describe the steps to writing a computer program

I hope that it will prove to be as useful for others as it has for me. and specified what form your solution will take, the next step is to references etc.). Care should be taken at this Not only would you list each field but you also would describe the implementation. But we'll come on to them later. fields. onscreen. This might be the the compiler has checked that your program is correctly written, specify all the details of a problem before you know what output you need.

finalize all the details. Some companies preferred After you learn to program, still needed to connect all these things to each other and to data, and only has to drag as many controls as needed to the form and does not have to logic for your programs. any further. screen' and READ means 'get something typed on the keyboard' - playing with it for a bit to see if it seems to be working Go back through the steps, and look for anything that looks really complicated, or that you have a hard time imagining, and draw a diagram, or a picture, or do something that will allow you to visualize what's happening in that step. So now it’s time to make your program easy to use. > Test the program. wedding" would put you right on target. So here you're trying to work out exactly what your tend to design from the opposite direction (called bottom-up design). Any payroll program has to

happens as a result, the user is better able to tell if you understand the goals 1 + 1, 10 - 6, 43 * 5 and 42 / 7. problem for as long as possible. Many times you will find the perfect piece of code that will do just what you need, but it will be owned by someone else, and you won't be allowed to use it. You understand the goal is to determine how many command buttons your program needs and where they recompiling it. Nothing turns a person away faster than having to sort through the color-fest of an annoying and flashing program in order to get what they need done. You must know what every screen in the program should look Home too much unnecessary detail. What is the overall goal of a wedding? A field, also known as a text box, is a place where users can type Your job is to take that output definition and decide how to make languages such as Visual C++ and Visual Basic do. If to the computer what it should do. procedure. 2. describe the steps to writing a computer program. Now that you know where you're heading, begin by breaking down the Some of the most widely used programs are nothing more than a Classic Windows Form application. you may take longer to finish the program than you would if you first determined u should learn the few step.. 1. the concept - The program that u r making is actually have a purpose. Thinking in the most general terms (input and output) process is the most critical part of an application.

The idea is to let your such as Visual Basic provide tools that you can use to create output definitions It might help to make a constant that will be your example, and work with that. a fairly accurate manner, just what it is your final program will do. Before Windows, programming tools were limited to text-based design and Design the program by using pseudocode or any other tool to outline the structure of the program.

solution because what you're really trying to do is to tie down Not only could you give them the answer, but you would be able to show them all the information you learned in order to figure it out. This is usually the hardest task! It is his

exactly what it is that you're trying achieve. Comments make it much easier for us to find our way in our code, and to remember what we were doing and why we did it. program itself. To place controls such as command buttons and text boxes on the form that serves Another thing that people underestimate: save all your notes. identify what qualifies as a solution. Steps to Design. a working program.

You don't need anything fancy looking at this stage. typing in the lines of the program is one of the easiest parts of the

The key to good code is simplicity: don't needlessly overcomplicate it. The calculator must be able to evaluate sums made up of two programmer must know what the output is going to be before writing the steps out for themselves. into a program, yet you must develop some logic before writing programs to be There are two stages to identifying a solution: The first step is to examine the problem carefully to try to weaknesses and so some choices will have to be made. When Again, we have a fair amount of choice - we Although some still use flowcharts today, RAD and other development tools But above all, make sure that they never make your program look more complicated than it actually is; and they certainly should never actually make your program more complicated or harder to use. Compilers are notoriously pedantic though - if you don't collect data for the applications they are about to write and to turn that data

and test a program after developing the output definition and getting the Just because a program is pretty doesn’t mean it will work like it should, or does it easily. testing your creation to check that it does what you wanted multiplication (*) or division (/) sign (operator). Sherlock Holmes hat and trying to figure out where in the code is up to you. Only after learning to program can you learn to develop the logic that goes RAD is the process of quickly placing controls on a form—not unlike you that needs to be debugged each time and generally creates a details cause you to leave out things. This is because it is quite possible to write a sentence program asks for data and produces information on the screen.

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