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The Skin of Ankylosaurus Was Covered with Osteoderms. The "type specimen" of Ankylosaurus was discovered by the famous fossil hunter (and P.T. google_ad_height = 90; This grouping also includes stegosaurs whose armor was in the form of a double row of plates and bony pikes projecting upwards. /* sci facts 160 */ The dinosaur was completely rugged. This armor was made up of densely packed osteoderms, or "scutes," deeply embedded plates of bone (which weren't directly connected to the rest of Ankylosaurus' skeleton) covered by a thick layer of keratin, the same protein as is contained in human hair and rhinoceros horns. Ankylosaurus lived in Canada and the western United States. This name was in the same sense as the medical term "ankylosis" which refers to the rigidity and immobility produced by the fusion of several bones in the body. What Is The Biggest State In The United States? However, he thought that these belonged to another dinosaur type. google_ad_width = 160; Based on skeletal reconstruction in Carpenter 2004 and photographs of fossils. By Joseph Castro - Live Science Contributor 10 May 2017. Sadly and as imposingly as it was, Ankylosaurus proudly honored thyreophorans and competed with Stegosaurus for the title of the most dim-witted animal of the Mesozoic era. Ankylosaurus Was Once Known as "Dynamosaurus", Dinosaurs Like Ankylosaurus Lived All Over the World, Ankylosaurus Survived to the Cusp of the K/T Extinction, Ankylosaurs: The Armored-Plated Dinosaurs, Stegosaurs - The Spiked, Plated Dinosaurs, Titanosaur Dinosaur Pictures and Profiles, 10 Facts About Stegosaurus, the Spiked, Plated Dinosaur, The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Montana, 10 of the World's Most Important Dinosaurs Might Not Be What You Think, The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Wyoming, The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of South Dakota, The 10 Types of Dinosaur Bones Studied by Paleontologists. Dinosaurs belonging to this family had short, heavy bodies and were protected from head to tail with bony plates and spikes. Wikimedia Commons. The character continued to appear in the next six sequels of the movie, becoming a favorite to the Godzilla movie fans. The name Ankylosaurus means ‘fused lizard’. /* sci facts 728 */ Here are some facts about Ankylosaurus: . The remaining populations would then slowly succumb to the disappearance of the trees and ferns to which they were so accustomed after vast clouds of dust completely encircled the Earth. The size of the largest ankylosaurus specimen ever found was 20.5 feet in length, 5.6 feet height, and a width of 1.5 meters. Facts About Ankylosaurus, the Armored Dinosaur, Bob Strauss is a science writer and the author of several books, including "The Big Book of What, How and Why" and "A Field Guide to the Dinosaurs of North America.

. The Habitat and Feeding Habits of Ankylosaurus.

Its armor was similar to that of a modern crocodile; Its tail was used like a weapon; Godzilla’s nemesis Anguirus is based on Ankylosaurus; Fossils of this dinosaur have been found in Canada and Montana; Its armor made it almost impossible to be preyed upon; Ankylosaurus Pictures .

As armored dinosaurs go, Ankylosaurus is much less well-attested than Euoplocephalus, a slightly smaller (but more heavily armored) North American ankylosaur that's represented by dozens of fossil remains, down to this dinosaur's scute-covered eyelids. The higher Cretaceous theropods preferred to prey on more vulnerable prey such as juveniles or even newborns. Its brain was slightly bigger than a walnut. Check out our cool Ankylosaurus facts for kids and have fun learning more about this amazing dinosaur. 4. Ankylosaurus lived between about 74 and 65 million years ago (possibly 68 to 66 million years ago) towards the end of what scientists call the Cretaceous Period.Scientists subdivide geological Periods into stages, and the stage of Late Cretaceous Period in which Ankylosaurus lived is known as the Maastrichtian stage. Ankylosaurus is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs and also one of the best known to the general public because of its unique appearance: often nicknamed the Cretaceous sherman tank, this beast had a thick, almost impenetrable armor of osteoderms that protected its head, its neck, its back and even its tail. About 6 years later, he discovered its osteoderms. It was first discovered in 1908 by Barnum Brown. google_ad_client = "pub-4643150179421087";

google_ad_width = 728; It is also possible that they were used to heat the air, thus recovering water from the exhaled air or improving the sense of smell. The Ankylosaurus belonged to a group of diverse, heavily-armored dinosaurs, the members of which once populated every continent of the world, except Africa, in the late Cretaceous period. The tongue of this creature was muscular and quite heavy; however, no one, to date, is sure about the reason. Ankylosaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur that was the largest of its family of dinosaurs called ankylosaurs. It was also important in regulation with its the body temperatures. Up to date, no full skeleton of ankylosaurus has been unearthed. Much like the stegosaurus, the osteoderms covering their skin was bite-proof to even the strongest of carnivores, providing their owner enough protection of the internal organs against its enemies.

This is quite evident from the anatomy of its mouth and the dental structure.

Charles Sternberg, a paleontologist, discovered the largest known skull of the ankylosaurus. Ankylosaurus Author :Joanne Mattern Publications :2009 Description :Provides information about ankylosaurus, a heavily armored but slow-moving, plant-eating dinosaur. Their armor-like features of protection, along with four bony projections, showing up from their dorsal region, are comparable to modern-day crocodiles, armadillos, turtles, and some lizards.

The Ankylosaurus was a big dinosaur that featured huge plates of body armor to protect itself from attackers, and if that wasn’t enough it also had a massive tail club that was strong enough to break bones. Possible appearance of a Ankylosaurus according to the few bones found. //-->, Science Kids ©  |  Home  |  About  |  Topics  |  Experiments  |  Games  |  Facts  |  Quizzes  |  Projects  |  Lessons  |  Images  |  Videos  |  Privacy  |  Sitemap  |  Updated: Apr 11, 2020. 1. But because Ankylosaurus was discovered first--and because Euoplocephalus is a mouthful to pronounce and spell--guess which dinosaur is more familiar to the general public? However, most people (including most paleontologists) find it easier on the palate to put the stress on the first syllable: ANK-ill-oh-SORE-us.

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