blockbuster game questions

What 'B' are Oxfordshire's most famous cakes? What 'T is an electric lamp filled with batteries that you carry around with you? What 'M' is the best known italian soup over here (UK)? What 'B' is the name of the game played with battledore and shuttlecock? What 'L' are the short poems that begin: 'There was an old man of Peru. What 'H' was the pirate captain in Peter Pan? What 'J' is the American slang for W.C., and is a man's name? What 'A' took a thorn out of a lion's foot?

What 'N' is the region of France famous for its beaches and its cheeses? What 'P' is a comic strip created by Charles Schultz ? What 'P' is to explore a region for gold? What 'I' is the name given to three layers of the atmosphere, one of which is known as the 'Heaviside Layer'? What H' was the woman over whose abduction the Trojan war was fought? What 'P' are trains that carry people rather than goods? What 'H' is a twenty fourth part of a mean solar day? What 'J' were in exile in Babylon in the 6th century BC? What 'J' is the large Indonesian island in which fossils of homo erectus were found? The Blockbuster Party Game.

What 'P' comes exclusively from Douro and is a wine? What 'J' is a crowbar (or something similar), carried by a burglar? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What 'N' is Prince William to Princess Anne? What 'U' is the two dots placed over a letter in German? What 'Y' is a system of Hindu Philosophy Having many forms? What 'M' was slain by Theseus in a labyrinth? What 'B' is often oak, and is produced by the sun? Click the hexagon once to change the colour to blue and twice to change the colour to white. EC2Y 5AU. What 'S' is a greyish-green herb used for stuffing duck, or used to describe a wise man? What 'C' are Encke's seen in 1818, Biela's seen in 1826, and Donsti's seen in 1858? What 'Q' is a landing place, or wharf, for loading and unloading? Here are questions on the 20 FunTrivia categories. What 'F' disposes of stolen property, or keeps cows in a field? What 'B' was the girl whose lock of hair was seized in Alexander Pope's poem? What 'S' goes before block, price and stalls? What 'L' is a town with a population of more than five million in Peru. What 'A' forms the diet of a pangolin and the echidna? With the head-to-head battle version you scream out as many film titles as you can before the timer runs out. What 'P' is a horizontal bar for a cage bird to sit on? What 'M' is a bishop's headdress, and often the name of a pub'? What 'E' is an Australian tree known as a coolabah? What 'O' is where the French Fleet was sunk in 1940?

What 'O' means to do what you're told - if anyone ever does nowadays? What 'V' makes a soft smooth glove, in which you find an iron hand? What 'V' is the Russian river which is the longest in Europe and has singing boatmen? What 'R' in South Africa is worth 100 cents? What 'D' can be earth-fill, concrete-arch, or masonry- gravity? What 'O' is successfully to offer more money than someone else at an auction? What 'D' was the great reception given to George V in Delhi? What 'J' is the southernmost of the Channel Islands? What 'B' are nomadic Arabs, who keep horses, cattle and sheep? About this item. What 'M' was relieved after a long siege in the Boer War? What 'W' is sometimes called Mountain Dew, and is a Scottish drink? What 'S' is a sign that indicates that a note is raised in. What 'M' comes before gas, marigold and mallow? What 'U' hangs, roughly speaking, between the tonsils? What 'B' was the profession of Joey Maxim and Floyd Patterson? What 'A' is an exciting, dangerous or unusual undertaking, and sometimes goes before playground? What 'N' has the name Milhouse and was ruined by Watergate? What 'Y' is an Arab Republic to the South of Saudi Arabia? What 'H' fell in love with a beautiful Esmeralda at Notre Dame cathedral? What 'P' is the source of the starch called farina? What 'Y' produces little red berries and wood used for making bows? Start studying History Blockbuster Game Questions and Answers. What 'O' does a woman sometimes promise she will do when she gets married?

What 'D' is a woman played by a man in pantomine? What 'S' comes before tactics, troops, and absorbers? What 'S' precedes father, mother and ladder? What 'M' is the army officer below a lieutenant colonel and above a captain?

What 'I' means to transfix or stick a spike through? What 'D' is an aimless scrawling, done while thinking about something else? What 'A' is the Lord's or the communion table? What 'P' is the largest voracious predatory fish of English fresh water? What 'L' in Wales was the model for Llareggub and the home of Dylan Thomas? What 'C' is connected with gambling and potatoes? What 'V' is a solemn undertaking or promise? What 'M' is Olivia's servant, who teases Malvolio in 'Twelfth Night'? What 'U' was a famous painter of street scenes in Montmartre who died in 1955? What 'V' came into being between 1943 and 1952 and is called Paricutin? only at target ¬ 4.6 out of 5 stars with 48 reviews. What 'F' is metaphorically said to be laid on with a trowel? What 'K' is applied to close cousins because of the way they are greeted? What 'G' is a bridge from a ship to shore or a passage between seats?

What 'J' is a fibre, once manufactured in Dundee and now in Calcutta? What 'Y' goes before gods and merry gentlemen? What 'D' is the two on dice, or an even score at tennis? What 'T' is the Japanese city that the Shoguns called Edo? London What 'U' means customary or occurring in ordinary circumstances. What 'N' is a small bunch of fragrant flowers? What 'L' is the molten rock forced out of a volcano vent'? What 'A' is the river that runs through the town where Shakespeare was born?

