eraserhead baby doll

Sorry, and maybe I am SOOOO not PC on this one … but if you go to a horror convention, and a gross-out contest (or even an open mic — what do you believe you’ll get at a horror convention????

…Additionally, effective immediately, I would like to establish a Safety and Inclusion Committee for BizarroCon.

Addendum: I also need a glossy appearance for the skin so it looks shiny and oily(?). You seriously go to a gross-out contest and have triggers? BTW, some of the people in that thread complaining the loudest about that performance either 1. weren’t even in the room during the event or 2. congratulated the author at the end on his performance. Press J to jump to the feed. I’ve seen some characterizing him as an “edgelord”.

I a bit split on this. The smoke was so thick that Dan couldn’t see if Joe was hurt or even if they were continuing with the act. Not worth bothering about beyond really ignoring it. Oh, and no, it’s not “censorship” to decide you don’t want to be a party to something.

Director Rose O’Keefe has answered with her own apology and told what she’ll

He is able to postpone a full transformation this first night, thanks to a clutch application of the flower.

Well, I did. Cameron Pierce won, rapping humorous poetry under the moniker “Young Stepdad.” Danger Slater sang “Rainbow Connection” in a Kermit the Frog voice, wearing a green bodysuit and face paint and strumming a cardboard banjo, while Karl Fischer gave a pitch about teaching horses to ski, stopping here and there to moon the audience who in turn pelted him with oranges. The workmanlike direction of  Stuart Walker in tandem with the unimaginative cinematography of Charles J. Stumar were swapped out in favor of George Waggner imaginatively imbuing gothic atmosphere to Curt Siodmak’s more streamlined, singleminded Wolf Man script. It could be a group of 3-4 people whose responsibilities include fielding any complaints pertaining to our anti-harassment policy and creating very clear and specific protocol for handling and addressing these complaints. If their story fails they are fucking decapitated!

Depending on your final surface material you could use oil, Vaseline, hair conditioner, or adult lubricant for a temporary shine. Cookies help us deliver our Services. …I acknowledge that I have made mistakes and that there are problems in our community. Someone on made one out of foam: The performer said he was having sex with an abortion as part of his narrative. Since the convention Facebook has played host to discussion I’m glad they are trying to be more diverse and inclusive and I’m glad there seems to be a recognition that more women in a particular scene leads to people with bad behaviours trying to take advantage of it, and that the recognition is certainly arriving more quickly than it has with the general SF and skeptic gathering scene. Sure doesn’t sound like kneejerk overreaction!

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And for those who don’t know me, I’ve been around for decades and have either organized or participated in (or both) gross-out contests at several major conventions, some of which i’ve chaired or co-chaired. Released to relative audience indifference on May 13, 1935, Werewolf of London was the first Universal attempt at adding the titular critter to its monster roster. Only reason I compared them was to illustrate the Showdown’s origins. Wilfred, capable of artificially emulating moonlight in his futuristic laboratory, begins to suspect the veracity of Yogami’s claims as he tests out the mariphasa lumina lupina, discovering that, under the light of his faux moon, he himself begins to transform. The only real way to describe it would be: weird,” and as Most of the performances are a bit too reserved and flat for this fantastical material, credited to screenwriters John Colton, Harvey Gates, Edmund Pearson, James Mulhauser, and Aben Kandel. All trailers appearing on are the property of their respective owners.

I thought perhaps the crowd would speak up at the 3-minute mark.

There’s going to be a truth, or a twist, or maybe just a punchline.” But there wasn’t. do to heal the community and keep the con viable, Changes in Store for BizarroCon | File 770, Pixel Scroll 4/24/19 The Scroll Of The File King From Pixel Gynt | File 770. When Wilfred strives to restrict Lisa’s movements and impose a curfew, she only leans further into the friendship. I have remained silent until now because I was listening and reflecting.

Brown baby doll or bloody, aborted baby doll, that performance as described was simply shitting all over the idea of consent. Then Joe’s wife (the lady in the druid costume?) The doll was a full-grown baby shape, not a cluster of cells.


So as gross and ugly as all this sounds, the discussion around it has me hopeful for the longer run. There’s never really been a scene like bizarro before—genre literature that often overlaps themes of violence, fetish, fantasy, sex, and the grotesque, while encouraging people to let out their inner “weirdo/cult” selves without being shamed for what they’re into. The doll was a full-grown baby shape, not a cluster of cells. Morrison is a young writer who thinks of himself in these terms: In today’s overly sensitive snowflake society, in which art of a transgressive nature tends to be derided and scorned, Chandler brazenly dares to speak truths that others are afraid to even acknowledge to their innermost selves. Also, shutting down concerned voices as a first response has been the worst possible move this week. However things play out for Morrison individually, the lid has come off a much wider discussion about BizarroCon’s handling of antiharassment issues. fantasy/crime, and by Eraserhead Press publisher Rose Have you not seen a gross-out contest before? The reason I didn’t care for the performance was the same reason I have never watched A SERBIAN FILM — sexual violence against children is something I abhor, and I don’t care to be exposed to the imagery, even if the imagery in question is in the context of a fiction, be it film, prose, or performance art.

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