flex disc leaks when i pee

I like the reusable washable ones and they come in sizes. The perks of FLEX don't stop there. If you can feel a crease, this will be what’s preventing the cup from opening fully and creating the vacuum you need. Obstetrics & Gynecology.

They include: Urinary incontinence may also be caused by an easily treatable medical condition, such as: Urinary incontinence can also be a persistent condition caused by underlying physical problems or changes, including: Factors that increase your risk of developing urinary incontinence include: Complications of chronic urinary incontinence include: Urinary incontinence isn't always preventable. Urinary incontinence care at Mayo Clinic.

I still have flex and my try it for a period, but it will have to wait until October because I'm pregnant.

I have yet to try the discs but I hate the cups. See our safe care and visitor guidelines, plus trusted coronavirus information. I now keep two boxes on me at all times.. Never have to worry about interrupting a romantic moment (taking out tampon, putting down towel…etc..). This is important. That is scary.

The process can be messy at first, so I do recommend practicing at home once or twice. If this is happening to you, we recommend that you try a menstrual cup that’s a bit firmer.

As someone who has tried both menstrual cups and discs, I am a fan of the disc so far. It was too big to fit. There was definitely a learning curve and I went through half a pack before I finally became comfortable with it, but I LOVE them.

(Yes, your vagina has a pH. Ever removed a tampon on a light day or before sex and it was mostly dry? We ship worldwide and offer 2 different shipping methods, Untracked shipping FREE worldwideStandard tracked average shipping 4-7€ (Europe, N.America, Australia + NZ), -Untracked shipping is available worldwide but take into account that no tracking is involved and delivery times are longer, -Your order is shipped with normal post without tracking from the UK via the Netherlands (PostNL) and distributed onwards to the postal service provider in the country of destination, *Orders within the EU up to 14 business days, *International orders up to 25 business days, -Your order is assigned a tracking number by Spring Global Delivery Solutions, shipped from the UK via the Netherlands (PostNL) and distributed onwards to the postal service provider in the country of destination, *International orders 15-21 business days, -Standard tracked service is only available to selected destinations.

FLEX will send you a personalized number of discs depending on what they think you'll need during each cycle. But if you have powerful pelvic floor muscles and our silicone softcup is leaking for you, you might be better off with a firmer menstrual cup. I’ve also used it to have sex on the heaviest day of my period, and it worked like a dream.

Jelovsek JE.

Urinary incontinence. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web As far as the sex goes, Thais is why I was interested in the disc.

For those of us who menstruate, period sex is as polarising as Marmite: you’re either completely turned off by the idea, or you’re too horny to care. Gameiro SF, et al. It’s considerably more expensive than pads or tampons ($15 for a trial box of 24 discs), and it’s not reusable like a menstrual cup.

With tampons, "you're putting paper into the vagina. I have loved these and the softcups brand from Walgreens is somewhere between $7-$12 dollars and I use one cup for an entire cycle. To check that your Ruby Cup is in place and fully open, gently hold onto the cup’s stem and try to pull it downwards.

And I don’t have spend money on new products every month.

It was way worse than any tampon or pad and when I pulled it out the smell stayed on my fingers which grossed me out. Just tried the soft disc for the first time seemed amazing. I see a lot of questions about the placement of the disks. ", To top it all off, FLEX discs can also be a huge help if you deal with chronic yeast infections.

I let them know when I canceled my subscription That I would be buying a silicone version if I liked it. When you insert your Ruby Cup into your vagina, it will ‘pop’ open from its folded position to regain its original shape when it reaches your cervix and create a watertight seal. The irregularity of my periods is much more manageable with a reusable product that can sit in for 12 hours. Me…mostly because I don’t think I’ve mastered placement yet. I'm environmentally conscious. This is because your menstrual fluid is flowing down the sides of your cup, instead of into it. Women are worried that as they remove FLEX, they could dislodge the strings of the IUD and pull it out. Ziegelmann MJ, et al. If I could design a perfect product, I would like a medical grade silicone reusable disc, containing little to no plastic material and also provides different sizes like menstrual cups. (Pro tip: To reduce the chance of leakage, tuck the disc back into place after you use the restroom, since it can shift a little from time to time.). Sometimes holding it under hot water makes for easier insertion. Disks are not as high volume as a cup is due to their design.

And I definitely do not throw it out after one use. Since each disc lasts for 12 hours, I only had to change it in the morning and before bed.

You must empty every few hours. I hated them. I tried two discs today, which both had about 4-5 hours of use for me.

Just tried my Flex discs from my combo pack today. Leak for some unknown reason /: and the last straw with BOTH of my last two cups was reoccurring yeast infections after my cycle ended. From there, you slide it into your vagina just like you would a tampon.

So far I haven’t had trouble with it and I’m going on my 5th month I think.

If Ziggy came in a smaller size it would be my go to product. To solve this, try folding your cup in a different way, see our menstrual cup folding guide for more tips on folding your cup.

Mess free sex? I’ve been using soft cups (the old version of soft discs) since 2012 and put a 10/10 on them.

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