alabama deer population by county map

values), The total population in US.AL 2015: 4.330.604.

You can, Hunting Wild Turkeys - 2016 Spring Hunt Guide.

On my 1500 acre lease ( my family has leased this property for over fifty years) we went from killing twenty five- thirty deer a year most being bucks up to the mid 90's, but now in the last ten years the most deer killed in a year on that lease was a grand total of 8. Looks like nearly 21,000 bucks and 25,000 does. Marengo has the benefit of not only the nearby Alabama River, but the Tennessee-Tombigbee river system that feeds water through the area and creates awesome habitat. The data source is from the Annual Census Report ( We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Finally, while there is opportunity for trophy deer from all corners of the state, you may be interested in a guide service. 8) North Dakota: Deer population around 90,000. 4) Iowa: Deer population around 400,000. In the early 1900s, it was estimated only about 2,000 deer existed in the entire state. Alabama Deer Hunting. 3) Colorado: Deer population around 25,000. There are many excellent hunting guides and lodges operating in these areas. What interests me are the counties with the low harvest numbers. Clubs and locals in the Black Belt were some of the first adopters of quality deer management practices, and the result has been more and bigger deer. I think we can agree the 3 buck limit has helped and we have seen some really big bucks taken the last few years . I think deer numbers in south AL are greatly diminished. 5) South Dakota: Deer population around 300,000. Alabama has had big bucks killed for the last 40 years. No, we can't.

Unless its coyotes getting them then I'm really not sure whats going on. US Alabama Map – population density: compare Lambert vs. Anamorphic Map. 7) Nebraska: Deer population around 375,000. I wonder what the actual % of deer taken have been reported? Late start(Looking a lease around Glenwood Al),, Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software The region lies in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, creating rugged and hilly terrain that also features lots of great habitat. Alabama Whitetail Deer Density * The above map created with the aid of the Quality Deer Management Association's: Whitetail Map GuideQuality Deer Management Association's: Whitetail Map Guide I know its not hunters killing does in the area I hunt because most the surrounding lands don't shoot many does or many bucks. Read More. Marengo County was so adept at big bucks that for a few years the state ran a program called the “Big Buck Project”. Finally, while there is opportunity for trophy deer from all corners of the state, you may be interested in a guide service. Marion, Lamar, and Fayette. Something isn't adding up. 6) Alabama: Deer population around 1.8 million . The Black Belt is a big swath of land sweeping across the midsection of the state. I'm gonna report all my kills in Jackson co instead of where I really kill them. . and with neighboring states having limits and pushing the new progressive management style they didn't want to be the poop in the punchbowl. These two adjoining counties lie in the northwestern corner of the state. And is live data, uploading as it comes in, or at worst daily. Agree with that statement. The map on the Top shows the classic Alabama (AL) map with counties in Lambert projection-types, calculated by the area per population density and as a “heat map”. Damn! If only 40% (less than half) of actual kills are reported we still wouldn't be half way. To help you narrow your search, I reviewed data from the past 5 years to come up with the counties most consistently rated for quality deer. The reason for the three buck limit is a few folks in power and more behind the scenes decided that "nobody needs more than" and got it done. The James Martin-Skyline WMA has been expanded over recent years, and provides over 60,000 acres of public hunting land along the Tennessee border. The total population in US.AL 2019: 4,903,185   (est. You can search for one here on Dream Sporting Trips. The habitat is mostly hardwood forests and pine tree plantations, plus plenty of water from the numerous streams feeding into the Chattahoochee river valley. As far as Education & passing young bucks.....surely by now some of them have matured, right?? Kinda like writing tickets for bringing a deer's head and cape back from IL.......but, there are fallow deer, red deer, and even elk roaming around in AL that have escaped from high fences, huh? Jackson County represents some of the best big buck hunting in northeastern Alabama. These two counties are situated in the eastern part of the Black Belt region. Alabama is a big state with varied terrain, from the mountains in the north, the wooded flat lands in the west, and the well known Black Belt region across the south. Am I reading that right, we need to kill about 200,000 more deer to get us where they thought we were? The color ramp (“heat map”) moves from (green = min, red = max values per population). Photo via Flickr. Someone had posted all the numbers of deer harvested per county as they have been checked in so far to date. 9) Arkansas: Deer population around 1.1 million. I hunt in Morgan and we are 3rd from the bottom ahead of only Marshall and Geneva. I have a buddy that does euro mounts and he has seen about 75% fewer deer brought in this year than the same time last year. On the other side: The anamorphic map of AL with 67 counties. I never thought that many deer would be killed in one day. In my opinion the only reason for a three buck limit was because anyone can figure out you can't have both a liberal bag limit on does and bucks. In no particular order, here are the 10 best big buck counties in Alabama.

The color ramp (“heat map”) moves from (green = min, red = max values per population). Hey guys, where did I see that thread earlier today? Public areas to check out are the Lowndes WMA, a small 14,000 acre tract that borders the Alabama River and is easily accessible by road from Montgomery. These four neighboring counties in District 4 are always on the list of big deer opportunities. Photo via Flickr. The 2020 Census, Next Steps and a Heartfelt Thanks. There are many excellent hunting guides and lodges operating in these areas. Surprised me a bit. The Barbour WMA is an excellent place for the seasoned or. The area is full of mature pine forests as well as some drains with hardwoods. If you do your research, and focus on these 10 counties, you can have confidence that you will giving yourself the best possible chance at an Alabama bruiser.

Correct me if I'm wrong, BUT I don't see a 2-1 ratio of does being reported. in northeastern Alabama. Many deer hunters in my home state of Alabama would count their season a success by filling the freezer with venison. The Barbour WMA is an excellent place for the seasoned or beginning bow hunter, thanks to excellent deer numbers and chances for a trophy. Alabama has one of the longest deer seasons in the country, spanning from just before Thanksgiving to February 10 in some districts.

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