contests in the prose edda

Thor stood by and hallowed the pile with Mjolner. seems to be the relationship between Sturluson and the stories he tells?

Whenever the dish becomes full, she goes and pours away the venom, and meanwhile the venom drops onto Loke's face. He has a very good sword, which shines brighter than the sun. 169] from the preceding prose, and a few editors have, obviously in error, attributed the speech to Beyla. ", Freyr spake: 41. He called himself Skrymer; but, said he, I do not need to ask you what your name is,---I know that you are Asa-Thor. But of Hermod it is to be told that he rode nine nights through deep and dark valleys, and did not see light until he came to the Gjallar-river and rode on the Gjallar-bridge, which is thatched with shining gold. Made answer Har: Skidbladner is the best of ships, and is made with the finest workmanship; but Naglfare, which is in Muspel, is the largest.

What would it have been like to have been born into a belief in the Icelandic gods? Gefjun: a goddess, not elsewhere mentioned in the poems, who, according to Snorri, was served by the women who died maidens. Vithar: cf. Uller is the name of one, who is a son of Sif, and a step-son of Thor.

Answered Har: There are many magnificent dwellings.

Thjalfe answered that he would try to run a race with anyone that Utgard-Loke might designate.

", Skathi spake: 49.

Oder went far away. When I first found you in the woods I came to meet you, and when you were to loose the provision-sack I had bound it with iron threads, but you did not find where it was to be untied. ", Thor spake: 61.

But what is the pastime of the einherjes when they do not drink? 55.

There is yet one who is numbered among the asas, but whom some call the backbiter of the asas. The manuscript omits the word "son," but all editors have agreed in supplying it.

)", Beyla spake: 55. And when this ice stopped and flowed no more, then gathered over it the drizzling rain that arose from the venom and froze into rime, and one layer of ice was laid upon the other clear into Ginungagap. He was one of the Jötnar and his name means literally "Loki of the Outyards", to distinguish him from Loki, the companion of Thor.

It seems to me that if you are to empty the horn with the third draught, then this will be the greatest.

So Frigg exacted an oath from fire, water, iron and all kinds of metal, stones, earth, trees, sicknesses, beasts and birds and creeping things, that they should not hurt Balder.

There were Njorth and Skathi his wife, Freyr and Freyja, and Vithar, the son of Othin. The text is of In the morning, just before daybreak, he arose, dressed himself, took the hammer Mjolner, lifted it and hallowed the goat-skins.

They find in the grass those golden tables which the asas once had. "Wert thou first and last | at the deadly fight There where Thjazi was caught, From my dwellings and fields | shall ever come forth A counsel cold for thee. Answered Thor: I should like to try other games, but I should be surprised if such a drink at home among the asas would be called small. Look for the old woman Gefjon's laughter at defeating Gylfi, for instance. Snorri quotes eight stanzas of it in the Prose Edda, and in his prose text closely paraphrases many others.

Night rides first on the horse which is called Hrimfaxe, and every morning he bedews the earth with the foam from his bit.

The other wolf will devour the moon, and this too will cause great mischief.

Utgard then challenges each visitor to a …

Beyond this nothing is known of her. Fenrir: the wolf, Loki's son; cf. Thus it is said in the Vala's Prophecy: 44.

A section of the Prose Edda (the Gylfaginning) is dedicated to Gylfi. Answered Har: Mundilfare hight the man who had two children. In the midst of this clash and din the heavens are rent in twain, and the sons of Muspel come riding through the opening.

Utgard-Loke then summoned a young man, whose name was Huge, and bade him run a race with Thjalfe.

Thor said that he might row as far from the shore as he pleased, for all that, and it was yet to be seen who would be the first to ask to row back to land. When the messengers returned home and had done their errand well, they found a certain cave wherein sat a giantess (gyger= ogress) whose name was Thok. When they came to him he threw the serpent into the deep sea which surrounds all lands. It is said that of this wolf race one is the mightiest, and is called Moongarm. Do you suppose that Alfather invites kings, jarls, or other great men, and gives them water to drink? One of them is the hammer Mjolner, which the frost-giants and mountain-giants well know when it is raised; and this is not to be wondered at, for with it he has split many a skull of their fathers or friends. Thereupon Hermod rode back and came to Asgard, where he reported the tidings he had seen and heard. as portrayed in the Prose Edda? She has in heaven a dwelling which is called Folkvang, and when she rides to the battle, one half of the slain belong to her, and the other half to Odin. She hears the oaths and troths that men and women plight to each other. 34.

"Along time still | do I think to live, Though thou threatenest thus with thy hammer; Rough seemed the straps | of Skrymir's wallet, When thy meat thou mightest not get, (And faint from hunger didst feel.)".

Struggling, all four squeeze through the bars of the gate, and continue to a large hall. Why do you ride the way to Hel? 30. Þjálfi loses by an arrow-shot., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. About midnight Thor heard that Skrymer was snoring and sleeping so fast that it thundered in the wood. Har gave him answer: Odin's second son is Balder, and of him good things are to be told. Har answered: Much knowledge is needed to explain it all rightly, but still it is shortest to tell you that most of these names have been given him for the reason that, as there are many tongues in the world, so all peoples thought they ought to turn his name into their tongue, in order that they might be able to worship him and pray to him each in its own language. I have heard that you have been whispering among yourselves that I am not small of stature, but you will see greater men when you come to Utgard. How might you relate this to the insights to be derived from myth?

But Hel replied that it should now be tried whether Balder was so much beloved as was said. For them he prepares Valhal and Vingolf, where they are called einherjes (heroes). What!

"Be silent, Beyla!

His brothers are Byleist and Helblinde. But the gods became wroth at this arrogance, took both the brother and the sister, set them up in heaven, and made Sun drive the horses that draw the car of the sun, which the gods had made to light up the world from sparks that flew out of Muspelheim. Lines 3-4 in the manuscript are puzzling, and have been freely emended.

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