curly hair tarantula sling care

Make sure it’s active with shiny hairs and a round belly. And then simply enjoy observing this interesting creature. Diet/Nutrition: Curly hair tarantulas eat crickets and other large insects (not wild-caught!) And for adults, I feed my T. albo about 5 or 6 large crickets every 2-3 weeks and cut back to once a month as they get closer to premolt and seem less interested in food. Matt Meadows / Photolibrary / Getty Images. I fill the enclosure up about ⅔ with coco fiber, provide a hide and water dish and usually a small fake plant and a little sphagnum moss and broken up dried leaves mostly for a natural look. It has been reported that these spiders can eat small pinky mice, however it is not suggested because the calcium in the mammals’ bones is not good for the tarantula. If I don't have anything small enough available to feed, i will pre kill the smallest cricket I have and drop it in its enclosure for it to scavenge or just use legs from larger crickets or cut the cricket in half. A 5- to 10-gallon tank is suitable for curly hair tarantulas. Keep the tank between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. For a long time the Honduran Curly Hair was the main tarantula you saw in the hobby but many believe that they have been subject to accidental or intentional cross breeding with other closely related species muddying their bloodline while the Nicaraguan is rumored to be a thoroughbred species and are kept separate from the hobby form now for breeding purposes. This can be accomplished by overflowing the water dish once a week or dripping water down the side corner of the enclosure. They do not have any special requirements for temperature and humidity and are very easy and straightforward when it comes to care.

Tarantulas typically don’t face many health problems when kept in the appropriate environment and fed the right diet. Diet/Nutrition: Curly hair tarantulas eat crickets and other large insects (not wild-caught!) It's best to sit on the floor when handling these animals in case they do get scared and try to flee. I currently have my adult Curly Hair in a large 10 gallon enclosure with a foam back covered in eco earth and moss as this is one of my display tarantulas I keep above my desk at work. A fall from even a few feet can seriously injure or kill them. The width of the tank should be at least two to three times more than the leg span of the spider. Common Names: Curly hair tarantula, wooly tarantula, Scientific Names: Brachypelma albopilosum, Tliltocatl albopilosus, Adult Size: 5.5 inches long (including its leg span). That coupled with the fact they are docile, slow moving, and rarely kick hairs or give threat postures make them a great ambassador for winning over the hearts and minds of non tarantula keepers and arachnophobes. Unless you are allergic to the spider’s bite (which you unfortunately won’t know until after the fact), a bite from this tarantula will just be a little irritating. If you are comfortable, your tarantula is comfortable. I prefer using the latter with this species as I have found they really like to burrow deep as spiderlings, but either will be fine. The new exoskeleton must harden to become protective for the spider. Most symptoms include localized pain, itching, and burning – however every person reacts differently. When it comes to feeding, I feed my smallest spiderlings Flightless Fruit Flies and flour beetles as well as pre killed nymph roaches or pre killed small crickets, avoiding feeding them any prey larger than the tarantula. The curly hair tarantula has a round body that's covered with long bristles that have a slight curl—hence the spider's common name. And many are bred in captivity for the pet trade. I normally wait 5-7 days after a molt before feeding a juvenile again. I provide a large water dish, a cork bark hide, and some fake plants or moss for aesthetic purposes. So be mindful and have a catch cup handy when feeding and rehousing them when they are small. It’s best to observe the spider in person before committing. Tarantula Anatomy: What Is A Mirror Patch? Temperature: The ideal temperature for Curly Hairs is 70-80°F.

Their bite contains a mild venom that can cause local pain, redness, and swelling in most people—similar to a bee sting. Attitude: Curly hair tarantulas are extremely docile and calm and considered the best to handle! I show you exactly how I set up, feed, and care for my Curly Hair Tarantula. You also can give adult tarantulas the occasional pinky mouse. I do not recommend using live plants with this species as the plants will require more light and moisture than the tarantula seems to prefer, but most importantly because this t will more than likely dig them up or cover them with dirt.

