dodo code sharing

Tips and help are more than appreciated, ive opened the gate. Thxs!

8m4px I have pears, peaches and coconuts, any dodo codes open?

I have peaches cherries and coconuts ! need friends Feel free to shop, fish, take fruit (I have all) etc My new code will be open for 30 mins or so! Dodo code is 41C35, MJYW6. I’m online for a while! Come visit.

What’s your Dodo code? Select the option “I want visitors.” Then, select Online Play (you can do local if you want, but Dodo Codes play not part there). Hi I tried to come it didn’t work though I haven’t been to someone’s island besides my friend. Would love some fruits! share. The code is 1F80H, Looking for just one pear and apple to start my own little groove. Feel free to bring other fruits Please make sure to read the rules before you post. I have apples cherries peach coconut and bamboo if you need any. Kinda new to ACNH, I just need friends. (; I’m looking to visit someone who can share some peaches. I’m willing to pay.

Hi! I have apples, oranges and bamboo shoots. Anyone available Tuesday May 13? I can exchange Nook Miles Tickets for Iron nuggets and Wood.

SW-0842-3103-9042 If you have discord you can join servers made for trading like nookazon. B455K, i have pears and cherries i can trade you with bamboo. You can also take some of my villagers just please not Dizzy (the elephant) or Wendy (ram/sheep) Nan ( Goat). Elisa my gates will be open I will tell my dodo code above. If not,I am my code is 1J10K, Hello i’m to want to have a friend on here to trade and going to visit different islands. Hai! WELCOME TO LOVE ISLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

To TEE go on the dodo and ask to visit friends and he will give you the app.

Leif is on my island. I got apples on my island Give me your code and I’ll invite you as a friend. Can I get 10 apples in return? Thank you. I can bring cherries and pears! I have apples and cherries.

My code is F11C9. Feel free to come visit my 4 star Island.

If u want my friend code is SW053404104053 to know when I’m on. I would like to have some more friends and visit other islands for inspiration!!

I just need one fruit to get started. From here you can learn about their island and join their queue. 5HR2V, I have cherries, peaches, pears, apples, coconuts, Come to my island I will pay 1’000 for nookmile tickets and don’t take my flowers please dodo code is L6SKL, Come to my island entry fee is 2 NMT And please don’t take my flowers thanks dodo code is KKWFK, Come to my island entry fee is 2 NMT and please don’t take my flowers and if you have turnips the turnip price is 139 thanks and my dodo code is 77GPW. Can anyone sell me a tarantula??? Thanks, 2BP2L be respectful and have fun! Is anyone online? HELP, Hello ! Sw-6145-0681-2914.

Code is working : I’m new to Animal Crossing and would also like to make new friends and come visit your island! Just, please, no picking flowers or being rude/malicious. My island gates are open! I’m looking for any fruit but apple, peaches and oranges. Turnip prices are 78, kicks is also here, Someone came and took everything gates are now closed. My code is 5NH0H, Hi. Hey I’m new and could use any gifts and visitors Id like to visit i have both fruit in my bags, I’ve just open the gate. I’ve been kinda bored on my island lately, and I would love to visit someone else. [Note] Northern hemisphere, tips appreciated, willing to be friends for future trades! I have oranges if I can get apples and pears! Hello i’m new on Animal Crossing, i want some new friends, my friend is SW-3526-6597-4495 and my Dodo Code is LM8FR i need to built a bridge to go on the rest of my island !

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