ff7 stat maxing

Boss battles should be focused on quick kills. More Str Up can be mugged from Right Probe.

Therefore, the player should minimize the number of uses of consumable items to save GP. 999 MP is easier to track, as each character gets 11 MP from level 97 to 98 and 13 from 98 to 99, so the player just needs to remember to equip Crusader for the last level or two.

Espers grant stat bonuses at level up, so the best way to maximize stats is to keep characters at a low level until earning stronger espers, so that they will get more stat boosts.

Usually HP can only be lost in battles, but in Cave of the Gi and Ancient Forest some traps exist as field elements that lower HP if triggered. When a character gains a level, StrBonus and MagBonus increase by 3, SprBonus increases by 1 and MStBonus increases by 5. It is possible to save the game before a character levels up and try again to get the best bonus every time a character levels up, but this is time consuming. To max all stats in the Regular Sphere Grid one will have to replace all HP Spheres, any stat sphere below +4, and any MP Sphere below +40.

The main way of min-maxing would be to pay attention to the characters' action time with each weapon type, as some faster than others. Turbo MP raises its linked Materia's MP cost in exchange for empowering them. Characters' stats largely depend on the job they are in, but, to a lesser degree, also the jobs they have leveled up in. By giving the proper augments to each party member, they will gain in all stats at each level up, allowing for an extra +280 HP, +140 MP, and +28 in all other stats once they hit level 99. It is a straight percentage chance and determined by equipment or the enemies' pre-determined stat. Therefore, a player should ensure that all humans and mutants survive the battle as often as possible. The robot and monster have high agility, the human has moderate agility, and the mutant has low agility. This request can be discussed on the associated discussion page. In addition to determining stat growth, it improves physical damage, magical damage, chance to hit with magical attacks, chance to land critical hits, chance to steal, and the chance to manipulate. Equipping the EXP Plus Materia boosts the amount of EXP earned from battles. Only points and derived stats apply to enemies while party members use primary stats to determine their derived stats.

Keeping at least one Master Sphere may be useful just to check if a character's Sphere Grid has been completed, as trying to use Master Sphere on a character who has activated all nodes has it grayed out, otherwise, it will show where the remaining nodes are.

Obviously, this scenario is only generally applicable in random battles. Increasing HP beyond 600 is time-consuming, as HP potions only function to their listed maximum before increasing only a single point of Max HP, and there are no HP potions superior to HP600s. Some Guardian Forces have innate support skills that grant a permanent increase to base stats on level up, so to maximize stat growth the player should keep their characters at a low level until they can equip these. They have an opportunity to gain HP, but no chance for any stat gains. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

If the attack is a normal physical attack, the power value is treated as "1" and does not affect the base damage.

Activates Magic, Magic Defense, or MP nodes. For example, let's say there are two enemies against the player's party of a robot, monster, human, and mutant. Otherwise the player can focus on leveling up Strength, Stamina, Speed and Magic Power.

Luck soft caps at 133 (230 in INT/PAL/HD versions, belonging to Dark Mindy) and renders Accuracy and Evasion useless at that point. All other stats are the same for someone with the same level, job, job level and equipment. 461 nodes will be left, but 333 HP Spheres and 249 MP Spheres are needed to max both for … Dark Ixion, Cactuar King and Don Tonberry are the best options for AP farming. On enemies, as they do not have primary stats or equipment, these are pre-determined. Activates Agility, Accuracy, or Evasion nodes. This can be exploited by entering a battle with Degenerator traps in a job with terrible growth stats, such as the Bard, and lower that character's level to 1 without lowering their stats to what they would normally be at level 1. For example, Knights of the Round's Ultimate End attack has a power of 80, so it would do 5x base damage per hit. HP caps at 9,999 and MP at 999 or 99,999 HP and 9,999 MP with the Break HP Limit/Break MP Limit abilities. Each character has a different Stat Base. Breakers calculate damage off Vitality and Strength (Fran has the highest Vit) and Hunters use Strength and Speed (which Balthier has the most of). Dexterity is used in many calculations. Thus, leveling with a high Vitality job, like Knight or Black Belt, makes it easier to reach the 9999 HP cap.

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