hmas adroit piracy

This began with the creation of the Defence – led Standing Inter-Departmental Committee in 1973, which was said to be the ‘genesis of multi-agency civil maritime security operations in Australia and has remained a cornerstone of Australia’s civil surveillance policy ever since’.2 In 1975, the responsibility for maintaining coastal civil surveillance shifted to the Department of Transport.

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The remainder were built in Australia by North Queensland Engineers and Agents. In 1977, the first major wave of asylum seekers entering Australian waters marking the beginning of a constant and severe threat in monitoring illegal immigration in the form of Irregular Maritime Arrivals. They were work-horses with more sea time than many major fleet units.

Ardent P87 sold privately, then bought by Indonesia.

The RAN provided Grumman Tracker aircraft. AE2 – Stoker’s Submarine, Musical Composition by Lieutenant Matthew Klohs RAN. HMAS Adroit (P 82) was an Attack-class patrol boat of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). machine gun aft.

These operations were designed to maintain stability in East Timor, our closest neighbour and a launching point for many illegal entry vessels. Twenty of these vessels were constructed throughout the 1960s, with fifteen utilized for patrols in Australian waters.4 In 1979, the commissioning of the first Fremantle class patrol boats marked an increase in ability for RAN Patrol Boats – taking a step closer to meeting the significant requirements of Border Protection. Arrow and Attack had attempted to sail Port Darwin and ride out the cyclone at sea, but neither vessel made it out of the port. The following is a list of mottos allocated to each boat.

They welcomed fleeing South Vietnamese after the Fall of Saigon in April 1975, and towed many a craft safely to our shores. The loss of a warship and, seemingly the associated loss of a dockyard, is worthy of greater attention and exposure than this has so far received. Ongoing financial support was reported as $249 million in 1998, with a further $350 million pledged to the project from 2002-2027.7.

The galley was a wreck with food, tea, flour and broken plates etc making it impossible to even make a brew and we hadn't eaten since lunch the day before, apart from some hard tack. Adroit paid off on 28th March 1992 and was the highlight of RAN exercises when she was successfully sunk by No.2 Squadron, Skyhawks, Royal New Zealand Air Force near Rottnest Island, off Perth WA on 8th August 1994.

Thank Fuck!! Passing through the Whitsunday Passage we hit a big log at night and bent two propeller blades - the ship was vibrating badly until the windscreen in front of the helmsman shattered into a million pieces. He began a Bachelor of Engineering at James Cook University in Townsville, later joining the RAN as a Defence university sponsored student and completing an Electrical and Electronics degree with honours in 2012. Its disadvantage is the low melting point compared to steel with a potential increased risk from serious fire which must be minimised by improved insulation and fire protection systems as are widely employed today in high-speed aluminium craft.

The Loss of HMAS Armidale by Dr Kevin Smith, D-Day commando on Sword Beach by Commander Jim Speed DSC, RAN. HMAS Bundaberg was an Armidale Class patrol boat designed and built by Austal at their yard at Henderson in Western Australia. In all another DSC, six Distinguished Service Medals, a Conspicuous Gallantry Medal and five Mentioned in Despatches were awarded to the members of the crew.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. HMAS Adroit (P 82) was an Attack class patrol boat of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Adroit was for many years the training ship for the RANVR at HMAS Moreton, New Farm, Brisbane. The diving on that wreck which was new, was fabuluous.

UNCLOS expanded the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and subsequent area of responsibility to a 200 nm limit.

November 1978, but in particular the Fu Yuan, where "bribes" were paid in kind (100 feet of net, fishing floats and fish from the net). These were: Two boats were sunk as targets, Adroit on 8 August 1994 and Buccaneer on 8 October 1988.

The U-boat was badly damaged and already sinking by the stern when a few minutes later the surviving senior officer ordered abandon ship. He called up on 2524 - I'll never forget his call sign - "Octopus 8" - "message from Navy, Canberra, break, return to base"! Once a “boat-man”, you always wished to stay in what was often referred to as “McHale’s Navy”.

These vessels, after Independence, were retitled HMPNG Ships. Communications with Brisbane Port was via voice on 2524mhz. After the Tampa Affair, illegal immigration came to the forefront of public media and became a tool for political leverage. In December 2004, Coastwatch was redesignated Joint Offshore Protection Command (JOPC). The Lieutenant was dismissed from Her Majesty's Service.

These elements are peacekeeping operation and asset donation and maintenance. As an example, the galley range door which was oriented longitudinally would fly open in heavy seas. An army landing craft, six patrol boats and mother ship HMAS, 2 x 16 cylinder Paxman YJCM diesel engines.

As a result, BPC is the evolution of over forty years of partnership between the ADF and civil authorities.

