gloomhaven scoundrel guide

Get attacked by 4 archers, probably die. I would probably swap it out for Smoke Bomb since the pulls will probably not be very relevant (at least at 1st level). It is not overrated. Awesome! Finally, if you want to see this guide in action or if you have any questions you'd like to ask me directly about it or any other guide I've written (or just Gloomhaven in general), you can check out my stream which is starting right now (3 pm CEST, 9 am Eastern Time). So overall you’re doing higher damage more consistently leading to more damage per scenario! The top is the first ranged ability that has caught our attention thanks to Crippling Poison’s bonus to Poisoned monsters. The mindthief eventually loses all his loot abilities if built to maximize damage/control. We already know how useful that can be allowing us to run even further on a turn when we need to and deal a nice bit of damage too. Plus, you can use the damage on flying creatures. Your response here is honestly quite reductive/pessimistic. Even though ranged abilities are not hugely aligned with this build, this one is worth considering. Wow! Now instead of doing up to 14 unmodified damage when you line up the ability with Smoke Bomb, you can do 18! High movement is the name of the game for us. But in all those scenarios where this round doesn't have any or many monsters, you gain invis PLUS save your damage this round for damage the next round.

The good news is that at least we can get out of there before anything happens to us! For example, if you can see that the goal in your next scenario is to get to a specific location, you may want to take all your high movement cards. Thanks as always for your guides. A 12 initiative is always good for us, with our go early and go late strategy. As for the bottom ability, it sounds good, but in reality, it is just too situational which forces us to use a loss earlier than we’d like to get the most from it.

It also means we can’t take a huge amount of loss abilities into a scenario with us. This also means the top is much less attractive to enhance. Thanks. It’s not the most mathematically beneficial perk to take first though, that would be just focussing on getting your modifiers improved. The 03 initiative is insanely fast, but right now, we need more high cards to allow us to go late in a turn. I'll sometimes bring it along in my 4 player game of Cragheart / Brute / Mindthief / Scoundrel since we don't have much in the way of heals. Instead, try to get your hands on the Winged Shoes so that you have a Jump option available right from the beginning. Why not open the door, pull the enemies back by forcing the archers to move up since they can't LOS into the sides of the first room? Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. The bottom of the card gives us a useful Pull ability when we need it. With our use of Losses being restricted, we want to beef up our best repeatable actions with enhancements. Single target with a shorter default range than the ideal of 3 (like the majority of our other ranged... Frigid Torrent.

It means we can go early when we need to. Poison is a nice option to use on bosses with high health points to help take them down more easily.

Controlling a monster to move them is great when all the monsters have formed a wall and you can’t get through to get into the best position. While you level up, even though your damage value on the cards doesn’t increase, your chances of drawing decent modifiers increases. With a hand limit of 9, we need to recover cards more than any other starting class! Swift bow (lower) is a card you'll use simply because you have it and can bring it along. Oh, and it’s repeatable too. Good that it’s not a Loss ability, but it’s not that great.

That’d be the flavour text I’d write for this card! In my group, I levelled up really quickly with the Scoundrel, second only to the Brute in the party. Fortunately, hitting single monsters really hard is where the Scoundrel excels! If you play one of those scenarios where there's always enemies it is much less good, and if there are only Vermlings or something which die anyway, it's useless.

The Move 2 is good for a position shift but won’t help us to run out of range. It really brings to mind the image of the Scoundrel dodging around and getting in cheeky little hits when monsters least expect them! Great guide, I love the little bits of humor scattered about in there. The vast majority of people reading this guide will be playing 2nd edition, which means Swift Bow is just not that great. I’d rather have a higher Move ability on the bottom and take care of the low-level monster. They’d also need to be in the right position for you to get the bonuses. Everything is about positioning. Board games, TTRPGs, miniatures - everything tabletop games!

Spend your first turn getting into position and using Smoke Bomb. You might have other classes in your party who regularly apply these debuffs to bad guys, but that’s not within your control. Now, that’s what we’re talking about.

Grand Prix Las Vegas was great. However, when I picked the class up again I was a much more experienced player and this build has features built-in that overcome the positioning weakness. Then use 2nd stamina potion, and move to the archers, where you can disarm 2 and get pummeled by the 3rd, then have them back away from you while you're alone to deal with 3 archers. You also appear to be mixing up enhancement costs - Jump is 50g, +1 move is 30g. Now is this persistent Loss better than our other Losses? The Scoundrel has a hand limit of 9 cards, the smallest hand limit of all the starting characters, so we’ve not got a huge amount of cards to play with. It’s a cool idea, but isn’t going to do as much damage as the top ability. I've used it plenty in a 4p party: so it's just like you said, you jump in the center and Disarm 3/4 enemies out of 6/7 enemies.

... Up to 9 damage ability, which generates ice and air and gives... Ice Spikes.

None of the cards in the Scoundrel’s deck are ‘bad’. Gloomhaven is the number 1 tactical board game out there. If we ignore Moves (which we just need to make sure we have enough of in our hand) here are the main categories each card falls into. The damage dealt by Spring the Trap depends on your party’s average level and the scenario difficulty you’re playing at. The Scoundrel is the rogue of the Gloomhaven starting characters.

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