how to hydro dip shoes with film

I will be using a sticker bomb design, and wood grain film, and a carbon fiber pattern. Had enough materials left over to do my shotgun as well! How can you add an initial to your object? I have to do my Harley ASAP. In this video, I used both black (that came with the kit) and white base coat. If no residue is left over, your hydro dipped object should appear very dull. Posted on October 24, 2019 Avoid heavy sprays because this will cause runs in the paint which will eventually show through in your final finish. Thanks for the kit, came out great for being my first time ever dipping!

Part 2 - How to prepare the film for dipping, Part 3 - Which side of the film is up? Giving you the ability to customize sneakers through a process known as, Advice On Starting A T-Shirt Printing Business, Your Clothing Brand Will Fail UNLESS You Do THIS, Starting A Clothing Line Using Tik Tok with Print On Demand, This Printer Can Print on Anything | UV Printing a Supreme Toilet Seat. Creating this border will make the film more rigid and easier to handle. Your product is amazing!

If the film DOES wipe off, then that is the side that stays on top. Hopefully this tutorial has helped and I am excited to see all of your hydro dipping projects! Alright so today I will show you step-by-step on how to swirl paint. You also want to make sure that the film has the ability to expand about an inch on each side. Just wanted to show off my dips with your kits. sneaker custom fun - youtube I love this stuff! When spraying the primer and base coat, you will want to go over your object with light even coats. Take your object and run it through hot or warm water. Make sure to have a complete understanding of the entire process before beginning.

Allowing you to create one of a kind customs that can resell for hundreds of dollars more than you paid for.

Fire Stick Jailbreak – Get FREE Live TV and Premium Channels, Fire Stick Jailbreak – How to Remove Floating Circle Widget Icon, My 2017 Everyday Carry (Don’t Tell My Mom), ton of different patterns and designs (eBay), DIY Les Paul Guitar Kit (Part 6: How to Wire Pickups), DIY Les Paul Guitar Kit (Part 2: Staining the Guitar), DIY Les Paul Guitar Kit (Part 3: Applying Tru-Oil Finish). Here is some of my work using My Dip Kit I really love your products!

It’s also a really good idea to create a border around the film with painter’s tape. This angle is determined based on the product being decorated and the surface that is needed to be covered. Grab your activator and start shaking it up! This is used to heat up your water to the ideal temperature for hydro dipping. I do have a simple trick if you are having a difficult time figuring out which side is which. I'm a local gun shop owner and looking forward to doing a lot more of this! There are a ton of different patterns and designs (eBay) to choose from. Once your dip container is filled and heated to the ideal temperature, we can finally start working with the hydro dip film. When cutting the film (eBay), you want to make sure that the piece you cut is largest enough to cover the entire surface area of your object. Once the object is fully in the water, swirl it around to push away the excess film. What if I told you that a process exists which allows you to print any graphic art onto virtually any shoe?

Or will this damage the hydro dip image? Once your sure it is dry, you’re ready to start the dipping process.

To correctly hydro dip your shoes you must first tape the shoes on the parts where you don't want to hydro dip. The first thing that you will need to do is prep your object for the primer and base coat. I have found that good quality automotive base coat provides great results.

Start by holding your hydro dip film (eBay) by it’s corners. fred Quickly lift your object out of the water and stare at the beauty you created with hydro dip.

The image quality of the film (eBay) can be distorted if it is allowed to expand too much.

August 16, 2015 This is to avoid spilling water over the edges as you dunk your object under water. Giving you the ability to customize sneakers through a process known as HYDRO DIPPING. Experiment with different base coat colors and find a look that you are after. This will reduce distortion in your image. To be sure which side of the film goes onto the water we recommend using the sticky side down test. is it dishwasher safe? Hydro Dipping is a process that historically has been used for metal and plastics, allowing you to print designs onto virtually any product. So about a year ago I uploaded a “How to Swirl Paint” video on to YouTube. If I could like this a hundred times I would. You can then move onto spraying the activator after about 60 seconds of hydration. You should start to see the film retain water. You want to slowly lay it down starting from the middle and moving outwards. Have you tried a yeti cup? Any shiny areas means there is residue left and will need to be washed off. will the hydro dip come off after a while? I received a really good response from that video and it was really cool to see all of your DIY projects using the swirl paint method. Similar to swirl painting, hydro dip uses water to transfer an image onto your object. 4 Comments

