aquinas says that if all things are capable of not existing, there was a time when

That is, the very meaning of several of the concepts from Aquinas' time have fundamentally changed because of our scientific knowledge. ��?3s�R�

The first cause is not a plurality of causes, d. Not based on a legitimate method of reasoning, b. Contingency demands Necessity. (Lawerence Krauss, A Universe from Nothing), Against Premise 4: Going back to toward the Big Bang itself, matter, time and the laws of physics are 'breaking down.'

When something changes, there must be some unity that remains unchanged.

Nothing begat something in the universe, b.

But anything that doesn’t exist can only come into being through the agency of something that does exist. Therefore, there must be something that always exists (i.e., that is necessary rather than contigent) because otherwise nothing would ever come into existence.

Some things in the universe are capable of existing and not existing. Without some intelligence to guide them Worth the suffering endured by children, d. Not worth the suffering of a single child, b. God’s grand scheme of higher harmony through suffering, b. In this way, the existence of the colour of my shirt is contingent upon the existence of my shirt.

K����a! It is unreasonable to claim that agency itself could not also be 'breaking down.'.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TrueAtheism community. Further, Anselm says (De Verit. According to Aquinas, if all things are capable of not existing, then there must be a time when: a. nothing begat something in the universe b. nothing existed in the universe c. some thing existed outside of space and time d. some things were infinite

There is an assumption in the syllogism that the cycle is lineal: So, there is a finite line that drives you to the first “necessary being” (God) to appear, being then what allowed (by progression) the existence of all the contingent beings. b. I have yet to find one.

But you can establish that: a)There is no evidence of finitude (scientifically speaking, we can see it later if required). (4) But if this is true there would also be nothing in exis- Anything capable of both existing and not existing goes out of existence at some point. The universe is finite in the past and began to exist, c. The universe began to exist and therefore had a cause, d. The universe arose from a vacuum fluctuation, a. But there is only one time for all temporal things.

Little is known of Thomas's studies at Montecassino, but much is known of the shape that the monastic schools had taken.

There are many refutations of his other two arguments (first cause and first motion), but I haven't been able to find a satisfactory argument against contingency. Without some intelligence to guide them, a. Yes, if the peace and happiness were forever, d. Only if all other children were spared, a. If all things were capable of not existing, then there was a time when nothing existed. Some things in the universe are capable of existing and not existing. Press J to jump to the feed. Therefore, if at one time nothing was in existence, it would have been impossible for anything to have begun to exist; and thus even now nothing would be in existence—which is absurd. According to Aquinas, an infinite regress of causes is, According to Aquinas, the first efficient cause of everything is, According to Aquinas, things in the universe that move toward a goal must be, According to Craig, an actually infinite number of things, According to Craig, the series of events in time cannot be actually infinite, so we know that, According to Craig, the Big Bang shows that, According to Edwards, the advocates of the causal argument seem to confuse an infinite series with, According to Edwards, even if sound, the causal argument does not establish that the first cause is, According to Edwards, if sound, the causal argument shows that, According to Edwards, by rejecting a supernatural first cause, one is not then committed to the proposition that, According to Paley, we must conclude that a watch had an intelligent designer if the watch, According to Paley, every indication of contrivance and design that exists in the watch exists in, According to Paley, the key difference between the “contrivance” of a watch and that of nature is that the latter is, According to Paley, in order for us to conclude that a machine was the result of design or a designer, it is not necessary that the machine be, In Hume’s dialogue, Cleanthes argues that the universe is a great machine that resembles the products of, Philo says the analogy that Cleanthes uses to make his case is, Philo asserts that Cleanthes’ method of reasoning leads to serious doubts about the Deity’s, Philo insists that we cannot argue from a fact about a small part of the universe to conclusions about, Anselm assumes that a being that exists in reality is greater than a being that, According to Anselm, anything that can be conceived not to exist, According to Rowe, Anselm believes that existence in reality is, According to Rowe, Gaunilo’s “greatest island” argument, According to Rowe, Kant’s objection to Anselm—that existence is not a genuine predicate—seems, According to Rowe, we can allow someone to define, In Dostoevsky’s story, Ivan says that even if suffering is necessary for humans to acquire knowledge of good and evil, all such knowledge is, According to Ivan, to achieve a higher, cosmic harmony, Ivan says that he cannot and will not accept, Ivan asks Alyosha if he would consent to the torture and killing of one tiny child if the act would give all of humanity ultimate peace and happiness. Thus invalidating premise number 2) establishing then that every being (object) can be contigent, proving the conclusion in 4) false. The potential is not yet, but can become. b. nothing begat something in the universe. In relation to its colour, my shirt is necessary. Every attempted refutation I have found misunderstands some fundamental concept of Aquinas', and therefore argues against a straw-man. Does anyone know of a counter-argument that proceeds from a correct understanding of Aquinas? If therefore all things are capable of not existing, therewas a time when nothing existed in the Universe." Therefore there is only one truth, by which all things are true.

The only being that does not presuppose a prior being is one that is necessary by nature, that is, fully actualized.

By satisfactory, I don't mean that it works. A place dedicated to insightful posts and thoughtful, balanced discussion about atheism specifically and related topics concerning irreligion and religion generally. There is sufficient evidence for belief in God, b. The belief is based on the wrong grounds, b. Further, things can be Contingent or Necessary relatively and absolutely. ", Quantum mechanics refutes Premise 5's 'because otherwise nothing would ever come into existence.' The object is prior to the property, not in time, but in being. xiv), that, "as is the relation of time to temporal things, so is that of truth to true things."

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