fuji x100v recommended settings

I saw a video in YouTube that someone was using AE Bracketing and the output is great but I have concern. You can post now and register later. This site is supported by the advertisements on it, please disable your AdBlocker so we can continue to provide you with the quality content you expect. If DR200 appeared too flat for you (unlikely), you can pull it down to DR100 in the Q menu. The differences are subtle, so I’ve included the histograms. Switch the drive mode into BKT and hold down the shutter. It’s unfortunate that their names are so similar because that adds confusion. It is a much more complex process to merge dark, bright, and middle exposures to come up with one final photo with low contrast and increased tonal range. The jpg had digital gain applied in the hardware of the camera. Thanks, John, for this and some other interesting pieces you have written on the Fuji settings for optimising dynamic range. Tracking has been vastly improved. Yes, I think DR100 should really just be called DR OFF. The underexposure refers to how the in-camera JPG is made. He laughed at me and said “the RAW file is the RAW file, the dynamic range isn’t affected,” like I was some kind of idiot for asking the question. I can tell you that with both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC, the DR settings are applied (without any ability for you to control it) whenever you use the “AUTO” global correction, which some people enable upon import. And without much noise at all. If you want some more evenly toned photos, you could just leave both DR and ISO in Auto.

First quote from article means, that RAW data is underexposed (affected), and second quote claims that only metadata is affected. One stop (three clicks) – use DR200%. In an extremely high-contrast scene like this, I would prefer to process it in a RAW converter. D-Rng adjusts the exposure in an attempt to protect the highlights. Happy shooting! Two stops (six clicks) – use DR400%. In these cases where you want the most dynamic range out of a high-contrast scene in just a single photo, then yes, exposing to the left is, at least with Fujifilm cameras, a great way to do it. Capture One is the same – when you have AUTO in the Base Characteristics, it applies the DR setting. Thanks for the reply, John.

They’ll look exactly the same if no DR settings are applied, and different when the DR setting is applied.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I was previously using a Custom 2 of "Astia" with Shadow Tone and Hightlight Tone set to Low for that. Arjay Admin Staff Member. Some have mentioned I should just leave DR set to 200 as 100 is basically no change. Recently started to explore Pergear 35mm F1.2 lens on Fuji X. ... C7. Fuji X100 / X100S / X100T / X100F / X100V / Fuji X70. how do capture one read all this in comparison with lighroom? Sorry for the confusion, the final RAW file written to your memory card – the actual light & color value of the pixels recorded – doesn’t change. Some raw software does not apply the gain.

Fuji X Forum. .

I’ve been using D Range Optimizer lately with my XT3 … often with the Velvia sim. I would suggest comparing some photos with different DR settings, importing them into each program with different profiles & base characteristics to see what the differences are for each. So if you’re only capturing RAW, using a high DR setting can help give you an idea of how much you’ll be able to recover in post-processing. But the RAW file itself is as the sensor captured it, not what the processor did to it.”, That’s wrong.

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