how to load a lever action firearm

The 444 Marlin was the largest lever-action cartridge ever to hit the market when it was introduced in 1964. Press the play button (▶) above to start the video.

When you rotate that lever about 90 degrees downward and then back up again, you’ll load a new cartridge into the chamber of a firearm. 7400 Beaufont Springs Drive Ste. Never point gun at anything you do not wish destroyed. Different types of firearms will load differently— these are the general rules: Insert ammunition into the magazine, then insert the magazine into the firearm and close the action to load the chamber. For lever guns with safeties, a version of Condition 2 is with the hammer cocked and the safety on. To create this article, 37 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

In either case, during loading the hammer should be forward. There are some pistols and shotguns out there though. Everyone had one to defend their home and land. Pull the slide back, and the round should automatically eject.

Just look at Henry!

Always ensure that your finger is not on the trigger unless you intend to fire. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. I slid the chamber back, and now it won't close.

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Lever-action rifles use a lever to cock and load rounds. So, it delivers worse accuracy. With a cartridge in the chamber, total ritle capacity is one more than the magazine capacity listed above. You slid the slide back.

The shooter’s trigger hand fits into a handguard lever.

open, to make sure the chamber is empty and that there are no cartridges in the magazine. When you rotate that lever about 90 degrees downward and then back up again, you’ll load a new cartridge into the chamber of a firearm. The 32-20 is great for varmint hunting, though! Remove the magazine using the magazine release.

Aiming is not different when firing quickly.

With the bolt kept open, hold the rifle upside down at the balance point with either hand and keep the muzzle elevated slightly and pointed in a safe direction.

wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. (That’s about three times the amount of energy considered the bare minimum for ethical whitetail hunting.).

Firearms are carried or stored in a variety of conditions.

Make sure your thumb is away from the hammer, when shooting it'll fly back and it can pinch your thumb. Here’s look at each aspect of running a lever gun, so that you can let all the cowboy in you come to life. Once a cartridge is in the chamber, you should fire the rifle, place it in Condition 2, or unload it. Load directly into the magazine and then close the action to load the chamber. Most 9mm pistols are semi-automatic, which means that the reload is automatic but you pull trigger each time to fire a round.

Here are some of the more popular lever-action loads, with the exception of the 22 LR because most people are already familiar with it and it’s not exactly the ideal cartridge to feed a family with. Naturally, this isn’t a great problem for hunters. Six major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed.

Practice makes perfect, especially when it has to do with aiming and quick loading. You can’t operate the lever under a rifle while you’re trying to keep as low to the ground as possible. A lever action additionally permits the design of a shorter rifle than a bolt action.

On most guns, including pistols, the safety button is along the side of the gun and has a red or orange color.

Keep on training with your 9mm Pistol.

Having a stable stance and proper grip will expedite the process. To do this, fully open the lever and shove a cartridge in through the ejection port, bullet first.

Henry placed their tube magazine under their lever-action rifle’s barrel, a design that would become the norm in later years.

Some oil here will smooth action operation and guard against corrosion. While doing this, make sure your finger is out of the lever and away from the trigger.

The lever cycles the loading, firing, and unloading process. The lever action is never going to go away for good.

As the rifle settles back on target you can reacquire the sights and target, and then place your finger back on the trigger. I’ve used lever guns to successfully take game as small as tree squirrels and as large as a buffalo.

There has been an error with your Email Subscription. This article has been viewed 365,849 times. References Thank you very much.". WARNING: BEFORE USING FIREARM, READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. In Condition 1, the safety is not engaged.

Lever guns can jam. All active safeties, that is safeties which prevent you from firing the gun while engaged, are manually activated and deactivated. We work with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to produce Hunting safety education that’s accurate, interesting, and easy to understand. This will release the hammer.

The design features a lever in front of the trigger guard. Next, remove the magazine assembly by pulling it completely out of the outer magazine tube and place it under the ami that is holding the rifle, or in another convenient place for safe keeping. Shooters considered the 45-70 flat shooting by mid 19th century standards but today we’d say its trajectory is fairly pronounced. Of course, that’s hardly a problem for hunters in wooded areas where long-distance shots are impossible anyway! The “loading gate” on a Marlin rifle under the ejection port on the right side is under stiff spring pressure.

Once disassembled, apply a small amount of oil to the exterior of the bolt, including all locking surfaces. As with any gun, concentrate on the sights, and while keeping them aligned on target, apply pressure on the trigger. First, ensure that your finger never touches the trigger unless you intend to fire. Knowing these conditions helps you better have your rifle at the proper stage of ready, and fosters safety. The 357 Magnum is derived from the 38 Special.

1 To ready the rifle for loading, FIRST CHECK THE CHAMBER AND MAGAZINE TO BE SURE THEY ARE UNLOADED and. They include the Henry Mare’s Leg and Norinco 1887, which have lever actions as well. The relatively low-powered 30-30 delivers about 60 percent of the recoil of the 30-06. With tapered cases like the .30-30 Winchester, the cartridge might not stay partially inserted into the loading gate, and this system may not work. Condition 3: Magazine tube loaded, chamber empty, hammer forward or at half cock, safety off. One big reason the lever action never went mainstream in the military is the difficulty it presents while the shooter is prone. In Condition 3, the safety — if so equipped — should not be engaged; it creates an additional needless step to execute before a shot can be fired.

Consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

These and rifles like them would dominate the American sport shooting scene for the next 50 years, at which point the utility of the detachable box magazine pushed lever actions more into the domain of enthusiasts and collectors.

You should snap the rifle up, level with your eye, with the buttstock about an inch or so from your shoulder.

To clarify some of the other answers.

This makes it a great choice for young shooters and new shooters who are trying to overcome a flinching habit. |

And, you should know how to clear stoppages. By Doug Larson Some readers will remember seeing first-run episodes of such westerns on television as The Rifleman and Gunsmoke.

Cocking the rifle loads a round in the chamber, and pulling the trigger fires the rifle. Plus, it can put down a whitetail even when it strikes outside the vital areas. Keep both eyes open and you’ll be able to see the target and the sights.


For this reason, manufacturers often recommend you only load cartridges with flat nose profile bullets into a lever-action’s tubular magazine. But to get in touch with your inner cowboy, you need to know how to run one right. To place the rifle into Condition 2, place your thumb on the hammer, and while holding pressure, press the trigger.

To fix this, simply take out your magazine with the magazine release, and either use the slide release on the side of the firearm or pull the slide a little back to close. You’ll have to invest some time at the range to learn how to compensate for the round’s fast bullet drop. There are aftermarket magazines that fit as many as 100 bullets inside of them, but they have to fit in the gun you use to be used.

This is the proper condition for a lever-action rifle right before it’s fired.

Last Updated: September 12, 2020

STEP 6: Different types of firearms will load differently— these are the general rules: For Single Shot Firearms: Place the ammunition directly in the chamber and then close the action.

This is a round that benefits especially from Hornady’s LEVERevolution line of ammunition, which can increase its range past its traditional 200 yard mark.

For Lever Action Firearms With a Tubular Magazine: Make sure the action is closed, load the magazine, and then cycle the action to load a round from the magazine to the chamber.

Also known as the 32 WCF, the 32-20’s low recoil makes lever-action hunting more accessible to those of us with lighter frames. Cowboy 101: How To Run A Lever-Action Rifle. While usually thought of as a handgun cartridge, the 357 Magnum is right at home in rifles like the Henry Big Boy and Marlin 1894CB.

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