delonghi magnifica won't pump water

As you have seen, many of these breakdowns in Delonghi coffee machines are not failures or problems as such, but merely a lack of knowledge or experience on the part of the users.

If you notice not all steam jets working use a paper clip to clear short term but remove the tip and clean with a detergent such as Puly Milk when possible. $2.99 Add to Cart ... Won't turn on. I know there are some on here that like their fix. For instructions on how to descale the coffee-maker, check the user’s manual on page 10.

In reality, what they have at home is a Nespresso coffee maker (even though Delonghi made it) and therefore they must direct their research towards that brand. Not all but many machines have a safety cut-out that will trip if the machine overheats. The cafetiere uses a lot more coffee to get the coffee I need.

I then tried pushing a 25% vinegar solution through the boiler discharge tube without a filter in place. Chris Darwin

trying to figure out where those locations are. However, u came along with something so simple and it’s worked!!! If there is not, the machine will not brew. The De'Longhi EC155 is a Pump Espresso and Cappuccino maker. When you go to reset your Delonghi machine, all the lights on the indicator lamps flash for 3 seconds to indicate that you are going to restore the factory settings. Blocked drain hose or outlet from drain bowl. The steam button looks like it is working, but I still can't get the indicator light to go green - steamer produces steam almos immediately no matter how I turn the knob. Discussion is closed. Check the reservoir and make sure there is water in it. When we talk about problems with the Delonghi coffee machines, the first thing we have to figure out is what kind of coffee machine we’re talking about. 04/23/2019 by I have a DeLonghi coffee maker (BCO 255), which makes (made. Water Pump Support. Take the handle off and press to make a coffee if water runs ok then the coffee grind has been set too fine or the handle is blocked and needs cleaned. Onica Bogdan Electrovalve for water supply not operating. There is no kit , you would have to purchase individual o rings.

descaled it about 8 times, still no coffee. Basically you cannot backflush machines unless it has the equivalent of an E61 grouphead. I will now follow the instructions I ignored in the past - and clean and de-scale regularly :), 05/01/2018 by Thank You! I know it’s an old thread but just one more thing to add. You should also bear in mind that some coffee makers are noisier than others, so sometimes this is a problem that has no direct solution and does not necessarily indicate any failure or malfunction of your Delonghi. Count your blessings it wasn't one of these...,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Common problem is scale or dirt build-up on the level probe. 4%. Common practice is to soak filter baskets in hot water and a detergent, such as Puly Caff overnight to dissolve deposits. It is the same cause that causes the pressure problems mentioned above.

If when you press the button to make a coffee you hear a click but no water appears then the electrovalve has failed to open and will probably need taken apart and cleaned. Adjust your grinder to make the coffee grains finer. So I have no idea why it isn’t working.

help! Furthermore, when descaling the machine a proper commercial descaling solution such as Dezcal or Durgol should be used; lemon juice or vinegar are sub-optimal solutions and can actually cause more problems then they solve. I appreciate any input! Any idea how to fix? Safety thermal switch on the machine has tripped. I removed the boiler filter again and it was still clean. I've run through descaler twice after the first time it was ok. Stop using gizmos to make coffee. There are several things that can cause this. Grind the coffee in medium size or don’t put to much coffee if it’s to fine . I tried it on whim (why not, nothing else is working) and out came water. It’s possible that super-heated air in the boiler is creating pressure on the pump, hence the lock. Onica Bogdan. It should give - this is what lets the coffee out of the holder and maintains the pressure to give a good crema. If this is your case, you don’t have much else to do but try to isolate it from the bottom with some rubber, non-slip feet or mats suitable for this use. In Stock, 2 Available. The espresso does not. The group seals are old and worn and need replaced. If the basket is clear, it's possible that your coffee is ground too fine, you're putting too much coffee in the basket or you're tamping too hard. Piston Gaskets O-Rings/Seals. In the event of a blockage, a descaling or thorough cleaning of the internal circuits of the machine should be sufficient. Or anything else I'm missing? When little coffee comes out of your Delonghi machine (or directly, no coffee comes out), you have to distinguish what kind of coffee machine we are talking about. 04/08/2017 by If the machine takes the milk from an external container, check the two ends of the sleeve in charge of the process. After doing this with a combination of descaling, it’s like I have a brand new machine. My machine is producing no water, even with an empty basket, and the machine is BRAND NEW! It's not a pod one just the fresh coffee in the filter. Be sure it sits firmly. In contrast, in the super-automatic ones, it can be more complex systems (cappuccinators, or milk tanks integrated in the machine). Several parts of a machine can contribute to tripping the electrics. Any of these elements are easy to buy and replace, as they are quite cheap.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'coffeemaker_top-box-4','ezslot_1',107,'0','0'])); Even so, if you are not experienced in opening, dismantling and reassembling electrical appliances, we recommend that you take it to a specialised technical service. Fill the water tank with 50% white vinegar and mix with 50% of tap water.

And now nothing is working. @cjdgb.

For the lack of water, simply refill the reservoir from any source of tap.

I tried removing the screws on top - no go. Fortunately, we cover these cases extensively on our website in our problem and solution guide for Nespresso: Nespresso problem-solving. It's also possible that the brew head screen has becomed clogged; you can remove this with a phillips head screwdriver and inspect it as you did the coffee basket screen. @bondan91. Hi, same thing happened to my ESAM 3500. I finally got it to work; had to leave it running for 12 solid minutes for the pump to prime and for coffee to brew. On a domestic machine running a descale solution into the boiler may help. Step 3. All major credit cards accepted ∣ Fast checkout with Paypal, Apple Pay & Amazon Pay ∣ Spread the cost with Klarna, Ask us anything, and leave your email address, we'll notify you when we reply which is usually within 20 minutes. Thanks so much for the tip! Hope you have success too!

Remove the portafilter and rinse then put back on the machine and run the coffee delivery switch for 10 seconds, stop take the portafilter off and rinse and repeat this 4 times. To ask our experts a question about a part, use the Q&A feature on our product pages. Of course, if any question has been left out, do not hesitate to share it with the whole community through the comments. Machine has not come up to operating pressure. In the Delonghi machines I have notes instances where the Ulka pump was not delivering a consistent flow of water to the flash boiler, this caused the steam output to fluctuate. Be the first to hear about our new product arrivals, get great weekly offers and the latest news. Your machine will not dispense steam or hot water until there is sufficient pressure in the hot water boiler. After descaling I really thought it would solve it but to no avail! Remember to place a container under the spout, to collect the dirty water. Attach the portafilter to the group. I'd done everything, cleaned everything, de-scaled and just could not figure out why no water was coming out.

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