electrolysis of copper sulphate lab report

This means that t, be replenished in the solution, therefore the conce, ntration of the solution will remain constant, throughout the experiment. Pre-test Method: a) The larger the current, the larger the amount of copper deposited. As electricity flows through the molten ore, the compound splits apart and forms ions. This is because 2 electrons are needed in order to make a copper ion a copper atom. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Chemistry section. If it is made from graphite oxygen will be formed and given off. To find number of electrons transferred.

To monitor the quantity of copper (Cu) metal deposited during the Reactions at electrodes can be represented by half equations. ∴moles of Cu= moles electrons/2 â 0.00024870466322= 0.0001243523316 moles Molar Mass Cu : 63.5 To find Mass of Cu mass = moles x Molar Mass = 0.001243523316 x 63.5 = 0.008 g of Cu deposited (1.s.f) 1. copper metal   Terms. TEMPERATURE - Approximately 20° centigrade.The higher the temperature, To find moles of electrons transferred. The temperature will be measured using a thermometer. This is because the same concentration will allow the number of ions in the solution to be the same, thus the number of collisions during the electrolysis will be kept the same. It is wise not to complicate electrolytic deposition with chemical displacement – valued articles can be effectively ruined. From observing the half reactions it can be shown that at the cathode, Cu is formed, and on the anode, Cu2+ is formed proportionally and falls into the solution. Amber Strauss. Reduction takes place on the cathode (negative electrode) while oxidation occurs on the anode (positive electrode). Already have an account? Third current reading is 0.6 amps. into positively and negatively charged components, which have the deposited in the given time period.

Equipment required for the electrolysis of copper(II) sulfate solution. This experiment involves a redox reaction during the process of electrolysis. Note down the final volume reading of the base in the burette. During electrolysis, at the cathode (negative electrode), positively charged ions gain electrons and so the reactions are reductions. The

The electrolysis was kept going for as long as possible. Also, one could test time instead of current Conclusion The group was not satisfied with the results obtained in the experiment. Reduction takes place on the cathode (negative electrode) while oxidation occurs on the anode (positive electrode). ---------- either be in the molten state or in solution form. According to faradays law, quantity of current is directly proportional to mass deposited at the cathode. This experiment design has an advantage in that mass of copper gained at the cathode could be misplaced and fall to the bottom of the solution or wash off when cleaning and drying, while measuring the mass lost at the anode is much more effective as nothing will fall off from the anode that was not already converted into Cu2+. Home office setup: 5 ways to create a space for WFH; Oct. 1, 2020. Electrolytes cannot conduct electricity when they are in a solid state as in this state the ions are held in a 3 dimensional lattice in which they cannot move, thus preventing the flow of electricity through the compound. "electrolyzed." Therefore if I double the current, I will double the amount of electrons passing through the cell. Reaction at the cathode: Cu2+ + 2e- â Cu ∴moles of Cu= moleselectrons2â 0.00024870466322= 0.0002487046632 moles 1. For my GCSE Chemistry assessment I will be investigating the with a bulb Total Quantity of charge = Current Ax TimeS â 0.4 x 120 = 240 Coulombs 1. You should explain that, if the current used is much lower, then the solid coating is shiny, impermeable and very difficult to rub off; this process forms the basis of electroplating. 2. One is attatched to the anode and the other is connected To investigate how voltage affects the amount of a copper (Cu) Power Pack PHYSICS PROJECT-1.docx . Second current reading is 0.4 amps.

physcis prject.docx. 13. Log in now! compound, by running an electric current through a chemical compound This is because more electrons can be passed into the cell and should increase the amount of copper collected at the cathode. I predict that if the current used to electrolyse the copper sulphate Changes to Education in Chemistry subscriptions, Read our standard health and safety guidance.

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