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For example, I know people call Princess Agent or Legend of Fuyao wuxia dramas, but my image of wuxia is like Yin Yong, Gu Long’s works, no random magic, not much state politics. The trailer looks AWESOME. Tiantian Kankan is also available on mobile platforms including Android and iOS. very nice post, i actually love this website, keep on it, whenever i get borred at home i just turn on my TV and start watching dramas. Many TMOPB fans (including myself) also said that they prefer Love and Destiny (see my comparison/review of Love & Destiny vs Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms). The site provides a large number of  up-to-date hit dramas and feature programs.

vChannel is a RSS feed video player. The survivor, Lü Guichen, finds out that he is actually the Crown Prince of a Northern Tribe.

Since I don’t speak and/or read Chinese, I need English Subtitles. If you can help me please email me :, Thanks for the list, already find it, Honestly.. i’m biggest fans chinese series, specially chinese martial art/kung fu movie, but i can’t find with english subtitles, somebody share me please..? Si Tu Mo, a college student, is confused about her future. With that, I used the Acethinker Video Keeper, this software helps me to grab chinese movies anytime I want. For people who like more mature stuff, read on and decide for yourselves: to watch or not to watch? If you like this drama, check out other palace dramas like Goodbye My Princess here. Douban usually have reasons for low score (6 isn’t low for a fluff drama, 5ish might just be tropey. All is Well is also so popular that it became a major trending topic on Chinese social media in early 2019. It also has other channels including Chinese movies, tv shows, cartoons. You can download it here at Here I sum up a list of websites for you to watch Chinese dramas. ya lorhx.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The drama receives a very high score of 7.9 on Douban, the highest I’ve seen for this type of drama, and 8.7 on MyDramaList.

I’ve heard that they prolonged the drama and insert unnecessary fillers and all around ruined the story/characterisation in the second half, which is why it only has 6ish. The drama’s rated at 7.1 on Douban and 8.7 on mydramalist. After you add to that distribution online and, news flash, websites online, from gossip to whole videos. As the attack is approaching near, the investigation team has to seek help from a death row inmate. Could I talk about it with you? Thanks, Try for Chinese movies with English subtitles. It all advertising only. If anyone can find this you looking for and I remembered to that it was one of the rare ones that actually had a English subtitles and I was living in China at the time. I’ve been a fan of Chinese dramas and movies since childhood specially wuxia and historical genre, though I never fully understand since English subs weren’t yet available that time. In the past year, I have tested about a dozen of VPNs with servers in China, and I find PureVPN has the best speed and its servers in China work well. Xuanhuan is cultivating + magic or eastern + western elements usually, they usually have their own worldbuilding (and usually feature male protags). If you are a Chinese drama lover, PPTV is the right place to go. The best Chinese dramas are chosen based on (1) online reviews (& my personal opinion) (2) ratings on various sites, and (3) the awards that the dramas were nominated/won. But if it’s a serious one or big budget one, that’s alarm bells, usually anyways) Notable dramas that I’d rec + had good ratings on douban: Put Your Head on My Shoulders and Young Blood. The story is about Ye Xiu (played by Yang Yang), a legendary professional esports player who was forced to resign from this team because of his unwillingness to participate in commercial activities. Your email address will not be published.

Sohu Video channel provides the latest legitimate HD TV plays from Mainland China,  Hong Kong and Taiwan. Similarly to Yan Xun of Princess Agent, Guichen has to go to a Western country as a hostage. It has both overseas and Chinese drama available online and is one of the best website to Chinese drama watch online. I don’t understand Chinese TV rating system so take this with a pinch of salt. There’s different standards for the ratings to see if a drama is doing well. Top local stories and weather, breaking news and live TV. Su family members must find a way to not only solve this problem but also to learn to connect and love each other again. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. She then lives life on the run and meets her saviour who turns out to be the ambitious prince that wants to take the throne (MyDramaList). ... Top 100 YouTube Channels.

It has both the fanbase of Yang Yang and LoveO2O plus the fanbase from the donghua & light novel. Her life falls in even more chaos when she meets the genius Physics student Gu Weiyi.

For each drama, I’ve also included the link where you can watch it online legally. As many CDrama fans comment, the Longest Day in Chang’An can potentially become a milestone for Chinese historical dramas. Instead of reading my boring and spoiler description, check out the trailer. The ads are pretty annoying though so a subscription can be a good idea for hardcore fans. Iqiyi is probably the most popular and the largest Chinese drama and movie website at present. Socialblade is a premiere YouTube community where you can chat with other YouTubers.

Top 500 YouTube Channels. Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Modern).