Roman Numerals - For practising identification of roman numerals. What 'A' is a thing done, a segment of a play or opera, or to perform on the stage? What 'V' are thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin? What 'C' is a prize given to someone who hasn't won a contest?

Year 1 report comments for reading, writing and maths. What 'L' are the words of a pop song or a song in a. What 'I' can be called red, west or South American? What 'B' is the city where the US Embassy was destroyed by a bomb in April 1983? What 'E' are big and little conrods in a car engine? What 'S' goes before irin, roller and engine? What 'S' is a backless seat used by a piano player?

What 'C' is the Indian city famous for a disaster called the Black Hole? What 'T' is a fly that is feared in Africa because it transmits sleeping sickness?

Divide the class into two teams and allocate each team with a colour, e.g.

What 'E' was hurled into a lake at the death of King Arthur, What 'N' when speaking of temperature is the equivalent of Zero. What 'W' is most likely to be produced in a distillery in Scotland? What 'I' can be corn, summer or rope-trick? The classic game of categories is now available on your Android device! What 'E' is the department of public service that looks after the nation's money? What 'F' is a tall, tapering champagne glass, or a member of the woodwind family? What 'E' was the ancient, and now poetic, name for Ireland? What 'U' is blue-grey worn by people in the airforce? Blockbusters is back! What 'W' is 'under the bridge' when it is past history? What 'E' precedes Degas, Wallace and Allan Poe? What 'K' was a South African called 'Oom Paul' who gave his name to a coin? What 'R' is the fruit of the vine when it has been dried? What 'H' is a Japanese method of committing suicide? What 'S' goes before onion, board, and chicken? What 'V' is a little puff-pastry case filled with meat or fish and sauce. What 'J' sits in a box, has a foreman, is controlled by a bailiff and brings a verdict? What 'K' is a form of cabbage with curly leaves? What 'R' is a long exchange of strokes in tennis before a, what 'M' are the spirits that are sold for burning, and re. What 'R' is a sudden invasion by police to discover violations of the law? What 'H' is a musical instrument also known as a clavecin?

What 'G' is the cape nearest to England on the French coast, beloved of Channel swimmers? What 'R' are the bones that can be asternal, floating or false? What 'A' is the gemstone that is purple quartz? What 'G' is the valley where the MacDonalds were massacred? What 'B' is the spa where the 1984 SDP Conference was held?

What 'P' is a ride on the back and shoulders of another? What 'B' is the character in 'Crossroads', played by Paul Henry? What 'U' is another name for the constellation known as 'Charles's Wain', or the 'Great Bear'? Multiplicaton Facts Game - For quick testing of maths facts What 'J' traded the family cow for a sack of beans? What 'F' is the part of a view, or picture, nearest to the viewer? What 'C' are the dried flower buds of a type of myrtle, whose oil is suggested to relieve toothache? What 'B' is the suit you are said to be wearing when you are naked? What 'O' goes before head, hear and heat? What 'D' is known as a moke, a dicky or a neddy? What 'T' is what you do in order to make a rope into a half hitch? Blockbusters is back! What 'U' is the 'Sinister supporter of the Royal Arms? What 'R' is the sort of punch that is a blow on the back of the neck? What 'L' is where Theseus slew the Minotaur? What 'B' comes before bottle, bell and blood? What 'A' is an intimate mixture of two or more metals? What 'Y' is a verb meaning to jerk or pull violently? Foxhole: 357: D The newest, rapid-fire, word game based on a family classic you know and love. What 'C' is the series in which Russell Hunter played 'Lonley'? What 'K' is the Himalayan peak thought to be the third highest in the world? What 'S' was the capital city in Zimbabwe, now called Harare? what 'M' is the longest running race in the Olympics? What 'L' can happen to a ship or help you with your shopping? What 'H' is the branch of medicine whose motto is 'Like cures Like'? What 'P' is bounded by the Gran Chaco in the north and Patagonia in the south, and is the great plain of Argentina? What 'E' Was was Adlai Stevenson's middle name, or is JR's Surname? What 'F' is a town in Wales, or a stone used to make sparks? What 'B' is normally England's largest cereal crop? What 'J' is an acquisitive member of the crow family with a grey head and neck? What 'I' is glowing with heat, like the filament of an electric light bulb? What 'L' is the Irish river that is an important element in the writings of James Joyce?

An editable blockbuster game resource. What 'U' is the opposite of rural and means of the town? What 'B' was in her prime in a novel by Muriel Spark? What 'T' goes before deck, measure and recorder? What 'F' do you have in the pie when officiously concerned in something? What 'W' do you raise when you succeed in getting money for some project? What 'K' is a place on the Yukon, famous since 1896, when gold was found there? What 'U' is a state within a state which includes Little Russia? What 'L' was ruled by Idris I when it first became independent in 1951? What 'F' is the pretty thing called "immortelle"?

What 'E' is a newspaper published after mid-day? What 'K' was an American but said, 'Ich bin ein Berliner' when he visited Germany? What 'S' is the sign of the Zodiac covering most of December? What 'N' is the number above the line in vulgar fractions? What 'C' are the artificial bends introduced into a motor racing course? What 'F' is the state that includes Palm Beach? Square What 'L' is a small rock avalanche, or a huge majority in an election? What 'D' did England expect every man to do at Trafalgar? (Author darksplash) What 'K' is the fuel used for turbojets, turboprops and turbo fans? What 'S' is a hot steam bath followed by a cold plunge, that comes from Finland?

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