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The 2:3 version (also the civil ensign) is used more commonly on land than the 13:15 official flag. The national flag always precedes the Royal Union Flag, with the former occupying the place of honour. A desire to have the proclamation as part of a display at the Canadian Museum of Civilization marking the flag's 25th anniversary led to its restoration in 1989. 8491 — Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, Decreto que Aprova a Bandeira Nacional — Governo de Portugal, Law No.

The proclamation is today stored in a temperature and humidity controlled, plexiglass case, so as to prevent the vellum from changing dimensionally. [35], During the Second World War, the Red Ensign was the recognized Canadian national flag.

[58] The Canadian flag is flown at half-mast in Canada to indicate a period of mourning. 2001055256793 Find out more on the history and symbolism of our national colours. For the Canadian flag, the ratio of width to length is 1:2.

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In the general sense, flagpoles may be divided into three categories: The exterior poles should be fitted with a hoisting device, such as a halyard and pulley arrangement, to allow for the flags to be easily changed and half-masted as required. The Canadian Red Ensign was the unofficial flag of Canada that was used since 1868 until the new flag was adopted by the government of Canada in 1965.

a 2:3 flag has a decimal ratio of 3/2 = 1.5).

According to Matheson, Pearson's one "paramount and desperate objective" in introducing the new flag was to keep Quebec in the Canadian union. Examples include the Canadian Parliamentary Flag Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage and the flag program run by the Department of Public Works.

—, "The ratio of the flag's width to its length is 1:2" —. The National Flag of Canada , often simply referred to as the Canadian flag, or unofficially as the Maple Leaf or l'Unifolié (French: [l‿ynifɔlje]; lit.

= The program was controversial because it cost some $45 million, and provided no means to hoist or fly the flags. [42], There, near the parade square, in March 1964, while viewing the college flag atop the Mackenzie Building, Stanley, then RMC's Dean of Arts, first suggested to Matheson, then Member of Parliament for Leeds, that the RMC flag should form the basis of the national flag. This was created in the form of an illuminated document on vellum, with calligraphy by Yvonne Diceman and heraldic illustrations. [26] In 1984, the National Flag of Canada Manufacturing Standards Act was passed to unify the manufacturing standards for flags used in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

[31] The composite shield was replaced with the coat of arms of Canada upon its grant in 1921 and, in 1924, an Order in Council approved its use for Canadian government buildings abroad. [27], The first flag known to have flown in Canada was the Saint George's Cross carried by John Cabot when he reached Newfoundland in 1497. [6] In 1925, Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King established a committee to design a flag to be used at home, but it was dissolved before the final report could be delivered.

The exact width:height ratio of the flag of Nepal is: The law stipulates that the flag should have a white hem (uçkurluk) at the hoist side, one thirtieth of the flag height wide, which would make the flag's aspect ratio 15:23.

[53] The Royal Union Flag and Red Ensign are still flown in Canada by veterans' groups and others who continue to stress the importance of Canada's British heritage and the Commonwealth connection. ( The crowd sang "O Canada" followed by "God Save the Queen". "[The flag's] dimensions are orientated and are fixed in the scale 1:1,4" —, "The width to length ratio of the National flag of Latvia is 1:2." He had been a significant broker during the Suez Crisis of 1956, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 4:5 are the official proportions, though the flag is almost always displayed with a 2:3 ratio. Flag size and pole length for building poles should correspond to the following dimensions: Sometimes, the simple flagpole is fitted with a yardarm or gaff to increase the number of flags that may be flown from it.

깃면의 길이(가로)와 너비(세로)는 특별한 경우 외에는 3:2의 비율로 한다. [21] The Department of Canadian Heritage has listed the various colour shades for printing ink that should be used when reproducing the Canadian flag; these include:[9], The number of points on the leaf has no special significance;[22] the number and arrangement of the points were chosen after wind tunnel tests showed the current design to be the least blurry of the various designs when tested under high-wind conditions. Until 1982, a 2:3 version of the flag was used.

Its use continued after Canada's independence from the United Kingdom in 1931 until the adoption of the current flag in 1965.

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