There was always a waiting list for crew so I would be Buffer, Coxwain, Cook or AB - made no difference to me. When fresh water was scarce and top-up was impossible due to location, passing rain squalls were a welcome shower alternative on the quarter deck. Although Customs was working with increased organisation and efficiency, the volume and frequency of illegal immigration increased.

The combination of a small, relatively junior crew, remote area operations and cycle of 6 weeks on patrol and 2 weeks in home port resulted in close-knit self-reliant ships companies very proud of their boat. The following table provides key dates (builder, pennant number, date laid down, launch and commission) for all twenty boats. The action lasted for another twenty minutes during which several of Lady Shirley‘s crew were severely injured and eight Germans, including the submarine captain, died.

P81 Acute                   “Swift to the Point”, P82 Adroit                   “Quick and Secure”, P83 Advance              “Never Look Back”, P84 Aitape                   “Tread Warily”, P85 Samarai               “United We Stand”, P86 Archer                  “Swiftly Sure”, P87 Ardent                  “Flame and Fury”, P88 Arrow                   “Straight as an Arrow”, P90 Attack                  “Never Waver”, P91 Aware                  “Forever Alert”, P92 Ladava                 “Fight the Good Fight”, P94 Madang                “Our Ship Your Shield”, P95 Bandolier              “Dressed to Kill”, P97 Barbette               “Taut and Trim”, P98 Barricade             “They Shall Not Pass”. Back to cairns for repairs.

HMAS Bayonet, built by Walkers Ltd was the last boat launched (6 November 68) and commissioned on 22 February 69.

They were used for patrol and general duties in Australian and surrounding waters before transfer to the PNG Defence Force. August 1968. Had the Attack class patrol boats been in service in the period of the Indonesian Confrontation they would have been perfect for our role of inshore patrolling during that war because the main deck was low to the water, and they were armed with a single 40/60 fwd. Following the development of this legislation, many pacific coastal nations experienced great difficulty in maintaining their maritime responsibilities.

In 2013 he undertook the New Entry Officer Course and has been subsequently posted to HMAS Albatross as a Trainee Aerospace Engineering Officer.

The CO sheepisly appeared on the bridge for a briefing.

[1][2] Their propulsion machinery consisted of two 16-cylinder Paxman YJCM diesel engines, which supplied 3,460 shaft horsepower (2,580 kW) to the two propellers. The lack of an official statement about the loss probably stems from the complex web of responsibility for the ship at the time and the insurance implications. The piracy entailed a Lieutenant and a Sub/Lt. Then called to Gladstone where after berthing, the ships battery bank caught fire and so we were all sent home to Brisbane by train!

Operations in conditions above sea states 4 and 5 (moderate to rough seas) curtailed many activities particularly boarding operations. Realising the importance maintaining strong maritime control, Customs prioritized the new Coastwatch service.

(Royal Institution of Naval Architects Australia), Australian Ships of War – John Bastock Published 1975 Pages 372-382. HMAS Sydney II and the HSK Kormoran Shipwreck Sites, Admiralty House, Garden and Fortifications, Royal Australian Naval Transmitting Station ACT, Occasional Paper 83: Current Australian Ship Naval Building Projects,,,, Occasional Paper 51: The Attack Class Patrol Boat, Lieutenant Commander Arthur Callaway, DSO, RANVR and the courage of HM Trawler Lady Shirley, Royal Australian Navy Border Protection: A focus on illegal immigration since 1975, First Victory, Musical Composition by Petty Officer Musician Martyn Hancock.

Since the withdrawal of Australian forces from Vietnam in 1972 and the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, a significant objective of the RAN has been focused on maintaining the security of the maritime region for which it is responsible. length 107.5 feet (32.76M), draught 6.2 feet (1.9M) and a speed of 24 knots. They certainly lived up to their short sharp mottos which are listed in Annex C. Planning for the new Fremantle class patrol boats commenced in 1970. Copyright © 2020.

Provisions Room – located at the bottom of the aft ladder into the Junior Sailors’ Mess directly opposite their bathroom, it took up the entire compartment, 21 cubic ft capacity in which we stored all meats, frozen milk, bread and the beautiful, pre-packed “guinea pig” vegetables such as broccoli, sweet corn and peas. [1]   Huck-bolting is a patterned fastening, similar to a rivet, used frequently to fasten unlike metals together such as mild steel and aluminium.

Attack was driven ashore at Doctor’s Gully without sustaining any casualties. AE1 – The Ship without a Name, Musical Composition by Lieutenant Matthew Klohs RAN. These fresh water tanks were built into the hull. Fuelling alongside at Samauri with another bent propeller. HMAS Arrow floundered alongside Stokes Hill Wharf during Cyclone Tracy on 25 December 1974 with the loss of two lives, Petty Officer Leslie Catton and Able Seaman Ian Rennie. It is further understood the ship was totally insured for its replacement value in excess of $30m. It’s a screwed thread with a clamp nut.

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