honda 6hp outboard

So it's not just clever engineering, it's Engineering For Life.

We specialise in sales, servicing and support of ribs, powerboats, outboard engines - together with boat and engine servicing and outboard engine spares parts.

For good and practical customer reviews of the Honda outboard engine, please see websites such as E-bay, Boat and Outboards, various blue-water crusing blogs and Ribnet

You might well ask yourself - "How can Pennine Marine be so cheap on selling new Honda outboard engines????" This lightweight 4hp to 6hp Honda outboard engine is one of the most popular ranges of outboard engine model for sale in the UK today.

The BF5 and BF6 can be fitted with an high output alternator which can supply up to 6A to power electronic devices on board.

Soichiro Honda had a simple idea to make outboard engines cleaner, quieter and friendlier towards aquatic life – he made them 4-stroke. A high charging alternator can offer up to 6A, giving you plenty of power to charge your electronic devices. There are no remote steering versions

For all commercial users, the new Honda BF outboard engine comes with a two year limited hours warranty. The Honda 4hp, 5hp and 6hp are three very simple and straightforward four- stroke outboard engine. It was a solution that made Honda pioneers in marine engine technology, but more importantly it made us more responsible towards this fragile environmental resource. Here at Pennine Marine we now sell and service the full range of Honda outboard engines: including all the Honda Marine BF4, BF5 and BF6 model range described here. The tilt positions (4no) ensure that you can set this Honda engine to match your boat's requirements. Enter your email address to subscribe to our newsletter, Torqeedo Deep Blue Electric Outboard Engines, Torqeedo Cruise Electric Outboard Engines.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Honwave inflatable boats, by Honda, are described separately elsewhere on this website: see Boat Fleet section). There is a reverse gear on the Honda engine, thus allowing the whole boat and engine to go astern easily. If you are looking for an easy start engine, you will be really pleased with the new Honda decompression mechanism, anyone can start these outboards with the minimum of effort. Being based in Yorkshire we always offer you quality boating products at reasonable prices. This best-in-class 6 HP Honda motor is available in long or short shaft models. Then (after that initial servicing) for your new Hoda outboard engine you will then need either an annual service:  or a service after every 100 hours of operation. Honda is actually introducing three new portable outboard models: the four horsepower BF4, the five HP BF5, and the six HP BF6. VAT for a brand new Honda BF outboard engine - some of the best quality 4hp to 6hp outboard engines to be found on the UK market today. Each use the same 127cc (7.75 cubic inch) powerhead.

This Honda 4hp, 5hp and 6hp outboard engine is a manual pull-start engine. Engineering for life. The one and a laf (1.5l) litre built-in fuel tank on the Honda outboard engine gives a better than normal range for a small outboard engine:  being about 50% larger than its most typical competiotrs engines. YOUR OWN HONDA ENGINE'S UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER. Therefore we need your own outboard engine's unique serial number......... HONDA BF4; BF5 and BF6 ENGINE - WORKSHOP SERVICING IN ILKLEY. On the Honda BF4 to BF 6 outboard range there are the full range of features that you would expect on such well made Japanese small outboard.

Compact, portable and easy to use, our new range of marine engines are packed full of the very latest Honda innovation.

These Honda outboards also boast a large capacity 1.5L internal fuel tank, with an external connector that out runs its competitors. Introducing our next generation of small outboards. Soichiro Honda had a simple idea to make outboard engines cleaner, quieter and friendlier towards aquatic life – he made them 4-stroke. Changing both the engine and gearbox oils. Delivery can be arranged to UK or Europe - however delivery / shipping is charged extra. We supply all outboard engine service parts, including the Honda BF genuine parts kits, specifically for a named / identified Honda engine.

The Honda BF4 is a very popular outboard engine and it is one the UK’s two best-sellers in this catagiry. It was a solution that made Honda pioneers in marine engine technology, but more importantly it made us more responsible towards this fragile environmental resource. Because we have most stanard Honda outbiard engine in our bulk stock, we offer a very quick UK home delivery service - usually within a week. There a simple lever-operated system on the side of this outboard engine for putting it into and out of gear.

