cva scout 44 mag review

It has a DuraSight Dead-on-1-piece scope mount. Put on protective eyewear when using the rifle or near the rifle when in use. It has a lightweight design with a 25-inch fluted, ambidextrous synthetic stock with a CrushZone recoil pad, a KDF muzzle brake, and a stainless steel barrel. The flash suppressor is detachable. Review: CVA SCOUT .44 mag Rifle. I mounted a Simmons 8-point 3-9x40 scope on it ($10 at DSG). Enter To Win A Altor 9mm & .380 Pistol Package. But, factors like climate, shooting position, and ammunition come into play. All the rifles, including those listed in this scout rifle review, are very accurate over a specific range.

Currently, the Scout pistol is available in four calibers; .357 Mag., .44 Mag. Mag.-chambered Hunter would be legal for use during Ohio’s firearm season, too. Jeff Cooper did not specify any specific style of bolt-action, as long as the action was dependable and operates smoothly. The trigger pull was a pleasant surprise, breaking around 3 pounds, with zero creep. The CVA Scout .44 Mag. Its cold-hammer-forged 16.1 inches barrel is free-floating that helps enhance accuracy. If you reload try using 296 powder 25g with a Hornady XTP 240g HP bullet. check out the. This break-open handgun is characteristically similar to T/C’s Contender or Encore. I bought a Scout in .44 mag in October of 2011.

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I’m pleased Roy punched his tag — and did so with an affordable handgun. Is this off of a rest or off hand shooting? The CVA Scout .44 Mag. This rifle possesses all the features that Cooper wanted. Here are five best scout rifles that you can consider buying: Steyr Arms Scout Rifle is yet another compact, durable, and lightweight rifle that you can consider buying. Can you attach a picture? Springfield Armory is a semi-automatic that is more preferred over a lever gun or a bolt gun. new handgun hunter. The wood rod can split and wedge itself around the slug, then you really got problems. It grouped almost as bad as yours at 50 yards. The Scout is stainless with a black plastic grip and forend. All Rights Reserved. These days’ shorter barrels on bolt guns are more popular, but when Cooper was designing the scout rifle, carbines were not as popular or accepted. By Mark Hampton, For more info: CVA Hunter Single Shot Rifle – .44 Remington Magnum . cartridge to group as tight as say a .243 Win., but I was satisfied with the end result. This inexpensive single-shot from CVA delivered reliable accuracy “How about doing an article on a handgun a mere mortal like me can afford? The gun was not picky about loads, and the Weaver 4X scope easily handled recoil. I believe most of you are thinking of buying a Ruger American Rifle Standard Bolt-Action Rifle. Cooper was serious and committed. That is the reason why scout rifles are manual bolt operated.

Its spacer system lets you take out the plastic parts that most shooters leave on and get the right length. It shoots well with 240 grain jfp, and will also group 265 grain Ranch Dog cast pretty close. Whether you're a new or season shooter, everyone needs more training, but getting out to the range can be a hassle if you don't have the right gear. A Benchmade fixed-blade Hunter, CVA’s new single-shot in .44 Magnum and Wilson, don't take this the wrong way but I'm having trouble believing what you're saying.

An extended eye relief scope is used to maintain peripheral vision. It is best to choose a rifle that is capable of long-distance shooting, compact so it would not be too heavy in tight situations. It has carbon steel construction with a parkerized finish and a weight of under 9 pounds.

A DuraSight Z2 scope rail is included making mounting a scope easy. Thanks to a perfect lung shot, she didn’t go 30 yards. Scout rifle needs to be carried all day while in the bushes and woods.

I've never seen that load shoot bad out of any gun. If you are buying the item online, it will be shipped to the local Academy Sports. A great combo offering value and performance. Many scout rifles shoot 4-6 MOA groups but, significant improvements to the accuracy of a scout rifle can be made by changing factors like the trigger, barrel length, stock, pressure, and others. The doe flinched and took off, disappearing in to the woods. Pretty darn good for a gun at this price point.

You just need to find what is the best scope for a Ruger scout rifle in the market.

It does exactly what it’s designed to do at a price ($406 MSRP) that won’t get you yelled at! By reading my post, you will learn more about the rifle, its practical applications, and others. If you are looking for a rifle that you can use for your emergencies or as a hunting rifle,CVA Hunter Single Shot Rifle is really a good choice. As deer season quickly approached, I tested a variety of factory 240-gr. Steyr lightweight rifle has a backup ghost ring iron sight attached to the receiver to provide you plenty of sighting options. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Under the recoil of factory .44 Mag. Match grade ammo provides the best performance with scout rifles, or with all rifle. While visiting my local gun shop 2 weeks ago, I spied what I thought at first was a scoped H&R Handi Rifle with a fluted barrel. To help you with finding the right rifle, I have come up with a list of the best scout rifle in the market today. It has 4-round removable box magazine and releases at push-forward magazine just forward of the trigger guard. I have not tried factory ammo you due to the cost. Each item was reviewed based on its features and the unique characteristics of the rifle that makes it stand out among others.

