aphmau and aaron

With his eyes still red, he calmed down to turn them back to normal.

A security agent stopped him and said that they were given direct orders from Derek to always keep an eye on him after that stunt he pulled. Aaron then knocked Ein unconscious. When Aaron was leaving, he was confronted by Aphmau by complete shock.

Aaron Season 4.png|Regular "I thought we would wait until marriage.." Aphmau blushes. Aaron then remembered what Aphmau told him and finally snapped at his father. In the third season of MyStreet, Lover's Lane, he wears a red jacket with no sleeves. His looks and personality top the guys as they see him as a threat. He mostly stayed isolated in his dorm and only left for classes. In "Aaron's Friend", he thinks that the werewolf thing was fake and tries to grab Aphmau's tail and ears.

He then grabbed Aphmau as they headed to her house.

When she says that she doesn't like being alone, he responds, saying "Just because you can't stand it doesn't mean that someone else doesn't like it.

He can also sing, as shown in the finale of Starlight when he played the guitar and sang a serenade to Aphmau. Xavier acted more like a bully however, trying to get Aaron angry. In "Aaron VS Aphmau", his competitive side is viewed. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Aaron is more teasing too. He plays his guitar while consoling Aphmau and helping her situation against Gene. In Emerald Secret (MyStreet Season 4), episode ".

It wasn't until his final year at college that he disregarded his father’s strict rules and broke free from his imprisoned life.

Derek also almost removed his only privilege left: his game, after realizing he can socialize with other people. 3527 aaron 111 aarons 74 aarongeimes 72 aaronvdb2001 28 aaronluther3 26 aaronimouse 24 aaron2 23 aaron0709 21 aarongamer 16 aaron231d 16 aaronxo 15 aaron_geimes 15 aaronjamesd 137 aaron girl 124 aaron skin 50 aaron the 43 aaron as 37 aaron aphmau 33 aaron rodgers 24 aaron da 24 aaron tjc 23 aaron mcd 23 aaron epic 21 aaron wolf 20 aaron minecraft My tablet refused to work for a while, so it had to wait to be finnished. They call his bloodline the Ultima. His love for Aphmau has been shown to be strong.

That's right Aaron, you deserve that kiss. Derek said that Aphmau doesn't love him. During Zianna's visit, he showed clear jealousy towards Zane, who at the time was pretending to date Aphmau for Zianna's wishes. Aaron most likely still has his blindness from after the events of When Angels Fall and is just covering it up. When he went back to college, he spotted someone waving at him and decided to go talk with them. Instead of feeling shame, Derek felt anger as Aaron walked away. Inside the box was Aaron's stuff from college. coriichu (@coriichu) on Instagram: “Ahhh I coloured it and I'm so happy with how it turned out!!! Aaron then gave Aphmau a tour of the rather small apartment. Because he's an Ultima, they are extra fluffy.

Aaron rejected, saying he didn't want to go through that again. Regular nightmares are usually visual, but complex PTSD is also emotional, which is why Aaron spend the first five minutes explaining his overwhelming rush of hopelessness during his nightmare to Aphmau. He called Aaron a monster and said the society will always see him that way. At first, he said he was homesick, but then said he wanted to see a friend. Aaron then decided to tell Gavin to make Ein the Alpha Male, but only if Aphmau couldn't pick one herself.

In "You Should (Never) Be Alone", it is revealed that the reason why Aaron wears a torn piece of his jacket/hoodie to avoid turning humans into werewolves using his eyes when angered.

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