The new engines gather all our experience to make sure you have the most comfortable ride. STANDARD HONDA BF4 to BF6  OUTBOARD SERVICING COST IN WORKSHOP - ITEMISED BREAKDOWN

Improving the quality of our own lives means nothing if we don’t consider the living things around us first.

The new range packs a punch with a 127 cm³ engine that not only provides efficient acceleration, but still supplies high levels of torque. You've found a winner with new, award winning 6 HP Honda outboard motors. These motors replace the current BF5 model, which also displaces 127cc and weighs 60 pounds.

Secondly we are one of the biggest outboard engine dealerships in the UK, so we are able to buy in bulk, which gives us a significant discount.   Pennine Marine is the premier marine dealership for ribs, powerboats and outboard engines in Northern England. These prices listed above include both VAT and PDI: so that your new engine will be immediately ready to use on the water (just add fuel).

Honda's four-stroke 4hp,5hp,6hp outboards. The Honda BF4 is a very popular outboard engine and it is one the UK’s two best-sellers in this catagiry.

This allow you to do your own home servicing of this Honda engine.

For all leisure users, the new Honda BF outboard engine for sale here at Pennine Marine comes with a five year warranty. For the Honda BF4, BF5, and BF6 outbiard engines; the full annual service available here in our approved Ilkley workshop includes: ALL STANDARD SERVICE ITEMS ARE THEN CHECKED AND REPLACED WITH NEW PARTS AS FOLLOWS:All as per Honda BF4 to BF6 outboard engine servicing manual recommendations. This one is at the end of the running-in period. We offer for sale only good quality new marine brands, or good preowned boats and engines. The leader in 4-stroke engine technology for 50 years. There is then also ths Honda  long shaft model, the  Honda BF--L. Honda - shaft length: short shaft "S":- = 434mm, Honda - shaft length : long shaft "L" = 561mm, Starting System: Manual pull cord (recoil), Full throttle Operating range - 4hp & 5hp - 4,500 to 5,500rpm, Full Throttle Operating Range: 6hp - 5,000 to 6,000rpm, Trim Method: Manual Trim and Tilt: 5 stages. The short (S) shaft version - BF--S model -which has been around for years and is the best seller.   Please allow us a few days to prepare your new engine: time we need simply because our workshiop is always busy. Honda genunine parts kit for routine servicing of a BF4,5,6 engine, any year (please give us your engine number).

Therefore your new Honda outboard engine is sold from here ready to use on the water. The leader in 4-stroke engine technology for 50 years. Our special offer of just incl. To prevent damage to the propeller, you can tilt the shaft forward when you find yourself at the water’s edge.

We supply you with a one litre bottle of new oil, which you will need to fill up once the courier has delivered your new Honda outboard engine to your home. also known as can let us do all the dirty work for you... We also sell a full range of marine chandlery, sailing clothing, wetsuits, boat trailers, boat trailer spares and increasingly more canoes and kayaks.

A spring design allows you to lock it down again when you’re on the move. This unique number is found on the "identification plate on the side of the engine mounting bracket. We’ll let our engines do the talking; take a look at how these new outboards are making waves. Honda's BF4, BF5, BF6 engine range.

The engines have an ergonomic gear shift to move forward, reverse or be in neutral position.

The new Honda BF4 to BF6 range  is a good, well-built and reliable series of outboard engine.

The new Honda BF4 to BF6 range is a good, well-built and reliable series of outboard engine. That is why we insist on always having your own unique serial numbers, rather than using a "generic quote". There are now in 2020 several different models of the Honda range. Vibration levels are extremely low thanks to innovative rubber mounts developed by Honda. we then carry out a full visual assessment of your engine, we then carry out a running "power on in the test tank"  - to check for any running faults. Please note that this assumes there are no known running faults; repairs nor damaged items): HONDA BF4 to BF6 SERVICE KITS (HONDA GENUINE MARINE PARTS KIT). The techinical Honda 4hp to 6hp outboard engine is as follows: HONDA BF4, BF5 and BF6  ENGINE. For the Honda BF4 to BF6 outboard engine, the full Honda "genuine parts" boxed service kit is available from ourselves.

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