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A driving force in our work ahead will be our ongoing commitment to transforming Rubicon into an antiracist organization and deepening our response to amplified economic disparities within the societal context of COVID-19, racial injustice and pervasive inequity. Share: See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The PAB is currently working to ensure they are poised to impact legislation. Examples of activities and initiatives that have already taken place include the observation of Juneteenth as an organization-wide holiday, education around Black Wall Street, and a commitment to spending money with BIPOC vendors. Learn more. Drop your ballot off on or before election day.

According to the CDC, “long-standing systemic health and social inequities have put some members of racial and ethnic minority groups at increased risk of getting COVID-19.” Nationwide African Americans are five times more likely, and Latinx Americans are four times more likely to contract the virus than are white Americans.

In the current climate of COVID-19, economic downturn and the unmitigated disregard and devaluing of Black and Brown life, we must partner to respond with urgency. She has been instrumental in building engagement, equity and inclusion, and capacity building initiatives at Rubicon. No new date has been set. Adrienne exists to liberate and multiply the genius and leadership gifts of marginalized people and communities. About Adriene.   Roosevelt’s son, who is serving 17 years in California State Prison-Solano, tells his father about daily protests in the yard demanding the release of sick and vulnerable inmates. Work. Chief Talent Officer.

She connects via podcasting, small group and conference speaking, and consulting with organizations seeking transformational change. For example, “it’s not what’s happening in Contra Costa County; it’s what’s happening in Richmond. Adrienne works to liberate and multiply the genius and leadership gifts of marginalized people and communities.

She believes doing so is the only way to sustainably transform the world. There are no easy solutions, but for Gail and Roosevelt, depopulation is an imperative first step. Paul Leonard, Board Chair  2020 Conference Session:

A message from Jane Fischberg: Left: Wade, a Rubicon Participant, speaks to elected officials and the media about our assets work. There is a drive-through ballot drop-off option available throughout the county. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business.

The total number of people incarcerated in California prisons is about 100,000. Roosevelt hopes corporations and other entities will step up to the plate to help with the greatest problem facing inmates who are released early: housing. or. Adrienne Kimball, Baptism Testimony on Vimeo It is our shared responsibility to ensure that all families and communities have equitable access to life, liberty and economic opportunity. View Adrienne Kimball’s full profile. We are energized by these challenges and filled with a deep sense of purpose as we prepare to rise up to meet them with our new CEO at the helm. Rubicon will continue to prioritize participant and employee health in our decision making. The responsibility and opportunity ahead is both professional and personal. This adjustment was a natural step for an organization that “takes an equity lens to everything we do,” said Adrienne Kimball, Rubicon’s Chief Talent Officer. He had a son and three daughters with his second wife, Adrienne. We have a commitment to what’s happening in our communities.”  Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming. It’s a complicated decision, to say the least, but Rubicon is taking this unprecedented moment in history as another opportunity to put our commitment to being an antiracist organization into action. Jane will continue to serve as CEO through October 31, 2020, after which date she will remain with Rubicon as an advisor through the end of April 2021. According to a New York Times database, San Quentin has become one of the country's largest virus clusters with more than 2,200 infections and 26 deaths, and other facilities are not far behind. Those are my family members,” she says. Facebook Minneapolis, MN 55454 They quickly added .5% to the WHO-recommended return-to-site community infection thresholds.

View all of Adrienne Kimball's Presentations. She has been instrumental in building engagement, equity and inclusion, and capacity-building initiatives at Rubicon.

Rubicon is carefully monitoring COVID infection rates and weighing risk factors to determine when to return to work sites.

With DC at the helm, Rubicon has the leadership needed to take Rubicon to its next level. Conditional Voter Registration). Regional Early Voting Sites are open Friday, October 30th (11am-7pm); Saturday, October 31st (9am-5pm); and Monday, November 1st (11am-7pm). October 30, 2020 – November 2, 2020: Early Voting, sites and times vary.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Adrienne Kimball Culture Manager at Rubicon Programs Inc. Richmond, California Individual & Family Services.

(612) 373-5994, Photos by Sarah Morreim Photography As a Black woman raised in Richmond, I feel extreme pride and fortune to be chosen as Rubicon Programs’ next President and CEO.

Rubicon Programs.

While Rubicon is a longstanding high-calibre workforce and supportive service provider, we continuously aspire to listen and learn from our participants. For example, “it’s not what’s happening in Contra Costa County; it’s what’s happening in Richmond. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Chris Aiken. “We have long felt the need to do more active advocacy and activism around racial justice issues; however, we wanted to be sure we could get it right.

The development of the action plan began following the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Tony McDade, when many employees echoed demands that were being voiced nationwide, and made it clear that they wanted decisive action within the organization, Kimball said. 2500 Bissell Avenue If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account. Once you’ve signed up you will receive notices via email, text, or voice message from the county elections office letting you know the status of your ballot, including: If you are notified that your ballot was not accepted or that there was an issue with your signature, and you need help resolving the issue, please contact a Rubicon attorney.

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