flat shell turtle

Common Name: Flat-shelled Turtle Scientific Name: Chelodina Steindachneri Family: Cheluidae (Freshwater Turtle) Genus: Chelodina Status: Secure – Category 4 Size: CL 200mm (Carapace length) —— Description —— This species have extremely long necks, usually as long or longer than the carapace. Softshell turtle, (family Trionychidae), any of about 30 turtle species characterized by a flattened shell. "Heron tries to swallow turtle for dinner". Softshell turtle, (family Trionychidae), any of about 30 turtle species characterized by a flattened shell. They hunt by ambush, using the long neck to strike in a snakelike manner while gaping the mouth to suck in prey. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). It is unclear what protection the flaps offer against predators. This species can be abundant and obvious in some clear shallow pools. The largest trionychine softshells are the narrow-headed softshell (Chitra indica) and the Asian giant softshell (Pelochelys bibroni) of Southeast Asia; the shells of both species reach lengths of more than 1 metre (3.3 feet). The Malayan Flat-shelled Terrapin typically inhabits streams and shallow water bodies in freshwater swamp forest habitats. Forefeet each have 4 claws. Chelodina steindachneri: CL 200mm Slender neck, small, moderately depressed head and flat brown shell. In Bangladesh and India, this is especially evident as the Indian flapshell turtle is larger and has more meat than other turtles in the area. During the day, you want to achieve a basking ‘Hot Spot’ of 35°C and an air temperature ranging from 35°C in the hot end, and down to 20-25°C in the cool end.

The three species of North American softshells (Apalone) are moderately sized, and adult males grow to about two-thirds the size of females. The "flap-shelled" name stems from the presence of femoral flaps located on the plastron. [4][5], The Indian flapshell turtle was placed in Appendix II of CITES in 1975 at the request of Bangladesh. The turtle lives in water. This species have extremely long necks, usually as long or longer than the carapace. Exploitation for profit and habitat change are threats to their survival. These carnivores feed on anything small enough to seize and swallow, such as fish, tadpole, crustaceans, insects and carrion. When being housed indoors full spectrum UVB and a basking light must be provided, alongside a water heater. By extending the head and neck so that the snout just breaks the surface, they can breathe in a snorkel-like manner.

Some scientists now classify L. p. punctata and L. p. andersoni as a single subspecies. These different habitats include swamps, lakes, marshes, wet prairies, small rivers, creeks, and even ponds formed in man-made ditches or sinkholes.

The flattened shape seems a strange one for an active animal, but apparently it is hydrodynamically efficient.

[4], The shell of L. punctata is believed to have many medicinal uses, but there is no scientific proof of such. Breeding and nesting only occur in Australia with the largest concentration of females nesting on Crab Island in the NE Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland. The shell is flat and round, and is uniform brown colour above and pale below. Eardrums at least partly visible. Zoological survey of India. Safi A, Khan MZ (2014). They are listed as Vulnerable under the Australian Commonwealth’s Endangered Species Protection Act. [15] Forefeet each have 4 claws. Look for a turtle that is alert, moves quickly, and does not appear lethargic. [14] However, alligators have been known to prey on the adults of the Florida softshell turtle, and raptors may take juveniles. University of Kansas Publications of the Museum of Natural History13:429–611. Their distribution is restricted to tropical regions of the continental shelf and coastal waters of Northern Australia, Southern Indonesia, and Southern Papua New Guinea. The terrapin has a flat shell. It is unclear what protection the flaps offer against predators. Bulletin of the Florida State Museum, Biological Sciences 3:181–324. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. These carnivores feed on anything small enough to seize and swallow, such …

[10] The Florida softshell also exhibits significant sexual size dimorphism. Duellman W.e., and Schwartz, A. It has been introduced to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The race L. p. andersoni is found in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. (2005). The Flat-shelled Turtle can be found in the most arid regions inhabited by turtles. Ecological relationships of turtles in northern Florida lakes: a study of omnivory and the structure of a lake food web. The female nesting season can range anywhere from early April to early August, and incubation lasts an average of 60 – 90 days. "An evaluation of distribution, status and abundance of freshwater turtles in the selected areas of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces of Pakistan".

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