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Origin Fox must fly around Andross and look for an opening in the wall to fly through while avoiding the tiles Andross telekinetically tosses at him.

Unown | Rathalos | Fox must focus his firepower on the brain (which has a health meter), but Andross often waits for a few seconds and charges at Fox, who must dodge every few seconds to avoid this. Andross' endgame laughter and battle rages are the only quotes to remain in both voice options of the European and Australian release of Star Fox 64 (except for the narrator's "Good Luck!" Andross made appearances in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii, Super Smash Bros. 4 for the 3DS and Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Guardians | Occupation Medeus | In the Nintendo Power SNES Comic, he was infatuated with Vixy Reinard, but she was already in love with Fox McCloud Sir (later James McCloud) and later married and had a son named Fox, Andross felt he didn't deserve her so he attached a bomb on his car in order to kill him and have her to himself but Vixy ended up using it (completely oblivious to what was installed) and was tragically killed instead. Cragalanche | Bulborbs | Ninja Kong | Gengar | False Peach | Slimes (Minecraft) | Moley | Sidesteppers | Baba | The same fight pattern will be repeated yet again, except for the lack of Andross's hands, and Falco will fly onscreen in-between meteorite showers to drop Supply Containers of Smart Bombs behind for him. Chandelure | Banzai Bills | In Star Fox, Andross was a cube-like core with his face posted on four sides, but in later games he was a brain. Bright | Chaos Kin | He attacks with his two hands, which are vulnerable before they attack and must be shot to destroy them. Oikonny's Army, Star Wolf Il fut alors banni sur Venom, planète voisine.

Mouser |

Grâce à l'héroïsme de l'équipe Star Fox, ce fou n'a pas encore réalisé ses ambitions. Validar | S'il est libéré dans ce jeu, il flotte en arrière-plan et lance des polygones sur les combattants. Mockiwis | Hard Man |

Dive Man | Réfugié sur la planète Venom, il lève une armée dans le but de conquérir le système Lylat, incluant l'aide de Wolf O'Donnell et ses équipiers de Star Wolf. He will also utilize a tractor beam like the Scrapworm boss in Titania. Paper Bowser | His role appeared to be as a selectable character for the multiplayer function the prototype provided in which he piloted an Arwing, suggesting that he was originally intended to be a new team member to Star Fox. Unfortunately, his increasing lust for power drove him to the brink of madness, presumably by damaging his brain. Shadow Bugs | After destroying a hand, Fox must immediately find an opening in the wall and fly out as Andross will quickly retaliate with his rotating laser attack. Andross serves as the final boss of Star Fox Zero. Lord Nightmare | Yellow Devil, Assists Trophies/Poké Ball Pokémon King Knight | Shadow Man | Palkia | The ill-fated "Saru" (1993~1994 tech demo). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dimentio | Dark Mind | Starman | MB | Bowser | Dans Brawl, son Trophée utilise son apparence de Starwing, comme le trophée aide. First, Andross builds a massive cylinder barrier to cover himself. The fact that Andross shifted his goals from ruling to destroying the Lylat system might be due to different writers. Ultimate for the Switch where he can be sent out as an Assist Trophy. Shield Knight | Crimson/Peach Team Rocket Grunts | Necrozma | Andross a deux Trophées dans Melee : un avec son apparence de Starwing et un avec celle de Lylat Wars. He's the arch-nemesis of Fox McCloud due to possibly murdering/brainwashing James McCloud.

Bullet Bills | Revolver Ocelot | Once his hands are destroyed a second time, Andross will begin to inhale Fox, which cannot be escaped from, until Falco suddenly returns and stops Andross. Megontas | Destroy the Lylat System.Kill Fox McCloud and destroy the Star Fox Team (all failed). Walhart | Spiders | Balrog | Mr. Frosty | Drill Man | Powers/Skills Risky Boots | Panther Caroso | Galacta Knight | At first, the giant Krazoa God statue's head Andross wears on the back of his head shoots ring waves at Fox's Arwing, but its eyes are vulnerable to attack.