I can’t read Chinese so correct me if I’m wrong). Down load the TV software at With considerable financial strength, Baidu can provide viewers with the up-to-date the most complete TV plays. QQ is the largest free instant messaging application in China and its TV Channel provides the full-episode TV plays online. Users can change among its many links until find the site with the best watching experience. The drama receives mixed reviews on MyDramaList but still an okay score of 7.9, and generally bad reviews in China with a score of 4.5 on Douban (lowest in this list). Honestly, when I first read the synopsis on MyDramaList, I thought it was like Ouran Highschool Host Club but in a Military Academy. Sub.】Love And Destiny Trailer 張震 Chang Chen 倪妮 Ni Ni CROTON MEGAHIT Official, PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER ( cdrama trailer), THE STORY OF MING LAN – OFFICIAL TRAILER | Feng Shao Feng, Zhao Li Ying, LE COUP DE FOUDRE – OFFICIAL TRAILER | Zhang Yu Jian, Wu Qian, GOODBYE MY PRINCESS – OFFICIAL TRAILER | Chen Xing Xu, Peng Xiao Ran, Shawn Wei, [Eng Sub] Novoland: Eagle Flag First Official Trailer 九州缥缈录预告片, 【ENG SUB】Arsenal Military Academy烈火军校| Official Trailer | iQIYI, 1. Video channel feeds are based on RSS 2.0 specification with the media enclosure tag that supports video playing and streaming. What’s your favourite drama of 2019? Old-school drama series such as Forensic Heroes (法證先鋒) and Can’t Buy Me Love (公主嫁到) are now freely available on the TVB Drama Channel on YouTube.. Thanks Amy♥️ for information so sad there are no season 2,and thanks for recommend season ….by the way i like Leo wu’s role in “fights break sphere” .., Why A Little Reunion is not included in the list?

was the best fluffy drama this year. I think the low score on Douban is due to the huge deviations from the novel, which weaken the plot and character development, as well as upset fans. i love watching pakistani dramas and i like their beautiful actresses and their dialogues. Objectivity. Although Wikipedia wrote that the drama received good viewership during the airing period, its rating on Douban is miserable with a score of 4.8. The site provides many resource links which can direct you to the popular TV series from other websites. I actually see time slipping as a gimmick/trope like reincarnation, because very often it doesn’t serve much purpose in grand scheme of things, and is generally use to give advantage to the protagonists, also because they are so so prevalent that together they can end up covering 70% (i pulled that out of nowhere, don’t take my word for it) of WNs. (Supports Chromecast), 香港電台 中文電台 全球多國 華語電台 rthk HK Chinese Radio, Tzu Chi Culture and Communication Foundation, Cookies help us deliver our services. i cant watch these videos cause of country restriction, any other sites it can use without country restriction. It is the most talked-about CDrama on Twitter right now. is China’s leading Internet video company.

Please scroll down to read the comment if you’re interested]. If you love a light campus love story like Love O2O and A Love So Beautiful, this is definitely a must-watch. Put Your Head on My Shoulder should take up that spot. Ni Dahong’s performance of Father Su even outshines Chen Kun’s stellar performance in the Rise of Phoenixes in the 25th Shanghai Television Festival to receive the Best Actor prize. Hi Michael, A Little Reunion was not included because … I didn’t know about it. I have saved it for later!” Watch your favourite Channel 8 TV shows and other Chinese dramas, comedy, movies, entertainment videos and more on meWATCH. 15. I live in China and have been trying to find Chinese or Korean shows with English subtitles. what year the Fight Break Sphere part 2 releasing …please let me know your website .

I strongly recommend Viki because you can watch in HD and the timed comments are hilarious. The Story of Ming Lan receives a favourable rating of 7.6 on Douban and 8.9 on MyDramaList. I can read very little Chinese so I can only collect information from sources in English such as MyDramaList, soompi, twitter, reddit, etc. hi… i’m biggest fan for chinese drama but i find its hard to find chinese drama with english subtitle. If you want to watch films and television shows in your own country, you need to use VPN service to bypass the IP detection. During the release of the trailers, many fans kept their expectation low because season 2 and spinoffs usually ain’t that great.

Even though it features 2 new lead actors, the drama performed better than the Legend of Hao Lan which stars the trending couple from the Story of Yanxi Palace. (wuxia is chivalry fighter that use martial arts) xiuxian is training to become sage/god abd so just cultivating. He’s quite famous at the moment. With the death of their mothers, the family starts falling apart. PPTV is available for a variety of systems, including windows PC, Mac, Android mobile phones, and iPads etc. The drama is about the relationship of members in Family Su. Fuyao bombed in China too but was very well-received by the international audience. It’s not the issue for most of us because I think few people have read the book. I wouldn’t really call it a wuxia drama because like you said, it has too many other elements in it. If you like this genre (such as TMOPB, Ashes of Love), this drama is a must-watch! Tong Nian (played by Yang Zi – Ashes of Love) is a talented computer major who is also a popular online singer.

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