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A 1994 episode "The Mom & Pop Store" has Elaine tell Jerry she's been doing some snooping for him. Obviously, she was captured by none other than Manchester Black himself. The character that emerged in 1938 is the primary love interest of Superman or Clark Kent. Before he set off, Clark, retaking his birth name Kal-El, secretly confided in his wife how much he loved her and that he would return.

At the age of fifteen, while her family was living near Metropolis, she approached Perry White at the Daily Planet and asked him for a job. Superman turned to Batman to track down his missing wife, who found her hidden in a cave outside Metropolis. Because Louis … Due to a series of heroes going back in time and stopping the First Crisis, reality was fixed, and the captured residents of Telos were dispersed back into the multiverse. Lois managed to escape on her own, and Bizarro was recaptured by Luthor. After facing off against the dark Monitor Mandrakk, Superman brought back a distilled drop of The Bleed and administered it to Lois through a kiss, restoring her to full health. She was depicted as strong, opinionated, yet sensitive. This was an attempt to simplify continuity, and make DC Comics more accessible to new readers.

In one of the realities, as Superman and Lois battled the Nazis in WWII, they kissed--and their kiss broke through the illusions of Dominus's power. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. Lois Lane is a fictional character on the television series Smallville; she was portrayed continually by Erica Durance since her first appearance in the season four premier "Crusade" to the series finale. Darren Swimmer describes the relationship between Lois and Clark in season five as "a bit of a melting of the ice".

Clark and Oliver are wise to her plan, however, and Clark dresses up as Green Arrow to throw Lois off Oliver's trail.

Lois was shocked when he announced that he had to give up being Clark Kent and to live at the Fortress. Her earlier self encountered the Superman of Earth-22 and Superboy. Lois warned the Man of Steel that the government was coming for him and he needed to hide. [85], Later, Lois and Superman investigated a factory in Des Moines, where the workers were responsible for dumping waste in the river. Clark finally confesses his secret to her in "Isis" and they begin their relationship again free of secrets. [55], Later during the crisis, Lois was abducted by the Parasite, who developed powers to replicate people's appearances and access their memories. Over the course of a year, while they were trapped, Clark fought crime in their bottle city as a masked vigilante with his pregnant wife's help. Lois attended the "Welcome Back Superman" party the new Lex Luthor threw aboard his private blimp, and he agreed to an interview with her the next day. She said goodbye to her friends, and a heartsick Clark saw her off at the airport.[38]. However, the boy was discovered to be the biological son of Superman's nemesis General Zod. A mysterious Kryptonian illness that Superman was harboring accidentally killed the Parasite before the villain could reveal where he had hidden Lois. Answer: There is only one mention of Lois and Eunice in the Bible. In the second issue of Final Crisis, Lois and Perry are caught in an explosion triggered by Clayface destroying the Daily Planet and Lois is seriously injured. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it," Snyder is quoted as saying. [8] In season six's "Sneeze", Lois discovers an interest in journalism after she is almost struck by a barn door that falls out of the sky while she is jogging.

Series developers Gough and Millar had always envisioned bringing the character of Lois Lane to Smallville, but it was not until the end of season three that the creative team had the right storyline to bring her in. Lionel (John Glover) discovers the truth and sends someone to kill her, but Lois and Clark stop the would-be killer, allowing Chloe to testify. Last Appearance Lois was given the news that her sister Lucy Lane was killed during battle with Supergirl, though she refused to believe it until she had irrefutable proof. Many of his illegitimate children, meanwhile, were given a proper education and considered part of royal society. Lois consumes the formula and wears the leotard to become Superwoman, and enjoys a day of crime fighting and traveling the world as Superman's partner. Clark seemed to find less and less time for Lois, spending much of his time as Superman. However, following a devastating battle with Zod, Chris sacrificed himself to seal the Phantom Zone rift, trapping himself inside with Zod's forces, leaving Lois without a child yet again. Lois relayed the information back to Superman, who brought a team with him to apprehend the criminal, but the heroes were forced to retreat when Superman thought he saw his long-dead enemy General Zod. She attempted to out Luthor as a fraud but, because Luthor buried the evidence, Lois was publicly discredited. While this was sometimes played for humor, stories since the 1970s greatly decreased her interest in Superman's identity.

Across town, Lois was being interviewed by a young journalism student, who questioned her about Superman and her father's death. Because of their apparent disconnect from one another, people back home began to question the strength of Lois and Clark's relationship, but Clark was adamant that the time apart was good for the both of them. They wanted an actress who was "pretty", "smart", and who came with some "wit".

Then, the following year, measles claimed the lives of a grandson and a great-grandson, as well as a beloved granddaughter-in-law. 138-141, Byrne, Craig, (Season 6 Companion) pp. She is the long-time romantic interest and eventually wife of Superman. On major holidays he went around touching those infected with scrofula (also known as tuberculosis of the neck). Eventually, Superman's history was inexplicably altered, and Lois' along with it.

In the continuity prior to DC Comics relaunch in 2011, Lois was married to Clark Kent and is aware of him been Superman. The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them together, causing them to cross over into each others' reality. Her attempt to craft a news story out of the situation lands her a job at the Daily Planet—in the basement alongside her cousin Chloe. Upon discovering Clark still had her wedding ring within a handkerchief, Lois warmly broke down, teasing Clark and finally agreeing to become his wife. Lois in particular was attacked at the Daily Planet by Evil Star.

[23], In season nine, Lois returns from the future suffering from visions of Earth having been overrun by aliens, led by Zod (Callum Blue). Lex, grateful, suggested that he would be willing to drop Lois' end of their secret "deal", but Lois refused this offer, angry at the insinuation that she only saved Lena because of her debt. The unnamed new superhero quickly arrived on the scene and, bringing the fight to the streets, defeated the monster. [18] In the season eight premiere, Lois believes that Lex is responsible for Chloe's arrest by the Department of Domestic Security, and goes to his mansion to search his files for her location. Things took a turn for the worse when Lois was poisoned by the Joker in an insane plot to get Superman to murder him. However, this rebellion had lead the Daily Planet to the brink bankruptcy. This harsh upbringing made Lois believe that she had to fight to get her rightful share from men in the world. She could grow into the person that everybody sees on-screen later. The actress sees season five as being too soon for the characters to be "in-love" because they are still getting to know each other. Lois was released from custody and, determined to still break the story, temporarily quit the Daily Planet to do so, believing any connection she had to the paper could put its staff in danger. [30] In "Masquerade" and "Booster", Lois convinces Clark to develop an alter-ego as a way of hiding his true identity as the heroic "Blur". As General Lane arrived with his troops and attempted to arrest Superman for beating up US soldier John Corben. After Superman defeated the evil gods, Lois rejected their power in her heart and reverted back to normal.[74]. As Lois steps closer to her ultimate destiny at the Daily Planet, the writers have continued to evolve the character by having her grow out of the "black and white" mindset and have her begin seeing shades of gray. [34], Series developer Al Gough contends that it was always the producer's intention to bring in the iconic Lois Lane, they just needed a good reason to do it—Chloe's supposed death at the end of season three appeared to be that reason. But his Habsburg wife, Anne of Austria, orchestrated an annulment of the council and took over as sole regent. he says. As executive producer Greg Beeman describes Durance, "She had a toughness about her. In the miniseries Superman: Secret Identity, which takes place in the "real world" where Superman is a fictional character.

As Peterson sees it, it is the dynamic between her and Oliver, with her willingness to accept Oliver's secret identity as Green Arrow as mirroring the relationship she will have with Clark.

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