grasshopper join multiple surfaces


And I think it's only fair to include in your benchmark the considerable time 'SUnion' takes in this example: 21.9 seconds for 121 rings and likely much more with 400 or 1,000+ rings. The problem with reversing the domain is that you need to make it negative. Sad there isn’t a direct command to just reverse the points (or it is? I could see the output as it was running and it didn't appear to be that fast. It works when I solid union boolean the berps (extrusions) together, but it does not work when I have many points. 0 Comments Though it seems to take quite awhile after the loop ends before control is restored to GH/Rhino. and I can give it a test ? 0 Likes, Added by Ghadeer.k I have a grouping of curves that I am trying to join with the Join Curves command in GH. by AL-ALI

I think I understand what you are suggesting (make a surface of "joined" concentric circles and extrude it?) Connect every curves you want to join to Join Curves component's "C" input and flatten "C" input. I just edited the question with my definition.

{ (25.0 KB). 0 Likes, by Daniel Seth Ticker When I change that value to 6, the Python fails badly. A = x; A different plane for each surface. per extrusion. Anemone has two modes: normal (legacy version, slow) and 'Fast Loop'. but don't know how to do it. 1 Like, Added by Andrea Rossi x.Reverse(0, true); //To flip U It succeeded, I have a single 'Closed Brep' from 900 extruded rings, baked to Rhino. I think the cylinder idea is a good one, so this is an example that creates a bounding cylinder on vertical surfaces. ps. Facebook x.Reverse(1, true); //To flip V Name ID Description Type; Mesh: M+: A list of open or closed meshes: Mesh: Weld: W: Indicates if the coincident points of mesh faces should be … Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. And I think it's only fair to include in your benchmark the considerable time 'SUnion' takes in this example: 21.9 seconds for 121 rings and likely much more with 400 or 1,000+ rings.

0 Likes, Added by Parametric House And how have just a surface inside the merged lines, I tried with boundary surface but it creates a huge surface often going outside the boundaries, and filling the little holes created between the offsetted curves thanks a lot again. Just as a side note here, I once made a uv component but I did not modify the domain, because under the hood its not about changing the domain, but instead transposing or reversing the controlpoint matrix. I’m just tired writing little script, and in the end they complaining that its not working right. 0 Likes, Added by Alphonso Peluso (69.7 KB) 0 Likes, © 2020   Created by Scott Davidson. Some CAD programs already provide good solutions, but they are not perfect. x.SetDomain(0, new Interval(0, 1)); //To reparametrize U The brep join and solid union doesn’t work. 0 Comments Wb Create Wb Define Wb Extract Wb Smoothen Wb SubD Wb Transform Video Tutorials Download. the problem with aligning is that you usually you don’t want it aligned by a plane but rather about inside and outside, where ideally u and v direction matches up for each surface patch. 0 Likes, by Parametric House Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Removing first and last point from a list, Sortingunitizying multiple surfaces direction UVS_02.PNG, Sorting/unitizying multiple surfaces direction UVS, evaluate the surface at center (like reparametrized at 0.5,0.5) and extract U and V vectors, test which of the 2 vectors is more suitable to be aligned with World X vector; if V then it swap UV. }. 0 Comments

But it could be that the surfaces are imported from another software… I don’t know. I am now struggling on how to make all of these a single surface so that I can extrude it into a solid. However if you want do this with single surfaces the problem quickly gets complicated. Try this c# script (I’ve added comments inside, maybe you’ll understand/learn something … it’s useful)

I tried running the BooleanUnion command, but it reported: Boolean union failed. Any idea how to get the shape first with surfaces or curves? Grafting the two boundaries, I create a set of surfaces using boundary surface. What Riccardo did, he reparamised after doing this, however there are situations where a reparametrisation is not wanted. Checked the circles and they are the same. Can you be more clear? You can also flip them manually within 5 mins. Trying 36 X 36 now...  1,296 points appears to have succeeded in less than ten minutes!


Explain please?

x.SetDomain(1, new Interval(0, 1)); //To reparametrize V Wasp for Grasshopper #101 - Tutorial #018: Multi-Channel Fields, Muqarnas modeling with grasshopper-parametric modeling in architecture, Voronoi Box Structure Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial, Waffle Structure (Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial). to obtain one surface between the spline surface and the rectangular surface that cut them before, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, OVERLAPPING SURFACES how to join/merge in one surface. Hello!

The 'Fast Loop' finished the same grid in 1.6 minutes! 0 Likes, by Parametric House Then you recreate a new NurbsSurface from scratch. Puzzled to see 'SUnion' used on flat boundary surfaces (the rings) to get a single "Open Brep"; I didn't know it worked on flat surfaces. than what I posted? by AL-ALI

The UV’s can still be miss-matched, which can be frustrating. 0 Likes, Added by Ghadeer.k Will try the 'Fast Loop' to see if it makes any difference. Surafce_UVS Sort_Sample 04.3dm (2.8 MB), Your surfaces are almost all already ok, with a “continue” UV orientation. 1 Like, by June Lee

That's a major reduction, even though the unions in the second loop are more complex than in the first loop. Thanks, A . One surface is made with the surface “Loft” feature, whereas the other is made with “Surface from network of curves”. Can you upload those geometries? They should be easier to compute. I would like to ask you if it is possible to merge 3 surfaces in 1. 0 Likes, by Parametric House (25.0 KB) Another way that this could be dealt with is separating each surface by its direction to an input vector, and then a plane could be provided for each direction (perhaps with a bounding box).

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