hermione and sirius pregnant fanfiction

I wouldn't mind showing these two off to a few professors." Her eyes trailed Sirius easily, giving him a small smile when he waved at her. When the boys asked her what was wrong, she pointed across to Madam Malkins where Ron sat outside with his 3 children with Lavender, trying to keep the all still while their mother was gone, and they could see Lavender through the window, chatting with the sales witch. Harry looked at them, cleaned his glasses, and looked again. ", Fred nodded. "Not only am I pregnant, but we're having twins and we find out the genders in 4 weeks." He cut her off by getting behind her and gripping her hips tightly as his cock brushed against her clit. "I know a thing or two about her, I know she'll only make you cry. As they entered the recovery room, they saw their beautiful witch laid back in the hospital bed, her hair spread out frizzily behind her head, looking pale and sad. She had still yet to voice her concerns, but she knew that she had to.

Hermione ducked her head to conceal the pain that flitted across her face. Sirius Black moves into his ancestral home to find a ghost has taken up residence. "5lbs 1oz," Sirius read from the card on their son's crib. She looked over at Angie. Fred, George, Harry and Ron sat in a circle in the living room of the burrow. Ron sighed. "Of course! Her jaw dropped open as she saw everyone and everything in the room. Browse through and read pregnant hermione fanfiction stories and books ... in the last year of hogwarts hermione was headgirl and draco was headboy and the two fell in love untill draco left hermione PREGNANT ! She was the first to change into animal form and she liked when James and Sirius would chase her. "SHE'S LYING! "But who's going to convince Hermione to play along? Cross-posted at fanfiction.net. He felt a gush of warm fluid coat his bollocks and his teeth clamped down on the bend between her shoulder and neck; exactly where she had bitten him during their last coupling. The war was over and Hermione Granger was focused on making the best of the wizarding world.

But, if she could master it, then it would save them money and time in the long run. NOT HP/HG. "What're you thinking about, Snow?" "Finally," he muttered as Lavender burst through dramatically. She threw her arms around Hermione and started to cry. I don't want you to get your hopes up. in a world where Sirius lives and there is a portrait of Regulus Black in the Library of Grimmauld place and where things go so wrong that nearly all hope is lost, Hermione goes back in time with a sex ritual they find in the Black Family Grimoire.

She hadn't gotten her monthly visitor and she was two weeks late. Setting a hand on the girl's shoulder, she softly said, "I'll need to give you a potion to prevent infection, but you'll be as good as new by morning.". The losses of the 2nd wizarding war were immense. The poor guy!". Or is Won-Won? Sirius, you tell her.". He is cursed to fail his godson at every turn.In 1998 Harry Potter dies and leaves Voldemort without any horcruxes. The next four weeks found Hermione being petted, pampered and waited on like a princess. ", Sirius gasped. You just told me that you and and Hermione bloody Granger ran off and got married and that she is pregnant." "Ithinkimpregnant," she rushed out, averting her eyes to look at her feet instead. In this case, Hermione's secret desire for a child probably caused her to be able to conceive, and all of their desires for the babies to belong to all of them probably caused the DNA from both men's sperm to merge and give both of the babies both men's DNA. Harry nodded. However, neither of them is prepared for what will threaten their desires… or who will threaten them, rather. One hand came up and wiped away her tears while the other fell to her abdomen. She cried for herself, because she felt like a failure as a mother, and her children weren't even an hour old yet.

Remus smiled, clapping James on the back proudly. As they appeared, he grabbed Fred and yelled. Remus smiled and thanked the healer. "Now, I just need those two," he jerked his thumb towards the other couple, "To figure out where they'd like to live. "You need to start sleeping more," he observed, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and helping her out of the library. ", Hermione gave them all an exasperated look, while Fred and George exchanged grins. "Thank you Ron's hot side kick's, hotter god father! "Good morning Minerva." ", "14 weeks pregnant." SS/HG. She found Kreacher in his spot underneath the heater. She stopped at one point and drew a circle around something on the screen. Haunted by her past Hermione must learn to live in the other time.

