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there is no chance of photographing them again. wanted are rear end shots, shots of oddball paint schemes, photos of fresh 6644/7024 << 9160 (s/n 976842-61) 7031 << 9111 (s/n 976842-12) 7057 << 9142 (s/n 976842-43) Christian Base, Ken Borg, Thomas Boyer, Andy Cassiidy, Shane Darst, Brent Erdmann, David 7026 << 9105 (s/n 976842-6) 7053 << 9106 (s/n 976842-7) 7041 << 9122 (s/n 976842-23) This roster includes US Heavy Haul (Soo Line), St. Lawrence & Hudson (D&H) and other the roster, Also listing of photos, again with location, paint scheme, and photographer. For detailed information on SOO GP38-2s visit Mark Hintz's SOO GP38-2 Roster. 7028 << 9143 (s/n 976842-44)

7016 << 9140 (s/n 976842-41)

CP 7002 photo at Gosnel, BC on 1 September 2019, CP 7010 Heritage with Script Letters at Tobiano, BC on 23 October 2019, CP 7015 Heritage with Block Letters at Ozada, BC on 25 October 2019, Photos of the five military commemorative locos at Calgary, Alberta on 11 November 2019, 5006 (Progress 20117592-003 (11/12) < nee CP 5869 (GMDD A4433, 11/84), 5100 from CP 6000 (A4007 3/83) (Planned, but not implemented), 2057 to LTE (repainted into Ohio State Colors), 2041 to PRLX (repainted black) to KCS 2957 (Belle colors). individual pages for each unit you'll find the or were scanned from a copyrighted book, or (scanned, ) Wanted : Serial number data provided by Canadian Railway Observations (via Michael Richmond). listing of photos, again with location, paint scheme, and photographer. #7303-7312 are ex-D&H 7303-7312 (1988-1991) / Ex-Guilford/D&H 220-231 (1984-1988) 7048 << 9155 (s/n 976842-56) pixels wide. photos forwarded from another website. Canadian Pacific Railway arrived in 1909 and were built by the Montreal Locomotive Works. also appreciated (i.e.

assignments change frequently. If you feel to contribute to the website, please contact Beyond photo contributing, updated written info on a specific unit is Units owned by/lettered for StL&H are not marked as such because the For modern day 7020 << 9113 (s/n 976842-14) gical repaints, wreck photos. Guide", "The Branchline Magazine", Bruce Chapman's CP list, and Bryce Lee's "Canada Calling 7035 << 9137 (s/n 976842-38)

exception exception photos forwarded from another website, without the permission to do the roster. Preferrable are sharp, clean If you feel to contribute to the website, please contact or were scanned from a copyrighted book, or (scanned/downloaded) 7030 << 9103 (s/n 976842-04)

Damage from truck collision being repaired; (see Note A1 for lineage), Delivered in heritage paint with script lettering, Delivered with heritage paint and serif lettering, Delivered in military commemorative colors, AC44CWMs are converted and re-#d from AC4400CWs, #8644 (s/n 53381) is off roster; 8628 is damaged in March 2010. 1 (Updated with post script), News Photos: Indonesian EMDs begin voyage home after repairs, News Photo: CN heritage units on the move, North County Transportation District buys more Chargers, helping Siemens reach milestone, CSX earnings fall, but executives praise railroad's handling of historic swings in volume, Digest: Wabtec to lay off 150 at Erie plant, Locomotive profile: EMD SD70 series locomotives, Locomotive profile: Gas-electric turbine locomotives, Not a subscriber? Additional Sources: "CTC Board", "Canadian Railway Observation" (E-zine); "Canadian Trackside 7015 << 9125 (s/n 976842-26) cropped or otherwise obstructed by poles. pictures are sorted by number series. 7049 << 9152 (s/n 976842-53) (Note B data from Joe O'Mara), 7015 to 7029 & 6644 7046 << 9148 (s/n 976842-49) or at about a 45 degree angle. Jeff Mast, Paul T. Nadolski, Drew Neidig, Dave Nickson, Martin Oksnevad, Joe O'Mara, Dennis Minimum size should be 800 archive covering CPR diesel locomotives from the first, The locomotives the newest ones. photographer. collection are accepted as long as you can provide the name of the original 7033 << 9120 (s/n 976842-21) Contributing : 7052 << 9114 (s/n 976842-15) comments or questions regarding this Motive Power archive, don't hesitate to The email adress is found on the main roster with the picture. 7037 << 9150 (s/n 976842-51) be labelled for you. wanted are rear end shots, shots of oddball paint schemes, photos of fresh be labelled for you. This site was designed with the .com. apply to older units, as etc. units, images should not be badly backlit, Resources. For modern day serial number, paint scheme as shown on the photo, photographer of that Start Now 7038 << 9157 (s/n 976842-58)

Photos from a slide CPR

On, built, Canadian Pacific Railway Photographic Roster.

7027 << 9110 (s/n 976842-11) No problem. However, they have to meet a few requirements. Your photos are welcome to be added to the archive. etc.). Please take note of the above and enjoy browsing. Sean-Graham Whites on-going reporting of new locomotive orders is appreciated. Home - also appreciated, Most wanted are pictures of units that are long gone off 7023 << 9128 (s/n 976842-29) photos taken by yourself, showing 7040 << 9135 (s/n 976842-36) Between 1909 and 1914 the Montreal Locomotive Works, the Canadian Locomotives Company and the Canadian Foundry Company built sixty-five "Mikados" for the Canadian Pacific. A few notes.... Goal : To be the most comprehensive and informative roster type archive covering CPR diesel locomotives from the first diesel unit until the newest ones. Although that subsidiary was merged back into CP in 2000, the engines weren't rebuilt/repainted until 2014 and now wear the Canadian Pacific name. The database currently holds some 8000 locomotive records which document the history and lifecycle, from construction to disposal, of all 3,257 steam locomotives the Canadian Pacific Railway operated since 1881. 5014 rolls west through Brookfield, Wis., on Sept. 22, 2013. Minimum size should be 800 Canadian Pacific locomotive roster Canadian Pacific SD30C-ECO No. #7306 & 7308 were painted into CP's Corporate Red Paint in the middle 1990's, but were lettered for CP's St. L&H subsidiary. 7034 << 9136 (s/n 976842-37) 7022 << 9146 (s/n 976842-47) Faded, yellowed Don’t bother sending pictures that are not taken by you, Canadian Pacific Locomotive Roster; Tim Stevens photo; Click on an image below to … 7050 << 9145 (s/n 976842-46) A date, location and/or photographer should be provided Click here to.

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