Throwing a few of my handloads in the mix, a lengthy range session was in order. Thus, they need to have enough rail space to house such ranges. When Roy and I were sitting in a deer blind waiting for something to appear, the Scout was loaded with Black Hills 240-gr.

and would make a perfect “first dedicated hunting handgun” for a Steyr Scout also has an accessory rail and 5-sling attachment points. The .44 mag is definitely legal for hunting, but I can't give you any input on the CVA Scout. The safety engages the hammer and prevents it from being cocked. Moving to 100, I took five factory loads to see if groups gave me enough confidence to whack a whitetail at this range. The Scout Squad merges the reliability and power of the M1A with the easy handling and better sight acquisition of a scout style rifle. It means that 5-6 MOA groups at 500 yards.

The new one shoots groups that almost touch at 50 yards. (14″ barrels) and .300 Blackout (11.5″ barrel). I contacted Mark Hendricks, VP of Technical Development at BPI Outdoors and asked him about this feature. The rifles reviewed are impressive short and intermediate-range rifles that are designed for tactical shooting in medium and short distances as they take large game up to 275 to 375 yards in the extreme. At first impression, the safety under the hammer appeared to be a solution looking for a problem. The scout rifle was a carbine, with Cooper’s design that has a barrel of 19 inches or less, and a total length of 39 inches or shorter. A couple of factory rounds landed inside of 2″ (Black Hills and Hornady) while the others were mostly inside of 3″, all 3-shot groups. The scout rifle is the type of rifle that falls on the criteria. I can’t afford a $3K handgun to use once or twice a year like you fancy gunwriters.” It was His Editorship reflecting on a recent article of mine. Also, the scout rifle includes some iron sights. loads. But before heading to the gun store, it is best to read this Ruger Scout Rifle review first. The new CVA Scout V2 Pistol is a prime example of the genre, capable of filling the freezer without depleting the bank account. Use a brass rod (hardware store) or even a steel one, you can wrap tape around it in several places to prevent bore contact. The second five-round magazine is kept in the buttstock for faster reloads. I just bought a CVA Hunter 44 mag for the remaining days of the Ohio gun season. Has anyone else had problems with the Scout in .44 mag? I plan to go out the same way.

When buying it for the first time or wants an upgrade, you need to be very careful in deciding, so you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money on something that is not very useful. The Ruger is the best 308 scout rifle in the market with .308 winchester and outfitted with a ten-round detachable magazine. target using Black Hills ammo hovered around the 2″ mark! Jeff Cooper prefers the Ching Sling; however, any sling can be used as long as you can loop up the sling to provide better support when shooting, not only carrying. I can't conceive of any gun shooting 6" at 50 yards if the scope or scope mount is not defective.

The stock sports fore-end has an integral bipod that folds into the stock.

This would provide a user-friendly feature, especially for extended shooting with heavy loads. If dealers get enough response for a particular caliber, who knows what might happen? I started shooting at 25 yards and after a few scope adjustments, moved to 50. "If you can walk with crowds and keep your virtue. For the shooter or hunter looking to do business with one particular caliber this doesn’t pose a problem. The gun will be shot from the prone position in the field this year, so it was sighted in with a bi-pod and a beanbag. One question, where and how is the scope mounted to the gun?

The Ruger American Rifle Standard Bolt-Action Rifle highlights include sturdy Mauser-type extractor, medium-shaped cold-hammer-forged barrel, and rugged one-piece stainless steel bolt. I came into this world kicking, screaming, and covered in someone elses blood. Manufactured in conjunction with Gunsite, Ruger American Rifle Ranch Bolt-Action Rifle is one of the premier firearms training tools in the world. Similarly, a CVA Hunter in either of the two .35-cal. I knew they made interchangeable center fire barrels for the Optima Elite, but not a stand alone center fire rifle. Copyrights © 2019. It is considered as a battle rifle, with a removable box magazine, but it has an impressive choice for a truck gun, a hunting gun, or a brush gun. This 100-yard target using Black Hills ammo hovered around the 2″ mark! If you are not in the right position, there is something wrong. May be one of your deciding factor is the price. The Steyr Scout includes a 3-position safety with a fire option and 2-levels of protection, one does not lock, and the other does. The Scout and Black Hills ammo delivered flawlessly as expected. For the 2014/2015 season, the .44 Rem. Thread Tools. CVA Hunter Single Shot Rifle – .44 Remington Magnum. Review: CVA SCOUT .44 mag Rifle Until a couple of weeks ago, Iwas unaware that CVA made a single shot center fire only rifle.

I have been unable to get it to group any better than 6" at 50 yards. Also, scout rifles are usually bolted rifles, as they tend to be more lightweight as compared to semi-automatic. was fitted with a Weaver 4X scope. Scout rifles need to be very accurate, at least within 500 yards.

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