"You know that Sirius and Remus both love children. Fear passed over Fred's face. Hermione Granger is pregnant. Blushing, she grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder, noticing that James and Remus had already left. Right there!" Her thoughts ran rampant as her feet carried her where she needed to go, hardly noticing when she was finally standing in the stands, waiting for practice to be over. He chuckled reaching out to stroke her arm gently, "Come again, love? There were countless rompers, dresses, toys, books, onesies, socks, shoes and blankets from everyone. "Oh, Hermione, it can't be that bad," Remus said stroking her hair lightly as to sooth her uneasy nerves. ", James and Lily laughed before nodding their goodbyes and hurrying back to the castle. "MY TWIN IS PREGNANT! Between horrible cousins and being pregnant will she survive the first 3 days without Draco? "That's one hell of a bite mark, Padfoot," James smirked, watching Sirius pull at his collar with a smirk. "I'M NOT PREGNANT! "The baby boy looked good, we saw them rushing him by us as we went out the door," Ginny told Harry. "Hey guys," she croaked. Darkish Dramione. It will be a one-time trip, but if she times it right, one time will be all she needs. And of course we didn't just whimper!". Each man took a seat beside their wife and spoke quietly and soothingly to her as she cried. She then helped Hermione sit up and then levitated her into a wheelchair, told the boys to follow her, and began to push the wheelchair down the hall toward the doors Remus had seen them take their son into. She then requested baby back ribs, baby corn, baby carrots, and baby peas for dinner. She motioned toward her neon pink skirt, before plopping down in Won-Won's lap. As soon as they opened the door, they saw Sirius and Remus pacing back and forth across a baby themed waiting room, worry evident on their faces. She used a light drying charm and then used muggle anti-frizz gel and went on to get dressed. Not even Sirius Black had sounded that serious. CW: Pregnant character. It would be nice to have a home before graduation. ", Harry raised an eyebrow. Your son's expecting! A bridge, that Lucius and Narcissa are both trying to help meet her half way on. She had two beautiful, amazing husbands who wanted nothing more than to spend every moment of their lives with her and the babies, she had two beautiful babies that she was told she'd never have, and even breastfeeding had come easy for the three of them. Or, your typical Hermione-gets-sent-back-in-time trope but minus the plot. Takes place in OOTP. Nothing's going to change that. their love is like fire and ice, rain and blue skies, the sun on the rise. His expression started out confused. Not one to be bothered with clothes, he grabbed his wand and muttered a spell to rid them both of their clothes before pressing the tip of it against her abdomen and whispering a contraceptive charm. A young healer came in and told them that she was there to take the three of them to visit their babies, and that a neonatologist would be waiting for them to explain everything to them. Or is that the signal? "If you're supposed to have kids then it'll happen. She glared at Fred. She's Hermione! "Hey beautiful," Sirius said. "And this is Baby B. The last thing anyone expected was for an old legend, a Muggle tradition and an unborn babe would all bring them together. Good luck!" 1995. "I'm sorry I was such an arse. Please don't hate me. "Oh my goodness, Hermione! ", She sniffled, "What if I am? We spend our entire spring fundraising for the March of Dimes for the past 4 years because were it not for their research and developments, my son and millions of other babies might not have survived their premature births. "Who cares? "My dear, what seems to be the matter? Fred actually considered.

Fred practically squealed, as he was too manly to actually squeal, and George walked over. Setting himself down in front of her, Moony cornered her against the wall and growled at anyone that came near. Harry glanced at her. You know what we want to know!" She sighed and turned in his arms, laying her head against his chest. She was healthy as a horse, just needed to be checked out.

Sirius Black is tired of being forced to stay in the hovel his mother's portrait calls a home, of Molly Weasley getting on his nerves, of everyone trying to control him. ", With that, he apparated everyone except Molly to St. Mungo's. Excited?

Took Harry almost the entire meal before he asked why we were eating all the baby food. "Hold on, you're pregnant?" Then she broke out into an enormous grin as she reread the papers to make sure she wasn't hallucinating. Sirius chastised, a smile on his face as he chased the small wolf around the tattered living room. ", Lavender glanced at James in confusion. Ginny came up and put her arm around him, walking him back to the waiting room. Alright! "Oh come on! When they walked through the waiting room they noticed that it was full of Weasleys, Grangers, Tonks, Potters, Longbottoms and Remus' sister. As an afterthought she asked for a baby bottle shaped cake that said "Congratulations Daddies" in pale pink and baby blue frosting. ", He grinned, "Then stop picking at my technique.". 7 June 1978 – Hogwarts – Room of Requirement, "Lily and I have an announcement!"

"I'm Healer Smith, I'll give you a few moments with your children and then I'll come back and discuss any questions you may have." ", Lavender looked puzzled. "No, he's not!" Just chop up Fred, pull out the baby, and tape him back!". Meanwhile, Draco Malfoy devises a strategy to expand his empire by invading the British government. The next thing she knew, Sirius was helping her to her feet and smiling down at her. "The boys will need Harry, and Hermione will need you," She told her. Pregnancy wasn't normally a problem at Hogwarts, but a few girls fell pregnant at the end of every year – which, she was thankful it wasn't the beginning of the year. Merlin. He crawled out and she explained to him that she had a surprise for Masters Lupin-Black and that Kreacher was ordered not to tell them a word. Hermione is in for a roller coaster ride as she discovers her true family, and meets some new people along the way. "I was yelling at them, and it took a while. "I'm pregnant, whatever you say Hermione. She thought back.

", Fred jumped up. Fred and Hermione spend some time at the beach. "Well I'm a Gryffindor so I obviously have to choose dare. "The healers said it would be a miracle if I ever conceived-", "Then it will be a miracle," Sirius replied instantly. I saw you. Their daughter could go home when Hermione did, in two days, but their son would have to stay for a few more days to make sure he could keep his oxygen levels up with no help.

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