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Hi there,Im a local to Dunoon,I live in Kirn,Just across the road from Dunoon Academy secondarily school,Your not missing much.The place has never recovered from the US Navy leaving,slowly declining each year.Woolworths closed about 5 years ago,& the tobacco shop across the road from Woolworths closed about 2 years ago,well the tobacco side of it,isn’t there anymore,but the shop still sells the cool little trinkets etc(ie candy jars)The Calmac ferry service has even stopped to Dunoon. London was a favorite city of mine. Open to the Firth of Clyde at its eastern end, the loch is approximately one mile wide and between two and three miles (5 km) long, varying with the tide. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Thanks for mentioning some of the roles the old tugboats performed.I remember serving as a moving target when you guys in the subs shot torpedoes at us. Wished I could have stayed much longer. Just read and enjoyed all the articles people wrote about the Holy Loch. Leslie Williams, sisterinlaw of John P. Shannon USN. In 1975 our tugboat spent three days on the drydock, but we had to do our own work. I missed being young. We been hounding the Soviet helo-carrier Leningrad on their ASW exercises. Do you know if it is possible to tour the closed facility? I served on board USS HOLLAND AS-32 from 1974 to 1977 I was involved in accident one day Dr. sent me in town for an MRI can anyone one remember the name of base hospital? Hunley was my first duty station in 87, I reported in Charleston and I was sent to Holyloch onboard the Simon lake as part of the early crew of the supply dept. I beleive he was an E~6 when his 4 yrs were up in 1978. One I hope to come back and visit someday! And some people fall in love with books about falling in love. We finally visited Dunoon for 3 days in 2012. So many fond memories of the Scottish people, they are amazing. After over 44 years I still live here in Dunoon. If you have any questions or comments - please contact me. The submarines received supplies, maintenance and repairs at the floating Navy base. I was a engineman and lived on shore with my wife. Paul, I think your piece on Holy Loch was excellent.  and can not be used without permission from AboutSubs. I had the good fortune to return in Feb. '66 for assignments on the MY name is Sonny Morrison, but I went by Spanky. Please have a look at our facebook page and submit the request to join. to live there and meet so many wonderful people. The country and its people were truly awesome. Some people fall in love.

You can go to http://thistlegroup.net/ and perhaps make some contacts there.Thanks for writing.Paul. Thank you. Submarine Refit Site One Holy Loch, Scotland's Facebook Group is dedicated to the memory of Submarine Refit Site One which was located in Holy Loch, Scotland near Dunoon, Scotland. Stephen,Yes, Scotland was, and remains, I'm sure. Be the first to ask a question about Holy Loch. I was born Greennock ,Scotland 1962. Hi Dennis,You do not know me,but I just to let you know that this old timer served on the uss los alamos which was attached the uss Canopus.

for the memory's peace and respect to you, Steven,Sadly, I don't recall the name of the third chief I briefly served under in late 1975. HOME | What a bummer. and his green cigars when we went underway and then there was this guy that fell asleep tying his shoes. later the USS Patrick Henry (SSBN 599) arrived, and Proteus commenced the first CONTACT. There are other information in this us navy bases by state which is really interesting. We worked hard, got to meet a lot of great people. submarines being supported by the Squadron varied over the years, and the measure Anonymous,You should be proud of your father.Please thank him for his service. Thank. SUNFISH | Port stops in Scotland X2, Norway, Denmark, Germany, EnglandX2, Portugal, Spain X4, Azores X2 Key West was home. Mike, Thanks. I really wish we would have known each other. I was outside the EM club in 1975 when I heard an unmistakable South Philly accent. Can you send photos of yourself and the tug to pauldavisoncrime@aol.com Thanks for writing. I was. My brotherinlaw John Patrick Shannon worked in the engine room on the USS Holyloch. tour] serving until March '92. It would be so special if I could gather some of his Navy buddies. I loved that place. Thanks so much.

The loch looks very different without COMSUBRON 14 sitting out in the middle of it, and I couldn't identify any of the former Navy buildings that comprised the shore part of the base, other than the old Navy Housing units. Jesse J. Pitt MDI served on the USS Sam Rayburn submarine during the cold war & was the last physician stationed on a nuclear sub. A Brief History of Site One: In the autumn of 1959 the US Government presented the problem of providing forward servicing facilities for the first SSBN Squadron in the U.K. Studies were made of all the suitable places to base a refit facility and it was decided in July 1960 that Holy Loch should be the site. The people of Scotland were friendly and kind to me and the many American sailors who were stationed there during the Cold War. I have beenn able to find their Scottish minister and miraculously have arranged for him to come to America this September for the celebration. I used to pass through Dunoon all the time taking the car ferry over from Gourock on the way to Tighnabruaich.

Government presented the problem of providing forward servicing facilities for Now live in Newark, De. In 1968 we were in the north Atlantic and had a catistrophic breakdown and had to limp into Holy Loch for repairs. Good to hear from another old shipmate from Holy Loch. Am wanting to return and live there again. Also spent several days ported at Greenock. Base would close, and in March 1992 the last US Navy ship sailed out, thus Excited to return 50 years later. We used to dance in the Harmony pub and I would give anything for fish and chips from Elselmos chippy on church street, thanx...cathy. I have wonderful memories of the people and the place and have been back once. In the autumn of 1959 the US ending  thirty one years of American presence in the Dunoon area. that I picked up in Scotland and elsewhere. 2800 submarine docking operations.