Its recommended to spray it in a hatch pattern. Films that are not transparent can also be customized with different base coat colors. Then slowly lay it on top of the water. Step 3: Dipping. This residue will need to be rinsed off immediately after dipping. I've tried different TVs, there internet & n... Maribel Velasco: Hello Fred, I'm been watching your videos to instaled a Kodi to a fire stick. The activator will leave behind a sticky residue from the adhesive. Alright its almost time to hydro dip! (MyDipKit at The Republic of Texas Biker Rally), Pretty cool stuff, a couple kids bikes I did. DIY Projects

You will want to fill this container up with water while leaving about an inch or so of room from the top. You will want to repeat these steps with the color base coat as well.

Follow the heaters manufacturer’s instructions to set your temperature but the best temperature for hydro dip is to be between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If the film DOESN’T wipe off, that side goes down into the water.

After the activator has been sprayed over the film, wait 3-5 seconds and then dip the item through the surface typically at a 30-40 degree angle. Take your time spraying the clear coat. Its also a good idea to rough of the surface as well for better adhesion.

Can you spray a sparkle powder coating over it and then cure it in the oven?

The activator will instantly liquidfy your film and should start expanding. This should ensure even coverage of the activator. My son and I redid his rifle this week, you're dip kit works great thank you guy for such a good kit!

We just spoke on the phone and thanks for help in pointing me in the right direction. Bringing together trusted resources to help you build a successful brand from the ground up. START AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS FROM THE GROUND UP. Allowing you to create one of a kind customs that can resell for hundreds of dollars more than you paid for. Oh and if there are any areas that you do not want to hydro dip, its a good time to start masking these areas off with painter’s tape.

Depending on the film and base coat you choose, your end result may end up with different shades of colors and darkness of graphics. How To Customize Shoes With Hydro Dipping. The question to you now is, what designs will you repurpose to offer custom sneakers on your eCommerce site? MyDipKit comes with detailed instructions in the packaging showing you how to use this product. Akeem with NULIFE Kicks breaks down the method he uses to create 1 of 1 customs for his clients and celebrities: Checkout the full video for the detailed breakdown.

For the longest time artists have had to hand draw these designs onto each sneaker, resulting in working with talented painters in order to achieve a one of a kind custom. Doing it this way will reduce the odds of creating bubbles underneath the film as well as prevent water from getting on top of the film. I did decided to purchase a complete DIY Hydro Dip Kit for my first attempts at hydro dipping.

Use the official instructions or ‘How to Hydro Dip” videos as your guide. What I used was just a scrub pad and some dish soap. I can’t even begin to name them all but in this video I have 3 examples to show you. Make sure to have a complete understanding of the entire process before beginning. Remember its very important to place your film correctly in the water. Since hydro dipping requires water to transfer the image onto your object, you will need to prepare a container that is large enough to submerge your object. I just used a basic storage container that I had lying around as my dip container.

I’ve been having a lot of fun messing around with hydro dip. Keep this angle constant as the object is submerged under water. Once the film is properly placed in the water, you will want to leave it there and let it soak and hydrate for about 60 seconds. As you can tell this project turned out great! You do this by spraying clear coat over your object.

Spray the activator with light even strokes. Some films are transparent and you can achieve several different looks just by switch base coat colors. Part 1 - How much film will I need for each part? In the most recent video added to the YOUTUBE CHANNEL we dive into the details and show you how to take any graphic design you can imagine and place it on a shoe.

There is one final step after letting your object fully dry and that step is to protect the image. What if I told you that a process exists which allows you to print any graphic art onto virtually any shoe? But unlike swirl painting where a random paint pattern is transferred, hydro dipping allows you to transfer a very high quality graphic on to your object. Personally, I have many projects that comes to mind that can be customized with hydro dip. dec 1, 2018 - how to hydro dip with hydrographic film! 27,137 Views. In the most recent video added to the YOUTUBE CHANNEL we dive into the details and show you how to take any graphic design you can imagine and place it on a shoe. by john, Custom shoes, we all want them, only few have them. STEP 8: DIP. Da Wooge: Able to fillow the Jailbroke up to.about 2 minutes intothe 14 some minute kodi f... Tim smith: Do I need to remove all of my current add one before installing the Goodfellas b... Pat: My stick keep saying no signal.

Hand wash only, but that goes for a Yeti Cup with no art on it as well! Any wrinkles in the film should start to disappear.

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