bought in 100 percent. } But I had follow-up questions, and we actually shot the art for the story in the press box at Northwestern. Kenosha had a guy who was running the food program that had worked at some NFL camps, so we made sure that we had the right food, and we had air conditioned dorms. And he's the best in the world, so people were coming out to see this event. This is like a family.

And we didn't actually sleep that much, we were up till like 4 in the morning. In the end, it wasn't. Darnell Autry: After 20 years, people still care. Why did we do this again?"

So I pretty much walked up to Barnett's doorstep and said, "Hey, can I play for you?" Gary Barnett was fulfilling a personal wish to visit the stadium the night before the 1996 Rose Bowl game. And he fired into me, and we're pushing against each other, and I'm blocking him, and Darnell makes a cut and gets tackled. Sports were seen more as a necessity than an asset to the university.

To this day, that still cheers me up. And I was like, "Since when do we have to wait in line to get to our seats at a Northwestern football game?" I'm just thankful for who they are. And that was the truth. We would not even tell our wives or girlfriends or parents or anything like that. Steve Schnur (Junior quarterback): There's this guy that's a stonecutter, and he shows up every day, and his job is to break apart these big boulders, and he takes a hammer and whacks away at this boulder over and over and over all day, and eventually the boulder breaks.

We had some good players, but none of them were NFL players. As part of the 25th anniversary of the Wildcats' unforgettable Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl season, Northwestern Athletics’ own Studio N has transformed its Emmy-Award winning series, The Foundation, to look back at the campaign that captivated the nation. Where are We Wednesday: Resilience needed amidst a tiring stretch. We would fight, and Barnett would break it up, and we would fight, and Barnett would break it up.

And so I was taken aback, as you can imagine. I'm out of the play, and he tries to cut block me. Chris Martin: I loved that horn that they had up there. I had never been in New York before, and that was eye-opening. What a feeling. Ryan Padgett: I was pretty highly recruited out of high school, I actually verbally committed to Notre Dame and cancelled all my other visits, to Stanford, and [University of Washington], and all the rest.

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I told them it'd be cheaper to go up there than to stay here. People ask them, "So you played for Northwestern, were you a part of that good team back in ‘95?" Excellent play design, perfect time to call it. I had worked at Disneyland a couple summers prior to that season. He demanded a lot of people. And we sold Mike Ditka,” says Barnett, laughing. And the guy he was accusing said, "Yeah, I have been." on them. /**

} else if (document.attachEvent) { If you asked me today if I miss playing football, I'd tell you no, I don't miss playing football, I miss being in those locker rooms with my best friends in the world, and laughing and joking. For a half second, we thought, "Oh, you were going to leave?" And it translates everywhere you go.”, Pat Fitzgerald, heading into his seventh season as head coach of the Wildcats, sees instances everywhere of the positive influences from his playing days at Northwestern. No. And when coach Barnett called it, I was like, "Okay!

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