chow retriever mix

Historically, Golden chow dog breed was born out of necesity over perfect mixing of pure dog breeds. A Golden retriever Chow chow mix life expectancy is 9 to 14 years. The Chow Hound can be brindle or brown. Your email address will not be published. Trailing his leash I could tell he was determined to end that dog. Don’t hold out for them being more like the Golden Retriever; it’s unlikely to happen. For a large dog, they have few health problems with the exception of hip dysplasia. She was very traumatised and had mange when we got her. as for the kids, my chow mix was skittish around most kids because i didn't have any, but he was fine with my young nieces and nephews (he did seem to recognize them as family). So I had a week of yellow stuff from both ends. This is also great for determining the temperament of the puppy as well.

Golden retriever Chow mix dog breed is on the rise and enjoying a significant surge in popularity since this designer dog breed came to light.

They like to be doted on, and love to receive affection from their favorite people in their home. It’s uncommon for mixed breeds to have a documented record, and the Golden Chow is no different. They Respond well to obedience training and are great service dogs. In the 1900s, they were imported to the United States and gained popularity as the sweet and kind family pet. The Chow-Chow made its way to the United States for the first time in 1890.

He’s got all the best & worst traits of his primary breeds but I’d adopt a Lab, a Chow or a Lab-Chow again without hesitation.

I will so miss her. It also is not a dog for families with young children. If you haven't heard of a Bloody Dane before, that's okay. When it comes to the health of Golden Retriever Chow Mix, two health issues that the dog may inherit from its parents are hip dysplasia and flea infestation. You’ll find no better friend than the Golden Chow, as both dogs are kind-hearted, energetic and large lap dogs. Just thought I’d share. Feb 1, 2016 - Explore Roberta Brown's board "chow/retriever mix" on Pinterest. Bart is 5 yesrs old . Many people are wary of the Chow Chow. We had big windows in our living room, looking out to the tree she was tied up to. With all things considered, Golden chow chow dogs are good with children and if you are considering of buying a puppy Golden chow chow, it is the most affectionate, loyal and protective dig you can have.

She was found wandering the park, so he caught her and had her tied up outside until he could bring her to the shelter Monday morning. We rescued a chow/lab (and 3 other breeds thrown in) from certain death. Combine this with the Chow Chow’s attitude towards training and her “selective hearing”, and you’ll get a large dog, with little respect for rules. However, the Golden Retriever Chow Mix usually has a personality that is a mixture of both its parents. If you have kids, you should make sure they’re old enough to understand and accept this dog’s temperament, before bringing her home. Eddie Mc Farren has been proudly advocating for pets and animal welfare for countless years and he's been doing so with passion and commitment to excellence. Start with short walks several times a day, and gradually introduce running and more intense activities. The Golden Retriever Chow mix tries to capture the loyalty of the Chow Chow and the affability of the Golden.

The offspring of the purebred Chow-Chow and the purebred Golden Retriever, the Golden Retriever Chow Mix is a fluffy dog that carries the best characteristics of its parent breeds.

Barked but never aggressive. Pet Adoption has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Instead, give your dog a stern “no” and ignore it until it is ready to listen. On the positive side of things, if you’re looking for a big, fluffy dog breed that will stay devoted to you for life, then get yourself a Golden Retriever Chow Mix. If this is your first dog, or you have limited experience with training, I would recommend that you get professional help. I had the awesome responsibility of owning a golden chow 6 years. I miss him very much. So, in a nutshell, a Golden Chow mix has come from a long line of working dogs to become the most sought after companion hybrid dog. Yes, this crossbreed’s temperament can vary from one puppy to another. It is best that you don’t get the Golden Retriever Chow Mix home if you stay outdoors most of the time and cannot take your dog along with you. Instead, its coat colors can be a shade of golden, blue, red, or black. I feel in love with her. Hi David! With a designer dog, you don’t have that luxury, as the puppies could take characteristics from either parent. You’ll need to break out the vacuum every couple of days. She is 25% chow and she is fiercely protective and we like that. We will start with the Chow-Chow parent breed.

They are a medium-size dog that has a broad and strong head. A true purebred dog will have puppies that have the same characteristics and temperament as their parents.

It’s unlikely you’ll find a Golden Chow at a humane society or a rescue, though it isn’t impossible. However, on the positive side of things, it is an intelligent dog breed which can make it can make it’s easier for you to train your dog difficult tricks provided you take care of its emotional and social needs.

Therefore, the best way to find out what physical characteristics, personality traits, and health problems a Golden Retriever Chow Mix is likely to have is by studying the parent breeds and we are going to do exactly that.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks for subscribing! These two large dogs create the smart, protective, and gentle Golden Chow Retriever. Great swimmers and bird dogs, if you have the room for them, they’re one of the best companions for any large family.

It’s a medium-size dog around 18 to 24 inches, weighing between 50 to … Similar to most big dogs, Golden Chow’s are prone to hip, and joint problems and good develop hip dysplasia later on int life. They are known for being stubborn when training, but are very intelligent and can be easily trained once they see you as Alpha. He’d snap when you were trying to help him because he was in pain, even with meds. Although they can be outdoor dogs, they won’t like it very much. You’ll often see their fur as a golden yellow, but blue, red and black are also possible coat colors. Mine has when through training and still gets training for a few minutes out of the day. If you are considering a Golden Chow, you should be prepared to change your lifestyle. They are considered medium-sized dogs, but they are at the larger end of the scale. But honestly, he’s my best friend. Although these two breeds have little in common in temperament, they compliment each other by being opposites! Right away I knew we needed to keep her from going to the shelter. Grooming requirements are high, and they need to be brushed once a day and bathed regularly.

Lion-dog comes from that appearance. It’s better to give them natural or organic food for optimal health.

Her tongue is pink, not purple. I had a male lab/chow mix was the best dog I have had.He would protect my ex-wife to his death!The only issue I ever had with him is if a dog was his size or larger he wanted to fight but never bothered smaller dogs or cats.And am in search for another male puppy!

Three cups a day on average is the vets’ recommendation, though you should pay more attention to the calories in the food rather than the amount given. And at the time, the only hunting dog breed in Scotland was the Spaniels, who were doing most of the odd jobs like flushing out game hiding in the densest areas of woodlands to areas where hunters with guns would shoot them down. She is about 4 yo and has quite a bit of training. Mojo the Chow Chow / Golden Retriever mix as a puppy at 12 weeks old "When Mojo goes for a ride in the car he loves to sit in my daughters car seat." This is because the two parent breeds are very different. Either way, you will have a very hairy dog. Her nickname is Houdini. But truly he was a fantastic dog, I wish I could have had more time with him, I still miss that dog very much. Good luck. They prefer to lay down and protect you than play; it’s their own way of showing affection.

Don’t forget to take them to the groomers at least once a month to keep their coat looking shiny and well-maintained. Golden Chows will need an average amount of exercise, and they don’t have boundless energy. I just lost my sweet Pea a 17 year old Lab Chow. Adults he was good with, but he was not a fan of kids, like most chows.

People loved her sweet spirit and playful nature. She is definitely a jewel. And I can’t even begin to think what life would be like without her. However, she is not people or dog aggressive.

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