hollow knight 112 walkthrough

Good guide, has a few flaws. News.

The second portion will provide a 112% completion route through the game that emphasizes pickups and upgrades to ease the difficulty of boss fights while also including as many (optional) NPC encounters as possible for lore. Each spell found will give you 1% completion and each corresponding upgrade to the spell will also give you 1% completion. Traitor Lord: 1% This is the speedrunning guide for the 112% All Bosses category. There are 3 grub mimics in the Deepnest grub room, the real one is one before the last. Don't forget the Arcane Egg in the Birthplace before Void Heart as well. Crystal Guardian 1 = +385G (1385G) https://i.imgur.com/wkteRsz.png Make sure you are not forgetting the fountain Vessel Fragment before going into the Abyss. ● ~~You can find practice save files under Resources for this category~~ (soon).

¤Make sure to move just a tiny bit to the right after the screen transition to trigger the hardsave. Soul Master = +385G (1700G) Moss Knight = +40G (315G) You can click here to check the list of Bosses. [big]**Howling Cliffs + Greenpath**[/big] You should have all the grubs freed at the time of visiting the Grubfather to claim all the rewards at once.Make sure to not forget anything in Dirtmouth:• Sly's Charms, Mask Shards & Vessel Fragments• Wayward Compass from Iselda• Bretta's Mask Shard + Grey Prince Zote• Carefree Melody from Nymm.

Vessel Fragment Quick Cycle:

PS4, XboxOne, PC, Switch. All rights reserved. Drop straight through two rooms without exploring side passages. Elder Hu: 1% ● Can be a bit confusing on where to go at times

Nightmare King Grimm OR Destroy the Nightmare Lantern: 1% ● Actually wasting time writing you this to inform you this is the hardest part. Many enemies (including bosses) do not have a good counter when you're above them, so it is an important strategy to killing them off safely. [big]**Hive + Kingdom's Edge**[/big]

Greenpath Small Skip: [big]__Part 4 - End Game__[/big] Spire Great Husk Strat with Shriek:

Please see the. Colosseum = +4600G (5150G) EN Upgrades: 3% Buy the Lumafly Lantern before heading to Greenpath! Seer Seal Seer Arcane Egg Collect Wanderer’s Journal relic -> Head left; Head right to Stone Sanctuary -> first collect, Drop back down through Fog Canyon to Queen's Station; collect Hallownest Seal relic by double-jumping next to Willoh -> Take stag to King's Station, Collect Wanderer’s Journal relic -> Collect, Wanderer’s Journal relic above breakable planks -> Use King's Station shortcut to go back to City and enter broken elevator shaft, Pass through Dung Defender's room (Dung Defender encounter) -> use dive spell in room under bench to enter sub-area of Waterways -> beat Flukemarm boss for, Return to broken elevator shaft to fall down into Ancient Basin; (Optional: Whispering Root for 35 Essence) -> Collect Wanderer’s Journal relic, Bench and equip Fragile Heart & Joni's Blessing & Lifeblood Heart (1 Lifeblood mask safety margin) -> head down and unlock the Abyss, Go past Lifeblood door (15 Lifeblood masks to open) to acquire, At bottom of Abyss, head left until dead-end room -> use Howling Wraiths to receive, Head right and climb up to top of lighthouse to turn light on, Climb back up to top of Abyss (Hornet encounter), call tram (re-equip regular charm set) and go to Deepnest, Head up for garpede nail pogo challenge room to get a, Take tram back to Ancient Basin -> take stag from Hidden Station to Dirtmouth -> use elevator to get up to Crystal Peak, Collect King’s Idol relic -> Double jump up passage in upper room with bench for Crystal Guardian boss round 2, collect, Head to upper right of area and follow ground level of room to, Return to previous room and hit Whispering Root for, Climb up to reach Hallownest's Crown and collect, Drop all the way down to bottom right and super dash across to Crystallised Mound, Visit Seer to collect a Hallownest Seal relic, unlock the Glade of Hope, collect, Whispering Root in top right of Glade of Hope behind fake wall gives, Use dive spell to open up crypts from broken coffin -> collect, Relic Seeker Lemm encounter next to fountain -> Relic Seeker Lemm visit for Geo, Kill the Nailsmith ("Purity" achievement). Don't forget the grub in Resting Grounds. Drop straight through two rooms without exploring side passages. Nosk: 1% • Get the Mask Shard before the hotspring in the Infected Crossroads.

Lost Kin = 400 essence

Fire a spell shot at the shade to deal damage to it. Nail Upgrade (4/4) = -4000G (50G) Gaming.

