adam audio a5x vs t5v

You can also apply different skins to them, so you can give a white color, or you can go crazy and go with a Tarzan theme. US:, ⭐ Adam Audio T5V: Even if you leave out features like volume control on front, the more granular sound control knobs at back, wall mountable design, and stereo link, the greater immersiveness, micro detail, and imaging just pushes their sound to become extremely natural and lifelike, and that jump in the realism is something that I feel is totally worth it. Design. Adam has different names for their tweeters in their lineup in different price ranges, and the u-Art, X-Art, and S-Art are just names assigned to these tweeters. The tweeter and the woofer on these speakers just integrate in such a perfect cohesion, that it really makes it a little difficult to discuss the high, mid, and low frequencies separately. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. The sweet spot for listening to these speakers is also surprisingly wide, so even when you are in very odd positions in front of these speakers, they still deliver that holographic listening experience. If you’re working with sound professionally, the T5Vs will also allow you to hear what’s going on in your mix in great detail, but if you are a person who has to work a lot with lower frequencies, I do think that the more resolving woofer of the A5Xs will really help. while the T5Vs have a button that switches between their RCA and XLR inputs, so you will have to manually change that if you have 2 devices plugged in. While the tweeter on the T5V is also very detailed, and revealing of the audio, the X-Art tweeter just performs on another level as I said, and the presentation of their sound is more natural, and the imaging of the instruments is also more precise with a greater depth and width, and 3 dimensionality. US: When I listen to these speakers, I do not feel like I need an improvement in any area of the presentation of their sound, the T5Vs are also really great, but they don’t reach the perfection and ‘magic’ that the A5Xs have. It's in the top 3 bestselling studio monitors and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as JBL 308P MkII or Avantone Pro MixCube . Required fields are marked *. India:, Your email address will not be published. Now in comparison to the T5Vs, I would just start by saying that the T5Vs sound really excellent, so just because the A5Xs are better doesn’t mean than they aren’t good, but when you put them side by side to the A5X, you do notice differences. Adam Audio A5X is $300.99 more expensive than an average studio monitor ($199). In the box, you get a manual, a mono RCA stereo link cable that is actually very good in quality, then there’s the power cable, and finally you get to the speakers. India: Reviews, Videos, Discussions on Everyday Technology. Your email address will not be published.

Amplifier comparison is a very complex topic, and one type of amplifier may not always be better than other type of amplifier, and the Class A/B amplifier must have been chosen with the A5X because of its sound characteristics, but these amplifiers do get hot compared to Class D amplifiers, so the T5Vs just stay a degree or two above room temperature, while the A5Xs can go up to 45 degrees celsius at their back. I personally set everything to 0 because in my room they sound very engaging, even with their default settings. The mids on these are also extremely natural, and the vocals sound really lifelike, and both male and female vocals sound equally excellent on these because of how good the bass and treble is. These really do have the potential for becoming endgame speakers even for audiophiles, and endgame is not a word that I use lightly. Because these are so resolving, you also hear a good separation between voices when multiple singers are there, and it is a cliché in audio gear reviews to say that it feels like the singer is singing in front of you, but once you close your eyes while sitting in front of these speakers, it is difficult to not have the feeling of being physically present with the singers.

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