handmade japanese tanto knife

Maker's Lifetime Guarantee ensures that any defects on structural integrity will be replaced, free of charge, provided the maker is alive & well. Please allow 1-2 days for payment processing +7-14 days for item processing, or more depending on the item/maker/current queue & Backlog times. We are working with many various Thai craftsmen that we have trusted over the years, as well as completing the work ourselves. If you're custom wooden handle breaks on a handmade axe for example, we will gladly replace the wooden handle and rehang the head for you. Our Japanese Style Tanto Series has been a collaborated effort from Thailand's most talented Swordsmiths.

I am used to planing cabbage with a cheese slicer but with this knife it is a pleasure to cut the cabbage into very thin strips. I am always amazed with what ease the knife glides through everything. Custom Made Swords. We are extremely busy with our main jobs Thursday-Sunday, but Monday-Wednesday is a great time to connect with us. Accessories To enjoy your Japanese knife …

Custom Menuki Habaki Saya Sageo Tsuba fixtures. Welcome to Tosho Knife Arts, connecting Toronto with Japanese blades since 2010. All handmade orders have individual processing times before being shipped, IF you purchase any express option (7 days for example), that does not ensure the item will arrive 7 days from point of purchase. All the Nipponblades knives are made ​​of hard steel. All orders will be completed & shipped ASAP. "Mr. A" (Anucha) masterfully completed the handle work, using traditional Japanese techniques. Design a Tanto Design A Knife Traditionally crafted knives for people who wish they could take things home from museums. inside info from the forge via the newsletter. Some makers aren't as busy as others, while other makers are busy but have a reputable team in place to complete orders in a timely fashion. *READY TO SHIP* Item. Purchasing from Siam Blades is entering a contract with us that we are obliged to fulfill. We are a family run business, and we work with local rural maker's throughout Thailand to create sustainable jobs and economy for local villages. Please purchase with confidence, that you will receive a lifetime product, handmade specifically for your order, Limited to Handmade Custom orders. Our website is 100% verified through Shopify Buyer Protection and all transaction and customer info is securely encrypted with the latest technology. Please do not purchase with us if you may ask for a refund later. As such, the received product may not be 100% identical to the listing, but is 100% unique and crafted just for you. We strive to complete all orders in a timely fashion, pending life situations, weather and conditions out of our control (import of materials being delayed, postal service delays, national holidays, extreme weather, rain/heat). As such, you may receive a similar but not identical item from us, if our inventory on the listed product is low.

At this point, there will be no refunds granted on handmade custom orders, or any item that has already been shipped.Once 48 hours have passed, we will start the handmade process of creating your lifetime blade.

Join our mailing list and we'll periodically send unique content & newly crafted items, giving you exclusive first dibs on Thailand's best handmade products. All Nipponblades are crafted by  authorized Japanese Master Blacksmiths who won different awards for their expertise and contribution to the Japanese Culture. Anryu san strives every day to make better knives.

Once the handmade process has begun, we cannot offer a refund, as your money will be put towards the creation of your custom handmade item.As an aside, we have had a few orders where a client has agreed to a 3-6 month manufacturing time, only to back out in the final hour. Japanese influenced, Thai Made, the crafting of a timeless piece that has a story to tell with every fixture and fine craftsmanship. Will be shipped 1-2 week express, and insured included in shipping price. Chipped blade edges and dull knives can be returned for a re-sharpen/re-profile at a nominal cost to cover labour expenses. watch a tanto being made. Enter your email address to receive news and But I never experienced such quality as the Santoku knife of Nipponblades. We gladly accept refunds within 24-48 hours after purchase. This includes purchasing domestic & imported materials, paying labour costs from our skilled blacksmiths & craftsmen and completing your item according to our current queue of placed orders. Our steel is designed to last a lifetime, but in the event of an improperly hardened steel, we will replace that as well. We are open for communication, and will try our best to communicate all wait times on any of our items. Traditional Japanese Style Tanto Swords. Theme by Safe As Milk. We can purchase insurance for an additional cost, and we provide tracking number on all our orders. Most ready to ship items will take 7-21 days, with delays seen up to 4-6 weeks. By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol.

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