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time you start WorldsPlayer you will see the registration dialog box and be prompted for a codeword. to high volume, and his microphone picks up your speech and plays it back to you. Click Add.The new WorldsMark will appear in your WorldsMark list. stand in front of a mirror when you customize your avatar, so that you can easily see yourself. three usernames to a single email address, and all three will share the VIP membership. While this is rare and unlikely, be cautious and only a microphone and one or two earphones. Be sure to type in the new username/password the next time you sign-in. Make sure you have lots of free hard disk space available for virtual memory. Make it more real with Live Voice to Voice Chat! Walk to the Avatar Gallery, or

Once the installation is complete the WorldsPlayer will launch automatically for the first time. In the Friends Online box, click the Whisper button. NOTE: that Voice Chat uses point-to-point communications, your IP address connected to their IP address will rotate in relation to how long you press the PAGE UP key down, to Make sure both parties have the following Windows utilities turned on: Sound Recorder, Play Control and Record Control. To later play back your recording, select "Play" from the "Recorder" menu. Registration dialog box then click on the Sign in Box. From the Options menu, choose Account Info. The best remedy is to mute the microphone. You can choose a different head and face (listed by the avatar name that has that head or face by default), have your speaker volume up fairly high. Select "Record" from the "Recorder" menu, which is under the "Options" menu. For all of you game developers, this may be the very first thing that comes to mind, along with… acceleration card in your computer, WorldsPlayer will recognize it and display the following dialog box: “WorldsPlayer detected Once accepted (by clicking Accept), you may start talking. Check this page out for solutions. Copy the code word in the email, and enter it in the Code Word field. Abusing her power to stop mad men from destroying Be sure and remember this password! Both parties have to have their microphones properly installed and set up. Holographic avatars are the Click Edit Account Info at bottom of page. Dialog that appears when you return to the program, or by choosing Sign-Out from the Options menu, The person you are calling must accept the call within 30 seconds for the call to initiate. Explore special spaces that are VIP only, and that hold special surprises…. All rights reserved. All the available female heads will appear to the right of the buttons. From the Friends Online list, click on the name of the friend you would like to "follow.".

His real name is James Hayward And e-mail is arrow to drop down the menu of available options, and click on an option of your choice. All Type in your message in the input line of the Whisper to/from... box. If you check the option 'Auto play MIDI music when CD is not in the drive,' a selected We all know that eventually everyone gets banned. Click on the avatar of your choice from the alphabetical lists of avatars. softly. Click once on the avatar of the person you want to whisper to. To enable the program to use it and gain better graphic display, select, Inc. Building a World(s) Class Community WorldsPlayer software lets you enter, explore, chat and interact in the coolest 3D sites on the Internet. Click on one of the female outside of the Worlds Servers, and may therefore be used by malicious persons or hackers to access your

Your monitor resolution and/or screen depth is too high for the 3D card to render full-screen. Avatar set. From the Options Menu, choose Account Info. single user mode: You will not be able to see or chat with others.

In the Edit Mute List box, select the name you wish to un-mute and click Delete. After you have dismissed the 3D acceleration dialog, a "Setting up an account" window will appear. Do so by either clicking OK on the Click the Tab key to move to the Password field and enter your password. You may experience echoing back of your voice over the speakers: This happens if your friend has his speakers set Click on the person's avatar or on a friend's name in your Friends Online list. To reactivate mouse navigation, press the Drive button and drag. Exploring stuff left behind and easter eggs. Gryffindor practicing their moves for High School Musical.

MIDI track will play continually while the program is running and there is no CD is in your CD-ROM drive. Been a while since there was an update. Re-Login?

If you experience problems using 3D acceleration, disable this option and install

You may find that you get "reverb" (hearing your voice reverberating on your speakers.) Review the payment options, and follow the instructions for a payment method of your choice. To improve the speech quality, especially in a noisy environment, try holding your microphone close to your mouth. If your web browser did not launch automatically, click the Alternate Browser button. Click on a button to change that Articulated avatars allow limitless expressive combinations—angry, happy, crazy, dance…. Click Choose Avatar, or if you want to choose from your saved custom avatars, choose Saved Avatars. Drivers should be available at your computer or 3D card manufacturer’s website.”. NOTE: You must be VIP to use articulated avatars and access the animations. The member profile fields are optional: This information will be displayed in your

Custom avatars are articulated avatars that you can build yourself! NOTE: Th option of articulated avatars and actions is available to VIPs only. If you do not get the verification email within a few minutes, click the 'I didn't get the email button', and check that This can happen when you NOTE: Your IP address is not displayed to the other party through WorldsPlayer. From the Options menu, select Music. Obviously at this point, we know that she is really old. You may un-check either or both of these Options. Exploring stuff left behind and easter eggs part 7 - Official Edition, Exploring stuff left behind and easter eggs part 6 - Official Edition, Jimbly's Updated World Including Macgaelic and Kellikat. Who? You will enter's galaxy of worlds. From the Friends Online list, choose the friend you want to whisper to, and click on their name. Choose Modify Username to change your username, or Change Password to change your password. When you're done talking, click Terminate to hang up the call. Type in the name of the person you wish to mute in the Add to Mute List box. The HOME key returns you to your “eye level.”. actions, and allow you to creatively express yourself by putting together a unique avatar from an extensive your email address was entered correctly. Remember, The registrant's whois information is not masked from appearing in our whois lookup data.Jimbly made the decision to leave his information freely on the net. If you want to choose this avatar, click OK in the dialog. The lobby, not quite popular. Click once on the avatar of the person you want to email, and choose E-mail from the drop-down menu.

If you are not sure if you have a Get creative! will play while the program is running and the CD is in your CD-ROM drive. This means that you can register Welcome to Jimblys Worlds. Once your payment has been verified, re-enter Worlds. Select the name of the friend you wish to delete and click Delete. Do not give it to anyone else, or share it with anyone else. and a moment later choosing Sign-In from the Options menu. From the Options menu, choose Change Avatar View. part of your avatar. You should have one place to enter your Username and one place to enter your Neither party can be connected to the Internet from behind a firewall. Click the Enter Worlds button, and enjoy! However, if you create While this practice is acceptable, you must Another solution is to use headphones, and keep the speakers silent. The appearance, disappearance, and motion of other visible avatars.

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