Lemm = +450G +800G (1450G) Galien: 1% All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Players may acquire a percentage of completion by acquiring or learning the following spells, abilities, and items that are listed below. False Knight: 1% It is only visible to you. Each spell found will give you 1% completion and each corresponding upgrade to the spell will also give you 1% completion. Use the Early Stag Nest Skip: Collector: 1%

Nail pogoing off of environment stuff (i.e.

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https://i.imgur.com/kxUn1Vd.png Don't forget to get the grub after Soul Tyrant if not gotten earlier. Leg 41 - Resting Grounds & Delicate Flower Quest: Credit goes to the following Google Doc (author unknown) for providing the basis for this guide: This guide isso fantastic!

), A crumbling sound when striking the breakable wall/ceiling with your nail, Cracks over a specific part of wall/ceiling, In some cases the breakable part of the wall/ceiling is set into a small alcove noticeably separate from the rest of the environment, 4 Masks (consisting of 16 Mask Shards) = 4%, 3 Soul Vessels (consisting of 9 Vessel Fragments) = 3%, Nail upgrades (Sharpened, Channeled, Coiled, Pure) = 4%, Nail Arts (Great Slash, Cyclone Dash, Dash Slash) = 3%, 2 Mask Shards available for 150/500 Geo after talking to Sly in hut after Gruz Mother boss, 2 Mask Shards available for 800/1500 Geo after finding the Shopkeeper's Key in Crystal Peak (requires Mantis Claw), 1 Vessel Fragment available for 550 Geo after talking to Sly in hut after Gruz Mother boss, 1 Vessel Fragment available for 900 Geo after finding the Shopkeeper's Key in Crystal Peak (requires Mantis Claw), Sharpened Nail (9 damage per hit) = 250 Geo. As seen in the video, you can use Shade Cloak to go through Devouts. ¤Use the alternative path if you are not comfortable with these skips. Stag to Resting Grounds after Failed Champion. Godtuner: 1% **Essence** - All Dream Bosses give a total of 2700 essence, which is 300 more than required. CoT Vessel Guantlet = +G (550G) Fragile charms will not provide a percentage point while consumed by Divine.

Leg Eater = -90G -250G -350G -600G = -1290G (2030G) Awesome thanks so much and I love that you included all the side character stuff that is not technically required because I definitely like doing the side quests and lore stuff in these types of games. Players may acquire a percentage of completion for each encounter and successfully defeating the bosses in the game.

Stag to Palace Grounds after King's Brand.

*Note that you shouldn't need to pick up the Watcher's Seal, assuming you didn't miss on too much Geo.After White Defender head to King's Station, set there a Dreamgate and continue on to Part 4.

• Get the Mask Shard before the hotspring in the Infected Crossroads. For a downloadable version of this route, see this link: Geo in early game is tight, but by end-game you will have too much, Always be sure to retrieve your shade as soon as possible after dying if you're playing in normal mode, Reloading your save respawns you at your last bench while still saving your progress, Fake and breakable walls/ceilings/floors hide secrets all over Hallownest. Pantheon of the Artist: 1%

(Optional: Gravedigger spirit right of well); Grubfather visit for Geo, Rancid Egg, Hallownest Seal relic, Buy Resting Grounds map [75 Geo], Stagway & Vendor pins [200 Geo] from Iselda, (Optional: Use Simple Key to open Pleasure House; Wanderer’s Journal relic, Poggy Thorax/Marissa spirits, open shortcut), Unlock elevator back to Crossroads [150 Geo] and take it up to Crossroads, (Optional: Check up on Myla) -> go to Crossroads stag station and take stag back to Dirtmouth and buy, Enter well -> breakable ceiling in platform room gives Whispering Root for, Use double jump in Ancestral Mound near lifeblood cocoon to get Whispering Root for, (Optional: Use dive spell for Fossilized Goam for Hunter's Journal), Visit Leg Eater in Fungal Wastes, pay 86 Geo to see his stuff, and buy the, Whispering Root in the connector leading to Fog Canyon gives, Collect Hallownest Seal relic -> charm notch [6/8] in exploding egg challenge room, Explore left passage under challenge room -> buy map from Cornifer [150 Geo], Backtrack, drop to bottom and take last left passage -> super dash from elevated ledge on right side of Teacher's Archive room for, Enter Teacher's Archive (Quirrel encounter outside Archive) and fight, Open shortcut back to rest of Fog Canyon, take upper left passage -> Hallownest Seal relic pickup -> complete Squit enemy gauntlet in Overgrown Mound for.

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