90s british bands list

Required fields are marked *. And as soon as “Disorder” started I was hooked. The rest of their stuff?

Well, i supose Velvet Undergroud and Bob Dylan are both from the USA, so number 9 will be Queen and nº 10 The Clash.

14) Joy Division: I remember the first time I really heard Joy Division: I’d asked for (and received) the Unknown Pleasures CD for Christmas. You said at the beginning you’d try to keep your personal taste out if it. It’s a great compilation but I’m quite disappointed that it (and every other list I have come across) doesn’t include Siouxsie and the Banshees! [33], After Soul II Soul's breakthrough R&B hits "Keep on Movin'" and "Back to Life" in 1989, existing black soul acts, including Omar and acid jazz bands Incognito, Jamiroquai, and Brand New Heavies, were now able to pursue mainstream recording careers.

These guys were tight, but seemed to have more personnel issues than Spinal Tap. Led Zeppelin. And although the band crashed and burned way too soon, in their place came thousands of bands, all doing their own (beautiful) thing.

Comparing Oasis to the Beatles is absurd! Deep Purple & ELO should be there to make this serious.- They were and still are a huge influence of many other bands.

Genesis was hugely influenced BY Yes and King Crimson not the other way around. Music has really died in my generation. Strangelove: Bristol’s Strangelove were led by the wonderfully peculiar Patrick Duff, and they somehow channelled the spirit of glam rock and the darkness of Joy Division at the same time.

The Cult above the Beatles!!!??? No One direction!! [21] Pioneered by figures like Club Rage DJs Fabio and Grooverider,[23] in the mid-1990s the genre expanded from an underground and pirate radio scene to form subgenres including the intelligent drum and bass pioneered by LTJ Bukem,[23] and the ambient jungle[23] of Goldie's crossover debut Timeless (1995) and the jazzstep of Roni Size's Mercury Award-winning New Forms (1997).

I’m putting them on this list because I feel obligated to, not because I want to. For some reason, that song has always reminded me of a factory where all the giant industrial machines were started one by one and just happened to make a great tune together… and then Ian Curtis’ haunting voice came over the top of it all. I would put the STranglers ahead of them and in your top 10 for sure.

Minus Curtis, the band continued as New Order, making some of the most popular electronic music of all time (it’s amazing that, despite all the huge club hits since the 80s, “Blue Monday” is still the most popular 12″ single of all time). How they can sell out concerts in not just English-speaking countries, but all over Europe, Asia and South America, too? 30) The Specials: The Specials brought ska into the British mainstream, and the band had seven consecutive UK Top 10 singles from ’77 to ’81. 50+ years together. Okay, so this multi-platinum selling band are hardly forgotten, but perhaps they’re a little unfairly derided, no? You can still hear the whining after the captain shuts down the engines . Why are you including Kate Bush and Elton John in a list that clearly states ‘BANDS’?

Or maybe you do like them, but not as much as other bands.

UK garage originated from England, particularly in London in the early 1990s and emerged from styles such as garage house, R&B, jungle, and dance-pop, and usually features a distinctive 4/4 percussive rhythm with syncopated hi-hats, cymbals and snares, and sometimes includes irregular kick drum patterns. 24: Black Sabbath Facebook.

And, as mentioned, I think Knopfler is one of the most underrated guitarists ever. The record labels are those given by the OCC. One band I think should have been listed is the SHADOWS. Period.”. Put on, say, ‘Fait Accompli’, and you’ll see what we mean. I think everyone loved the Shadows. Duran Duran- They were hugely influential for the MTV action, if nothing else.

The Longpigs.

D. Helmsmondhalgh and C. Melville, "Urban Breakbeat culture: repercussions of Hip-Hop in the United Kingdom" in A. Mitchell, ed.. M. Gelfand, "Fat Boy Slim explains electronic dance music", in T. Cateforis, ed.. G. Wald, "Soul's Revival: White Soul, Nostalgia and the Culturally Constructed Past", M. Guillory and R. C. Green. Jones had wildly prolific periods right up to 2012 when Babybird quit, but nothing ever came close to that success. Marion: In the mid-90s Macclesfield’s Marion made lots of new friends touring with Radiohead, and their album ‘This World and Body’ was a classic for sensitive bedroom-dwelling eyelinered types with an aversion to sunlight.

Aside from, I dunno… EYEBALLING YOUR THEN-GIRLFRIEND FOR AN ENTIRE CONCERT, Costello seems like a great guy all around. 47) Chuck Berry 31) Dire Straits: I’m not a fan of Dire Straits, either. Name any post-Cocteau Twins band with a whispy-voiced female singer – The Sundays, Sixpence None the Richer, Grimes, School of Seven Bells, The Innocence Mission, The Cranberries – and I’ll show you someone who was influenced by the band. UK- Well, let’s just call it English, shall we? 33: The Small Faces Maybe I just have a cultural blind spot for The Who… but it just seemed like, growing up, they were everyone’s fifth or sixth favorite band, never anyone’s favorite band. Genesis- I don’t like either version of this band.

Makes no sense.

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And Sylvian’s solo work varies from esoteric to brilliant. 29) Pixies Just joking, but seriously, reconsider the order and importance of the bands. Skunk Anansie: Skunk Anansie were so big that they were given the Sunday night headline slot on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage in ‘99. Iron Maiden- I’m with ya. 50) Metallica, This could take DAYS to refine. Are known for one or two albums.

They’re far better than New Odor and rocked much harder.

They had a massive hit with ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ this lot, and if you don’t like it then you should be ashamed; I mean come on, how can you hate a song that mentions Iron Maiden in the chorus?

Admittedly, I have not done the research you have, but I bet their number of hits and popularity are neck and neck, and the Monkeys are much cooler.

Listen to Live at Leeds (especially Amazing Journey/Sparks).

Ultrasound: Ultrasound were a late 90s indie band from Yorkshire who had a singer who looked a bit like Johnny Vegas who went by the name of Tiny. And let’s not forget that when Small Faces broke up, three members coaxed Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart, two more British music icons, into joining the reformed Faces. Specials- LOVE ‘EM! I appreciate your taste and you certainly have a deep knowledge of British music. Although The Clash are one of my favourite bands, they probably deserve 4th place, behind Zep, Floyd, Beatles, Stones. 20) Cheap Trick

Their best song was ‘Pets’, though everyone thinks it’s Jane’s Addiction anyway. But hey, it’s your list!

If anyone on the list deserved their own entry, it’s Gabriel.

Artists by total number of weeks at number-one, Songs by total number weeks at number one, The artist, song name, date of number-one and duration are those given by.

Even so, The Clash weren’t particularly popular, much less #1. Muse especially. Amazing Band! Whereas a lot of 80s electronic bands were influenced by Kraftwerk, Neu!

Wheatus: Good god, it’s Wheatus!

I prefer Gabriel’s solo stuff. But they kicked SO much ass! By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. [38] A mix of Bhangra and reggae beats helped make Apache Indian the first British south Asian pop star, reaching number 5 in the UK singles charts with "Boom Shack-A-Lak" in 1990 and becoming the first south Asian DJ on a major national station in 1994.

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