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Welcome to Aquaculture! Press J to jump to the feed. Jellyfish are a fish added by Aquaculture, not to be confused with other Jellyfish. that thing is a Cloth,to make it first you need strings : This is the texture, put 9 of it in the crafting table and you got your cloth.The machine is called Tank Controller, it has many uses, it can empty and fill your tank with water, it can put fish in and get them out as well, feed fish, and in the future, control caviar production. Renewable But there are some differences. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

after you go to the nether glowstone will work too.each fishing rod require the following:a Rod,a thread and a handle.Rod:Rods define the durability of the fishing rod.For now,use the iron rod.thread:Threads are like the fishing rod's tier.the stonger the better,so now use "Cloth" as a thread,it will do good.Handle:defining what handle to use depends on the thread.for the cloth,use iron ingot as a will tell you how much coal and glow it need.put them in the right slots,and let it work.after sometime you will have your firts Fishing rod.Now the Bait.There so many defferent kinds of bait,but for your first fish,Bread will do.put it with your fishing rod in the crafting table and you're finally ready.So after you got your rod and a bait time to go fishing.Fishing here is not like fishing in vanilla,before you throw your rod you have to find a group of fish.Fish is found in groups called "Fish schools" and are spread all around,different biomes got different kinds of schools,anyway your first fish-the salmon-is found atany source of Salt water(Sea).so after finding the salmon school,put a water bucket adjacent to the fishing rod,then start fishing.just as normal,once the popper moves,right cick,and the fish willgo directly to the bucket.u can have up to 4 salmons in the same bucket.So now that you got some salmons,Make a salmon farm !in the Tank controller's interface,put you salmon bucket in the "insert" slot,and the salmons will go to the tank.and hey,remember that each floor(3x3) will onlycontain one that you have some salmons,you need to feed them in order to breed.Salmons food is Plankton.but planktons are so tiny and one can't simply farm plankton,but one can farmsea kelps that contain when the salmon is hungry,it will eat planktons cosuming the kelp in now is the time to find some sea kelps,they grow much like sugarcane,but undersea.find some harvest them and right click on the machine,put them in the insert slot,and they will go to one of the middle click the "Breed" buttom and targeta male and a female so the female will go to the male leaving one floor empty.they will consume 2 kelps,and will wait for a bowl to put eggs in.Give them the bowl inusing the "Insert" slot,but u first need to craft it with wool in a shapeless recipe cus eggs are sensetive :3female will lay eggs,after a minecraft day eggs will hatch,they don't need a floor they will live with thier parents,but after they grow up they will do need:)So after you got some fish what then ?Slaughter can extract fish out by putting a water bucket in the "Extract" slot and click on the fish u to kill the fish put the bucket with a cobblestone in the crafting table or simply right click on a cobblestone.Now you can slaughter it in two ways:The barbaric way OR the modern way 8) Salmon+sword=2 Salmon fillets,this is the old style,the new is actually a machine:Recipe*The fish will-when powered-give you every single part of the give it the salmons and it will give you three stuff-salmon skeleton-two salmonfillets-Salmon guts/fillet can be cocked in a furnace,skeleton are made into some bone meals,guts got many uses(Will be needed later)So just that?Yea maybe just that FOR NOW,but in the futur there is much more kinds of fish to taste and much more stuff to experience.

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