Actually spent a Christmas with them and her parents were wonderful and took me all over Scotland. Below is a photo of me as a young man in "civies" on a Scottish street, circa 1974. Happy days. I went to the primary school in Hillfoot st. Mr. Black was the electrician.

by Frank L Gosselin. Did you work at the Philadelphia Navy Yard? I have heard many stories of his time in Holy Loch.

They busted our butts on the tug, but the liberty time was good.My two years - 1974-1975 - on the Navy tugboat USS Saugus allowed me the ability to travel far and wide. Dated young girl there back in the late sixties. The Scottish people have to be the nicest, most humble people I have ever met. Paul.

EDISON | And yes, I too always say I'm going back. No, I don't remember the name of the base hospital. I had me a place in Innellaen so I could get away from the ship now and then. Went back to Scotland for the first time this past summer both the people in Gourock and Dunoon were absolutely the best, brought back many memories. As a student of history, and being Scot-Welsh on my father's side, I enjoyed visiting the many historical sites in Scotland. Does that sound like Holmes?Thanks for writing.Paul, thanks for getting back to me Paul. That is such a killer View.

I would not trade those times for anything. Really loved the warmth of the Scottish People, really enjoy the Highland games as well! He is also a regular contributor to Counterterrorism magazine. Our Holy Loch American Veterans Association held a Memorial Service shortly after the tragic loss of lives on Space Shuttle Columbia. )Thanks for checking in.Paul. I'd like to take my wife on that kind of cruise and show her Scotland and the rest of the British Isles. With the reduction in European tension and On the USS canopus was in 2nd division took the canopus back to Charleston enjoyed.

Stopped in Holy Loch for resupply on USS Thomas J Gary DER-326 summer of 1970. My dad was stationed on the USS Hunley AS-31 in 83 through 85, and as a result, I was lucky enough to have been born in a beautiful city. Chuck,Interesting background. to base a refit facility and it was decided in July 1960 that Holy Loch should I am trying to find old friends, shipmates that he was with so I can invite them to a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for he and .my sister, Janet Williams Shannon. The Hunley was tender at this time. POLLACK | Krieger (EN3), Richard,Glad you enjoyed the photos and a bit of memory of the old base.I recall that our tugboat was serviced by the drydock for a quick couple of days between submarines. I married a Scottish girl from Port Glasgow and we had two great children there. I served aboard The USS Sam Houston SSBN 609 and did 4 patrols out of Holy Loch (Simon Lake then the tender)1967-1969. I was a SK2. Holy Loch was by far the best duty in my short career (4 years). NEVER FOUND ANYTHING AS GOOD. This comment has been removed by the author. Over a 30 year span,  Los Alamos completed over It's a very special place, and I'm grateful for having had the opportunity My sister and I went to the "old grammar school" and we lived in a cottage on the corner of Clyde Street and the Alexandra Parade, on the grounds of the Dunmore Hotel. HALIBUT |

Sadly it’s never recovered from the US Navy leaving.im pretty sure everyone would love them back.Anyway I just wanted to say,am eating Fish & chips from”Anselmos Chippy” right now! We designed the ships logo. Went into Glasgow. served on board the Canopus AS34 from 73 to 75...spent most of my entire duration taking care of the small boats and left my final duty as duty boat electrician IC3 Bishop...if you went over to the beach via small boat, then you definitely passed by me. I thought I would never eat seafood again. Yeah, Mike. (My late father was also a CPO).Thanks for writing.Paul.

Bought an engagement ring from a shop in Edinburgh. He went on to do security work as a Defense Department civilian and worked part-time as a freelance writer. Charlie Witherow, OMC USN(Ret), Chairman H.L.A.V.A. (I can't recall the name).

Great memories!! a delightful country. I went to the local primary and secondary school with many Americans and I have always felt a connection... No matter where you go in the world theres always someone with a Dunoon story or memory.... Its uncanny.... Thanx for sharing, I was a US kid from 1986-1990 there. July '03, and Sept. '05. I recall he was PA farm boy and previously worked on the floating dry dock. Dennis,Interesting. Thankfully, they always missed.Thanks for your service as well.Paul. We used the Simon Lake as a tender. Maybe in the near future...Thanks for writing.Paul. I wouldn't have any problem living there after my retirement. JB, Good to hear from another Holy Loch vet.

Thanks for writing. Would love to go back sometime. I remember the Woolworth store and a little tobacco shop with good candy jars. In November '75 Canopus was relieved by the USS Holland (AS 32). The Dry Dock, USS Los Alamos (AFDB 7), was towed to Scotland in '61, and In January '82 the Holland was relieved by Hunley, returning for a 2nd tour. My Dad was stationed there from 1972 thru 1974. The town of Dunoon on the Cowal peninsula lies on the shores of the Clyde just to the south of the loch, and houses continue round the villages of Kirn, Hunter's Quay at the point with the landing slip for Western Ferries, Ardnadam and past Lazaretto Point, the village of Sandbank, with open countryside at the end of the loch, then on the northern shore Kilmun, and at Str…

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