3 types of spiritual connections

They make come into our lives for a moment or a lifetime. Is the use of Oracle Cards like of Kuan Yin, a form of channeling? It feels like we have known them for a lifetime. See you in Hell, Beatles… and/or kids with bowl cuts, surfer […], by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Conscious channeling is when you are fully conscious and present, stepping aside to observe and allow a clear message from spirit to flow through.

© Learning Mind 2012-2020 | All Rights Reserved |, What Are Cosmic Connections and How to Recognize Them, 5 Inspirational Movies That Will Give You a Fresh Perspective on Life, 10 Signs That Your Psychological Issues Are Due to Unhealthy Parenting, What Is Existential Intelligence and 10 Signs Yours Is Above Average, 25 Profound Little Prince Quotes Every Deep Thinker Will Appreciate, 25 Aesthetic Words Every Book Lover Will Appreciate. Again, this is why clarity… But also discernment are so important. All types of channeling are subject to misinterpretation, distortion and interference. The Cosmic Wildcard. I then consciously focus awareness on my heart, third eye and crown and allow my consciousness to become very present, open, relaxed and very receptive. Cosmic relationships don’t necessarily make life easier for us. Or you may hear someone say “I channel my YouTube videos.” And yet they’re not sharing WHO or WHAT they are actually channeling. The second stage of spiritual enlightenment. In5D PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/in5d See our In5D articles the day before they’re released, AD FREE, on Patreon for a minimal donation! Beyond Imagination! … Our cosmic connections may not be beings full of love and light. Okay, so I hope this is helpful for you in clearing up some confusion surrounding the three types of channeling. This happens because you always have guides and angels around you, and sometimes their guidance just gets mixed in with your own thoughts and stream of consciousness. Finally…  Remember that even if you're not channeling consciously or unconsciously, you are guided and supported in every moment. Sometimes we need a bit of a kick to help us change our path. With any spiritual material and anything in this world, it's important to discern on multiple levels. Every person we meet has the potential to help us grow, from the man on the bus who smiles at us to our grandmother who offers unconditional love to the difficult partner or colleague.

That is, the upper (or inner) dimensions of genius. You are very awake, and aware of the current moment right now.

Many people describe this feelings of completeness and love. All content published on this website is intended for informational purposes only. 11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyways! Trance channeling is how Jane Roberts who channeled Seth back in the day channeled. These people are vital to our spiritual progression. You existed before you were born and will continue to do so after you die. There are also twins that experience intense connections in the etheric only, without a physical encounter. And so you may often hear someone say, “Yeah I channeled that book.” And yet… The book is written in their own voice and shares personal stories from their life. When it comes to enlightening others, all you can do is to plant the seed and hope the garden is watered with knowledge. Required fields are marked. For our practical purpose, put them in stages and analyze the state of being in each stage: At the very first level of enlightenment, the individual starts experiencing reality as it is. The Spiritual Level? I saw the Samuel Prophets who carry a building anointing and a hybrid gift mix of apostolic and prophetic function. So today I want to help clear up some of the confusion, by sharing the three main types of channeling.

document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s); So here’s the thing… Its not that these people are being dishonest, or even inadvertently misleading. Have you ever heard light language? var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["classic", "egtq69mrk0ps", "fdr"]); They make come into our lives for a moment or a lifetime. It could also be called light trance channeling. Learning Mind is a blog created by Anna LeMind, B.A., with the purpose to give you food for thought and solutions for understanding yourself and living a more meaningful life.

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She lives in London with her family of people, dogs, and cats. This is also sometimes called clairvoyant channeling. The bible bans the following things many of us experience in every day life, but we do anyways! Discernment is key.

