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He fires a shot at Galvek, before being knocked away by Zorgoth. Run to the south-west corner where the barbarians are and go up the stairs. Meet Dallas at the bottom. Zorgoth, a dragonkin, appears before you, Bob, and Dallas. Outside, Jardric will investigate and find Zorgoth and Galvek. Jardric can be found by the General Store within the Museum Camp. One example of quickly getting to the Kharazi Jungle is to use a Brimhaven teleport and taking the cart to Shilo Village), Items required: Food, axe, machete, energy restoration (stamina potions and Saradomin brews recommended), prayer potions. On death you can pay at a chest near the brazier to retrieve any lost items. Zorgoth notices that Robert has changed forms, and reveals that the attempt on his life by Robert had failed. Phase 1: Drops eight fire traps- don't get near them or you will be hit for all your health. Make an inert locator orb, then give it to her.

(Recommended: Food, armour, anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield AND antifire potion, Barbarian Outpost teleport, stamina, food, Digsite pendant).

He will tell the player that he had read through the ancient books again, and determines that the grid on the floor is a map of the island. xp wasters online. Wait until he teleports you to attack, as clicking before will cause your character to path away from Robert before attacking. Robert will then teleport you back to him for being a coward. (Using fairy rings and teleport tablets will reduce some of the time of the trip. The spikes can be disabled through Thieving, and man traps leaped over with Agility. Make sure you have food, taking 12-20 lobsters to last the trip. For wave 2, players can turn off NPC attack and stand under the metal dragons to back them into a corner. However, you then remember the Oneiromancer, who may be more capable to help you and Bob. Prayer can be used during this fight; however, he is able to hit through prayer; it's highly recommended to bring food as he is quite accurate and his normal attacks can hit in the 20's. If you and Robert kill each other at the same time, talking to Bob and saying "I'm ready" will take you to the cutscene where Bob remembers everything.

When he barrages poison into the air, it will fall spread among random tiles in the arena; do not stand on these tiles as they deal damage and heal Vorkath.

While finding the notion absurd, he asks you to track down Bob while he processes this new information.

Tell the Sphinx of your problems; unfortunately, she can't help you, as she can't enter Bob's mind and choose specific memories of his life. Pieces can be clicked to rotate them, and also dragged to swap them. The log in screen upon the release of the quest. Several of the leaders will be fighting a lone dragon; you will need to kill it to proceed.

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