Incineroar | ", "Andross évolue en arme biologique pour devenir le vrai boss final de Lylat Wars. Juri Han | Dharkon | After firing Smart Bombs into Andross's mouth during an inhale, his state of being will shift into a transparent shell and he will move more erratically while charging at Fox, but the brain is exposed and vulnerable to attack. Evil-doer Kip | This call, along with the Venom Easy Path level, are the only C-Right/Touch Screen transmissions in the game that are sent by someone other than ROB 64. Shogun Pilot | Therion | At the start, before Fox can fight Andross straight on, he must first fight the Krazoa head on the back of Andross' head.

Wood Man |

Knuckle Joes | Plasm Wraith | Mecha Ridley | Vega | Zoldge, Subspace Army Andross est un personnage complétement fou et maléfique, il avait une énorme soif de connaissance et de pouvoir au point d'avoir mis en danger Corneria, ce qui lui a valu d'être banni. Ultimate Chimera |

Meteo Crusher Pilot | Attack(s) Specknoses | L'héroïque équipe Star Fox a ensuite contrecarré son plan de conquérir le système de Lylat.

Ing | Demise |

Galeem | Spark Man | Star Fox Zero Birdo | Octoroks |

Donkey Kong |

Lakitu | Once the hands have been destroyed by shooting the gemstones, the entire 1st and 2nd sequence is repeated again, except that star fighters will now occasionally spawn and fly into Fox from behind Andross. The Three Mage-Sisters (Francisca, Flamberge, Zan Partizanne) | Snake Man |

Species Armor Kracko | Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism (or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption) and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked.

Andrew Oikonny | Skeletons | Giratina |

Tabuu | Klaptrap | Andross has the most amount of phases during his battle, with a total of five, even more than. Bien qu’on ne sache pas vraiment s’il s’agit d’un hologramme ou d’une représentation métallique d’Andross, son apparence extérieure nous laisse supposer que ce n’est pas la vraie forme de cet ennemi. Marx | Mimicuties | During his first phase, Andross attacks with his two hands.

Knight Man | Andross opens the fight by using his telekinesis to create a cylindrical wall of transparent tiles around himself. Emperor Andross is the main antagonist of the Star Foxfranchise. Octoman | Strangely enough, this is the SNES Star Fox's Andross (which is a different timeline from the main canon of 64, Adventures, and Assault). Ornes | Flages | He is fought deep in the core of Planet Venom after, Fox defeats Star Wolf and makes his way through the Corridor of Illusion. Rathalos, Playable Characters Boom Boom |

This time, he is shown wearing an emperor's cloak. Andross est un antagoniste important de l'Univers Star Fox. Helmaroc King | Emerl | In Ultimate, Andross appears as three spirits, all primary grab types. Abuse of powerUnethical experimentationBrainwashingPollutionGenocideMaleficAttempted universal hegemony. Duon | Zombie, Bosses Lurchthorns | She may be the only known victim that Andross didn't intend to kill. Afterwards, Andross will spit out rocks (which may contain health). Napalm Man | Emperor Andross is the main antagonist of the Star Fox franchise. Entei |

Chain Chomps | Rabbid Kong | A partir de Lylat Wars, Andross a l'apparence d'un singe plutôt âgé au poil blanc. The Devil | Galleom | King Olly | Once he does, he must turn the Arwing into its Walker mode to venture inside. Obtaining power and the ability to spread destruction throughout the Lylat System. Master Core | Sir Kibbles | Zero |

Yiga Foot Soldiers. Star Fox Adventures ... Huit ans après avoir vaincu Andross, l'équipe Star Fox est envoyée sur Dinosaur Planet afin de renverser un tyran qui y fait régner la terreur. Zako | Master Hand |

False Samus | Eventually, an illusion of Fox's father distracts Andross and forces him to turn around. Once all three are gone, Andross will turn around. Dark Pit | Skin Deoxys | The second, based on his Star Fox 64 appearance, is fought against Ganondorf on the Venom stage with low gravity and Andross summoned as an Assist Trophy and the Sector Omega music playing. Waddle Doos | TilesRotating lasersRobotic fistsEye lasersBite

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