Just be sure to remove unwanted prey within 24 hours, or it actually can stress your spider. If they feel threatened, curly hair tarantulas also might use their defense mechanisms. Pet curly hair tarantulas are legal to keep in most areas, though certain local laws and landlords might restrict them. I also include some interesting facts and endemic location for the Tliltocatl albopilosum. The Tliltocatl albopilosum known as the Curly Hair Tarantula has recently seen the common name in the hobby split into the Nicaraguan Curly Hair (true form) and the Honduran Curly Hair (curly hair). It makes an excellent tarantula for anyone new to the hobby but is equally as fascinating and enjoyable for more experienced keepers.This species is widely available and fairly inexpensive and a lot of online breeders offer them as freebies when you order tarantulas from them, so if you have the opportunity to pick up one of these species, don't pass it up! Make sure the spider can easily climb in and out of the dish. Simply drop the prey into the enclosure near your spider. Curly hair tarantulas are solitary animals and shouldn't even be housed with other spiders of their own species. But some people can have more serious allergic reactions, such as trouble breathing. Lianne is a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and freelance writer who's written nearly 400 articles for The Spruce Pets. I like to keep the tarantulas I prominently display in larger, more visually appealing enclosures.

Young tarantulas generally will need feedings every two to five days while adults eat roughly once a week. They look very cool with their fluffy appearance are are very popular with people that have little to no exposure to tarantulas. Handling: Curly hairs are considered the best tarantula for handling due to their docile nature. They can kick hairs off their abdomens that can irritate a person's skin and cause damage if they get in your eyes. What they have in common is the long, wiry, curly hairs that make them almost look fluffy. A curly hair tarantula will move around its enclosure and might even rearrange some of the items you provide, such as pieces of bark. I show you exactly how I set up, feed, and care for my Curly Hair Tarantula. These tarantulas make extraordinarily mellow and quiet pets. Bite danger: All tarantulas have venom, but luckily Curly Hairs’ venom isn’t very potent. Most of the bristles are a dark brown to black, but some are golden. This species makes for an excellent display T as adults because they spend a lot of time out of their hide and on display. I use either a vent or dill or melt vent holes into the side and or top of the enclosure. Once they have outgrown that enclosure I will move them into a 2.5-5 gallon enclosure filled up at least halfway with eco earth coco fiber. These tarantulas aren't big climbers, so ground space is more important than height. My juveniles still tend to burrow all the way down to the bottom but spend a lot more time out in the open on top. And while they're generally docile, curly hair tarantulas also might bite to defend themselves. Expect to spend a few hours per week on feedings and cleaning.

This tarantula is a staple in the hobby for good reason. Being a New World tarantula their venom is not medically significant but they do possess urticating hairs that they can kick around their burrow on the webbing as well as kick into the air if they feel threatened. The seller should be able to give you information on the animal’s origin and health. //
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But you still should provide a shallow dish of water in the enclosure. However, if you think your spider’s molt is taking longer than it should or otherwise seems abnormal, discuss this with your vet.

If you need to raise the humidity, mist the tank with clean water in a spray bottle. You might even find them boring if you expected a lively animal. There are some visual differences in the tarantulas as some are more golden brown while others are a much darker, almost black color.

The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The insects should be no larger than the size of your tarantula's body. More often than not, those behaviors are a sign that your spider is getting ready to molt. Curly hair tarantulas get most of their hydration from their food. Urticating hairs can cause itching and even blisters, though I find this species hairs to not be as irritating as other species and do to their docile nature, mine has never kicked hairs at me in defense. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. It is widely believed that if you purchase a Nicaraguan Curly Hair from a reputable breeder you are getting a thoroughbred species. I keep my juveniles in a clear, flush lid amac box from the container store i will link in the description of this video,that measures 4x4x5 in (10x10x12.7cm). This species can go weeks without eating, so i always check up on the 24 hours after feeding and remove any prey they didn't eat and try again in a week or two.

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