fuel rack locations

The terminal operator report reflects the pipeline receipt of gasoline and ethanol but must make a product reclassification (mode code BA) to decrease the gasoline and ethanol receipt amounts to zero with a corresponding receipt to product code E10. Products that have not been reclassified, blended, modified, or converted in any manner between the refinery and rack disbursement are reported as follows: Terminal operator summary - Report zero ending inventory

Example of ExSTARS EDI Reporting for Terminals Located at a Refinery can be found at the beginning of page 264 of Publication 3536 PDF. A refinery that disburses taxable fuel by rack (including fuel drawn from cool-down storage tanks), into non bulk transport, (e.g., truck, rail), must possess a Terminal Control Number (TCN) and a bulk carrier Form 637 Activity Letter X registration. The document numbers, dates, and net gallons reported must be identical to the terminal operator report receipts schedule. Where the terminal and carrier operator is the same, the reports may be submitted in a combined format – see Publication 3536 for details.

In addition, U.S. Oil has third-party relationships across the United States allowing us to market out of nearly 200 terminals.

A refinery with terminal racks must report all non bulk liquid rack disbursements (i.e., taxable and nontaxable), including freestanding and dedicated racks.

Terminals are listed by the terminal number.

When it comes to branded and unbranded fuel, the rack price is going to be different. After the fuel leaves the refineries, it is piped to a fuel terminal where the trucks that will carry the fuel arrive. Each terminal disbursement is immediately preceded with an identical terminal receipt. Position holder name control and EIN or 637 number, Document date and number (from bill of lading), and. In this instance the pipeline carrier report reflects gasoline and ethanol disbursements to the terminal.

In addition, monthly ExSTARS Terminal Operator (Form 720TO) and Carrier Summary (Form 720CS) reports are required to be filed. The rack price also depends upon the distance between the fuel retailer and wholesale terminal. U.S. Oil owns and operates 25 fuel storage and wholesale fuel distribution facilities in the United States. Destination state (required for Non-bulk terminal disbursements). Include the following information for each receipt transaction: The refinery operator name control and EIN is entered as the carrier with mode of transportation code PL for pipeline. Independent terminal and carrier operators must submit separate files using their distinct Sender ID and Employer Identification Number (EIN).

A gas station located far from a terminal is going to pay a higher fuel rack price than one located just down the street. Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 19-Sep-2020, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification, Employers engaged in a trade or business who pay compensation, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Our terminals have multi-modal (pipeline, truck, rail and light oil barges) capabilities, as well as art blending operations for our ethanol supply and biofuel supply. These requirements are applicable whether the terminal and carrier operations are managed by the same or different entities.

To locate a registered terminal, download the entire current-month TCN database using the links below: The terminal operator reports an E10 disbursement to offset the E10 receipt that was created by the product reclassification.

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