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Learn more about da Surf Engine App, or download the app here. The only drawback there is the strict, no-nonsense manner in which they separate the crowd from the airplanes. How do I connect my Surfline and Dawn Patrol accounts?

The Surfline Compatible Partner Program was created to accommodate surfers who want to track their sessions using a number of various services and devices. Email support@surfline.com. Like their website, the Magicseaweed app makes it easy to assess current and future surf conditions at a glance.

COST: free access with limited features, or Surfline premium membership is $12.99 per month, or $69.99 if paid annually. These rides will be delivered as both shareable clip URLS and downloadable files.‍.

There are free and premium versions of the Surfline app, as there is on Surfline’s website. This data-packed surf app gives you the ability to search over 8,000 surf breaks around the globe based on tons of personalized criteria. With the premium membership, you can watch the surf cams ad-free, see a 17-day forecast, and gain additional insights and swell analysis by their team of expert forecasters. Anyway, wear your Apple watch (or iPhone) out surfing and the Dawn Patrol app will track your surf and measure your waves.

Eventually, this valuable data will help scientists, local NGOs, and government agencies combat major issues facing our oceans.

The Dawn Patrol Rendezvous is also where the big boys of WW-I aviation show up with their full-scale aircraft. With da Surf Engine app you can search for your perfect waves based on surf style, ability, wave type, seasonality, geography, swell direction, wind conditions, and more. The Swell Navigator surf app is almost like an automatic surf concierge that alerts you when your favorite breaks will have your favorite conditions.

* This post was created in partnership with da Surf Engine and Swell Navigator. A demo reel and renderings of the product can be found here.How does it work? And that’s just for starters.

As much as we never want to talk about certain “wildlife” swimming under our dangling legs, said wildlife is an important part of the ocean’s ecosystem, and yes, also a part of our reality as surfers. Spend $300 on the app and get a free iWatch (the app is actually free). Available in Australia, USA, and Hawaii, you can search your local area for any reports of shark sightings in the last 12 hours. The Surfline app is basically a streamlined version of their website. Now, get 30 days of Surfline Premium free. Step 1: Add surf spots in your area, and/or prepare for a trip by adding the best spots in the region you’re heading to. This call recorder app can be used without limits to record calls and is totally free to use. COST: free, $6.99 to access additional search criteria.

Use the Surfline app on your watch or install the Dawn Patrol App onto your iOS device, and set up your account to begin tracking your Sessions. Save the Waves will receive your report and alert the proper groups to help with the specific issue. DAWN PATROL (Apple Watch or iPhone required) We’re not ones to bring much technology out to the surf, but we couldn’t resist adding the Dawn Patrol app to the list.

Your photo will get geotagged and shared with the world. These rides can then be shared with friends and family, studied to improve future sessions, and saved for posterity. Add alerts to get notified when the Championship Tour and Big Wave competitions start and get access to live broadcasts within the app so you can watch from work (shhh! There’s a basic free service, and also a subscription service for $9.99 a year that gives you automatic push notifications of sightings within your GPS location or favorite locations. Unfortunately, our Android mobile app does not support Surfline Sessions.

See here for full list.‍Once you connect your Surfline account with that of a compatible partner, your sessions will automatically sync to Surfline and generate clips. Please refer to Garmin's Support Center if you have questions. Dawn Patrol transforms the Apple Watch into a fully functioning surf watch. No spam. All waves ridden or attempted within view of a Surfline cam will be compiled into Sessions clips and automatically uploaded to your Surfline app on your phone. ‍‍When using Surfline Sessions and wearing one of our compatible partner devices — either a Garmin Watch, Apple Watch or Rip Curl Watch — our cameras will detect and record any waves ridden within view of a Surfline cam. Avidyne’s IFD100 tablet app mirrors the navigators, offering another screen. *We take your privacy seriously.

You can check the surf in real time on Surfline’s network of 300+ global HD cams, access their twice-a-day surf reports, get interactive maps to help you find breaks near you with the best conditions, and create your list of favorite breaks to check out the conditions at a glance and get easy access to your fav breaks. If you’re new to surf reports, Surfline keeps it straightforward with a simple forecast summary and rating system.

Why do I have Sessions Clips without me surfing in them. You can also build your own personal surf spot database and compare surf forecasts for the upcoming week. Step 2: Set your ideal conditions at your favorite spots (surf height, wind direction, swell direction, etc).

COST: Free for basic. MagicSeaweed uses a condition rating system of one to five stars and color-coded wind directions of red, orange, and green to indicate if the winds are favorable or unfavorable.

The WSL’s free app gives you access to all the World Surf League goodness on the go. The company was founded in the Netherlands in 2017.

Through the Surfline Compatible Partner Program, we are proud to support the following devices and software developers: • Dawn Patrol tracking app on the Apple Watch and iOS devices. You can even create athlete alerts to let you know when your fav surfers hit the water.  Once you’ve verified that your Garmin device has the Surf Activity, connect your Surfline and Garmin accounts by following these steps:• Make sure you’re signed into both apps.• Go to the Sessions tab on the Surfline App.• Tap Connect to Partner. You are able to access Surfline's cam rewind feature at 600+ locations around the globe, but Surfline Sessions is currently not available on Android.

And if you’re a seasoned pro you can find all the data you would ever need for your local breaks or destinations abroad. • Enter your Garmin Account info and complete the connection process.• Verify your connection on the Done screen.• Make sure your Garmin device is connected to your phone and the Garmin Connect App.• Go surf! But here’s an alternative if you want to spend more time surfing and less time comparing forecasts. The app will count your waves, know your top speed, measure your wave time, know your distance surfed per wave (and in total), and even measure your heart rate and calories burned. How do I connect Surfline and the Dawn Patrol app?

The basic version is free, or you can upgrade to SurfTrackr Pro to add photos, multiple surfboards, and automatic weather. Add a surfboard and your location to start, and then add your surf sessions with the date, time, how long you surfed, surf height, rating, and any other swell notes you want to record. If you’re a surfer who is into documenting every surf session then this one’s for you! Created by the awesome Save the Waves Coalition, Endangered Waves is a brand new app (launched December 2017) that encourages and empowers surfers to monitor the health of their coastlines.

Opinions are our own. We hope this set-up guide gave you everything you need to begin using the feature, but if not, please refer to the additional FAQ articles listed in the righthand column of this page.

With the free version, you can watch webcams, check the daily surf report, and see their three-day surf forecast.

SurfTrackr is a straightforward app that helps you record and track all kinds of surf session info to your data-loving heart’s content. Step 3: sit back and relax because Swell Navigator will monitor conditions for you and tell you exactly when it’s on at which break. You can spend hours reading about different surf breaks and still come up empty-handed (or perhaps mildly confused) when it comes to finding surf breaks suited to your personal taste.

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