best house facing direction canada

Conventional shingle roof rooms are usually built using low-E argon which usually allows over 80% of that heat to enter the room. I can't solve living room dilemma.

May not do anything, but I'd want to make a good decision. My first house was front on the north side, it was a bungalow. lol. We had that in the last house and it was lovely. Thank you for all the I need to digest it all. It definitely depends on your climate.

Mary, threegrad, we have a row of evergreens on the north side of the property, and oaks surrounding the house on the other sides. deltabreeze...I too live in the south and hope to start our build this year. Lots of windows everywhere else, including a bay on the south side of the FR to "track" the sun as it moves. Oh, well. I do love a cross breeze but I'm having problems with the floor plan. Also pools heat up too much then your sitting in hot bath water! The first picture in that book shows and archway to a yellow room, there are low bookcases on both sides of the opening. Here is a link that might be useful: Christopher Alexander et al Pattern Language.

Ideally, no one would have a main door facing SW. Our house is very similar to lenam's drawing, except our back porch runs along the south side of the house. It's one way of looking at it. I am trying to figure which way would be best in terms of sun, heat, light coming in, etc.

Finishing touches on pink master bedroom: PLEASE HELP. We have decided to build a typical southern style home with front and back porches but that's about as far as we've got. West-facing rooms, however, can be problematic, regardless of whether or not they have shingled, foam core or glass roofs and may benefit from the application of vertical shading in the afternoon.

One was already in escrow. Assuming you don't live somewhere that's righteous hot, you should probably put your main living areas facing south. The differences in orientation can be observed most dramatically in the spring when a south-facing slope tends to show signs of spring sooner than its counterpart, the north-facing slope. That simply does not happen with a glass roof sunroom. Snow melt matters in the midwest, I'm from Indiana. A couple of months ago our house faced the east and a lot of pasture and wheat fields, with the driveway facing the north. The way our lot was (ledge, only 50 ft frontage for driveway) and the fact that I knew we wanted a front porch "farmhouse" colonial, or long walls face solar E-W.

we don't have any windows facing west so can't comment on that. Traditionally, a lot of old New England homes have the kitchen facing north, because that side of the house would be colder in the winter. And the living room would get the afternoon sun. It may not.

lol The large room we added has North, East, and West windows, but it doesn't matter because of the shutters. North-facing sunroom owners will often comment how surprised they are on cloudy days to see their neighbours with their lights on, even in their south-facing rooms, while their own sunroom is still bathed in natural light. These buildings and eventually mature landscaping will also affect the amount of sunlight available, regardless of the orientation. Important to realize west in summer is not west in winter and to think ahead how trees/ structures, neighbors etc will be effected. They also say that any hills should be behind the house. It is a flat board with a trim piece across the very top.

The movement of the sun is also important, of course, but it depends on whether you're in a warm or cool climate. Now our house faces the north and the road! Yes.

Our sunroom faces mostly west so it's warm during the winter.

If there are hills, or a slant to the land, try to have the door on the low end of the land, so that the energy moves up towards you. Our patio can be VERY hot as the afternoon sun dips down BUT after sunset -- it stays warm for late evening cocktails!

PLEASE pick my rug, coffee table and end tables!! WOW - thanks! Without additional information, it's impossible to say. (I assume you are not rotating the current one.). We are coastal here and when the backyard face east, it can get a bit cold in the evening. For some reason most housing developments around here (the Seattle area) are laid out with the majority of the streets running north and south so the houses mostly face east and west. Our last house faced east and I loved to see the light streaming in, in the morning.

I assume that its because around here most people prefer an east west orientation, but I don't know why. live in MN, our driveway/front door faces south. You'll get great sun in the winter and if you plant the right kind of trees to shade those windows in the summer, you won't heat the house up too much in the summer. I think the fact that you can get such good deals out there right now with great interest rates is intriguing me.

When we built our home we took into consideration which rooms would face which direction and what views they would have. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Decide on the orientation that is best for you and maximize its effect with your home's design. That afternoon west sun is really hot in the afternoons (summers), and drapes are always closed.For our new construction, we have the home oriented north/south with the living areas facing south. Our bedroom faces north and east and every morning I get blasted by the sunrise - makes for kind of a harsh awakening (of course, if I got off my duff and put up some better window treatments, this wouldn't be an issue anymore, LOL! DS's room has 2 eastern windows b/c he has a hard time getting up for school, dd's has western so she'll sleep later.

This is why I love plantation shutters, I can control the light in the main rooms. Duh! Talking a/b fengshui I have a friend that's really into this. Polkadots, if they're existing homes that you're considering, try to make an appointment to see them during the daytime so you can get a feel of the lighting. ANSWER -- There is no question that when it comes to home orientation, the south-facing backyard has become the most sought-after option.

But then again, this house has things about it that I will never like. Great wind blocks! Houzz Call: Please Show Us Your Summer Garden! People love a bright cheery kitchen or family room, even when they are north-facing, and that is what north-facing sunrooms will deliver, even on a cloudy day.

What's important to one homeowner may not be important to another. BUT, in a perfect world where the views were all equal and there weren't any constraints, I would like to know what you think is the best way to orient a house (which way would the house face?).

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