cut the mullet

These four barber/stylists tell you why. It’s the antihero of haircuts. In the late 80s and early 90s sporting legends like Diego Maradona and, a little closer to home, Chris Waddle both thought nothing of wearing the business up front, party at the back. The shorter the hair on the sides, the faster its growth will be noticed. As Shortall explains, while all mullets must subscribe to the same general rules, there can be a big difference in results. Over a five-day span while in quarantine, KMS stylist and educator Edwin Johnston took his wife’s hair from long to a pixie, with each day marked with a fabulous new cut. Your Ad Choices A mullet haircut is unique on its own, but what about the bangs? Unlike your average mullet, this cut is all about subtlety. However, this look shows that mullets aren’t just a fun trend. Blunt fringe offset by the organic shape in the back. “People are getting sick and tired of using the flatiron and curling iron for lobs [long bobs] and other styles. Sometimes just a hint of mullet is all you need to update your style! The mullet haircut has been described as many things, and it is one of the hairdos that have attracted a lot of debate over the years. Loving the graceful shape down the nape in this mullet cut. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Begin by isolating the areas you need to cut into four sections: top, back and both sides. There are a few important points about mullet hair that everyone should note. Create an elegant quiff on top and a close fade on the side. There have even been some Greek statues that dated back to the 6th century BC that have been seen with a mullet. While the mullet fade is most closely tied to the 1980s, it has been popular throughout history and is still popular to this day. “The shag is a little more romantic — you can leave the layers more mid-length and then keep the fringe area and face framing longer,” says Javan Stone, who snipped Kesha’s mullet at the Spoke and Weal outpost in LA. “It was really pissing me off, and I was like, ‘You know what? Business in the front, party in the back, that's how you used to describe a mullet cut.

Your California Privacy Rights However, the right shaping and cut can make it intriguingly refined.

Suave and polished probably aren’t words that come to mind when you think of mullets. Why should every stylist keep what are considered "barber tools" in their kits? A popular style among said demographic working in seaside fish markets, it quickly caught on with local tweens. Whereas some people find it a low-class cut most men love it and also look fantastic in this classic hairstyle. The "Achy Breaky Heart" singer had arguably one of the most iconic mullets during the '80s.

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