When we look at each individual who crosses our path as a divine messenger our attitude towards them changes. When we recognize that people come into our lives for a reason it helps us to open our hearts. Either way, they can change the course of our lives forever. They may awaken us to injustice, remind us of our true values, encourage us to follow our dreams or simply remind us to appreciate the wonder of being alive on this planet. In5D’s Gregg Prescott hosts a live In5D New Year’s Eve Podcast on Zoom and chats with numerous guests about the upcoming year and beyond, including a number of predictions made by Gregg. You feel a connection with every object and individual in the world. Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of www.Ask-Angels.com. Cosmic relationships often disrupt our lives. Spiritual enlightenment is the fruit that sets you free, as you lose all wants and wishes to receive the fruits of your actions.

Genesis 3:4. Kirstie Pursey holds a diploma in creative writing from the Open University and works as a writer, blogger, and storyteller.

Either way, they can change the course of our lives forever. Thank you for your support!! It means that everything in our lives is a result of cosmic connections. We would sometimes rather stay in our comfort zones and live mediocre lives. The phrase cosmic connections came to me and it was what I was thinking at the moment when I wrote it down then Googld it. When they come into our lives they challenge the status quo and force us to look deeply into ourselves. While we are in that spiritual realm we get to make choices about our next life. So without really knowing what you’re doing, you start flowing guidance through you through the words you're speaking. But either way, the channel actually consciously leaves their body in order for the higher dimensional guide, higher guide, entity, depending on who and what they're channeling to step in to their life stream to essentially take over the body functions, and to then channel through. .” Genesis 3:5. You the experience the oneness of Creator Source and are not separate from anything in the universe. These people force us to look at the way we are living and decide whether this is the way we wish to carry on. Everything is connected, so there is no such thing as a chance meeting. We choose those things that help us to grow spiritually. Click Here For A Free Angel Message Channeled By Melanie! Those we are cosmically connected to come into our lives to help us look at things in a new way, heal our pain and change direction. Is it something you want to listen to and integrate or not?

Although no two prophets are alike, there are similarities but diversity in flow, function and personality. Then, of course, how much of the ego mind of a channel or spiritual teacher is infiltrating the message regardless of how they’re channeling? Channeling is channeling right? Cosmic connections are those people who come into our lives to help us develop and grow. Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world. The highest stage of spiritual enlightenment marks the attainment of unity with God or being one with everything. })(); The CIA declassified a number of documents that relate to spirituality and consciousness, amongst a number of other fascinating topics! You can always help others along their path or even light the candle that piques their curiosity, but the only one you can truly enlighten is yourself. Spiritual Connection first. Spiritual enlightenment is often categorized into levels for practical purposes. Angels Spiritual – 3 Types Of Angels Are With You .

Maybe you received visions after a Near Death Experience (NDE)? Well, actually… There are different types of channeling, and even one type, like conscious channeling, can take many different forms. Did you know that there are many different light languages just as there are many languages here on our planet? It might seem like trance channeling would be clearer than intuitive channeling, but this is not necessarily the case.

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. The energetic experiences are a lot more intense than for those pairs that have met in the physical.

Or are they overly spiritual or overly materialistic? Intuitive channeling is very common, and it's something that many people are opening to without even realizing it. Your soul begins to merge with Supreme Soul. When you are in a state of spiritual enlightenment you are completely in the present moment. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe now to receive more just like it. In an early morning encounter, the Lord highlighted three types of prophets that I believe are being prepared in this hour.

It’s as if a switch is flipped and we suddenly remember our connection with the divine and our soul purpose. These people are vital to our spiritual progression. You feel the bliss of completeness and true love. This is often the case for celebrity twins, where the … . Kerri Ann Sanders joins Gregg to help kick in the New Year! This stage of enlightenment is a direct experience of oneness. It means that your mind ceases to interfere with what you are experiencing. And then trance channeling is where the channel fully leaves their body and the spirit guide or higher dimensional being essentially takes over, speaking a message directly using their body. At some point, we all had a pivotal time in our lives where we spiritually awakened. Your existence here on the material plane may not be your only experience of life.

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