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Maryland Bulldog Rescue Groups TOP OF PAGE ADD NEW SHELTER OR RESCUE GROUP Listings are alphabetized by county (when known). Puppies will usually cost more and senior dogs usually cost less.

Are you willing to take in a dog with health problems to make his life more comfortable and happy? An adult rescue dog may already be potty trained and will still form a strong and loving bond with you. All of our Bulldogs are surrendered from owners or shelters seeking a better option. Tune in to learn more about our adoptaBull's Lovie and Dozer and how you can help. While these dogs can be stubborn and some may be resistant to training, they are generally highly intelligent, trainable and well-behaved. Rescues may also charge more in order to make sure that their dog goes to a good home that is looking to adopt the dog for the long term and understands the breeds' needs rather than taking in a dog that has a "cool" look without knowing all that having one entails. Lisa's book demystifies feeding a raw diet and is loaded with important information on nutrition and healthy eating for your best friend.Your Pet Chef will customize a diet to your pet's needs and deliver your food right to your door. BCARN is the national non-profit organization that assists hundreds of rescue volunteers across the US with their mission of helping Bulldogs in need.BCARN established the nation's "best practices" and code of ethics for English Bulldog rescue and provides financial assistance to local volunteers across the country.All of adoptaBull English Bulldog Rescue's Directors are active BCARN members and Greg Shives serves as the National Board Vice President and Division II Coordinator. The end results can be very rewarding. The dog owner passes away, and no one in the family can care for the dog. Foster families are the heart of Bulldog Rescue. The benefits include: While it can be cheaper to rescue an English Bulldog as opposed to buying one from a breeder, you should know that you may have to pay more than you would when rescuing a mixed breed, or even some purebred, dogs.

Quick and Easy Site Tutorials for New Members, Home Cooking and Recipes for English Bulldogs, Great Vitamins, Supplements and Medicines. The dog's owner cannot afford expensive veterinary care for the dog's health condition. We're a dedicated group of volunteers and are looking for others to join us in our important mission. How Do You Know When Your Dog Is About to Give Birth? We are also registered with the State of Illinois Charitable Bureau Trust.You can find all of our financial documents at  www.guidestar.com.What does this mean for you? Adopting a Bulldog can bring a loving new family member into your home that will soon become a treasured companion. NORTHWEST USA and CANADA- Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue/Rehome Inc. NORTHEAST USA- Midatlantic Bulldog Rescue, EASTERN USA- S.N.O.R.T. Bulldogs end up in a rescue organization for a number of reasons and many are not the dog's fault. If you are interested in adopting a Bulldog, consider contacting an English Bulldog rescue organization. Its purpose is to rescue brachycephalic dogs (mostly French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, English Bulldogs and Pugs) from shelters and owners who can no longer keep them, and place them into loving homes. A dog owner does not have time to care for the dog.

Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. Bulldogs can trace their origins to England in the 1500s. Compassionate dog enthusiasts have an opportunity to save a life and provide a good home for a dog that desperately needs one. Why wasn't this page useful? How Do I Figure Out What Breed My Dog Is? Allows you to choose the data by which the thread list will be sorted. Struggling To Find The Right Food For Your Bulldog?Your Pet Chef Lisa Hennessy will help you explore the option of a raw diet in her newly released cookbook.

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