how to strafe csgo surf

to land on a certain point, just press backwards (s), you will immediately stop and fall down . Servers introduce a competitive edge, whereas Steam Workshop maps are more relaxing to glide through on your own.

Ever wanted to become a pro surfer? If you are starting out on a surf server and you have no idea how to get through the track, try spectating one of the better surfers to see exactly how they are positioning themselves.

Surfing in CS:GO feels like a strange adjustment, but with some practice you'll be hurtling down steep ramps in no time.

You will always fall exactly vertically (though you can strafe to reposition yourself while in the air), so if you look straight down you see the exact point of landing where your cross hair is. Completing a map will save your time and show how fast you are against others in the same server.

07/01/2019. What's the name of the map you were using ? Most of the popular surf servers include collections of the best surfing maps, including the classic fruit and vegetable levels.

As soon as you hit the new ramp strafe into the side of it again. Distances between ramps vary across maps, so don't be discouraged if you can't clear a complicated level on the first try.

History. The faster and higher direction you go off it the further or higher you will go. Of course, there's no beating a deliberate aim-training session if you really want to up your competitive game stats, but deepening your understanding of movement in CS:GO can only help. For example going down the left side of the ramp here we need to press D and going down the right hand side we need to press A.

To fly through the green loop on surf_10x_final) you must, at the VERY end of a ramp, move your mouse side to side fairly quickly while pointing in the direction (upward at some angle) that you want to fly. To begin with, just focus on using your A and D keys to strafe left and right, and your mouse to move in the correct direction.

Picking a side is purely a preference thing, so feel no pressure to go on the same side as other players. Once you’ve gotten the hand of sticking to the ramp you now want to imagine that the end of the ramp is the top of a hill.

While surfing won’t directly improve your aim or map sense, it may have a minor impact on other aspects of your games. So, if you're traveling along the left side of the ramp, hold D to continue skimming the surface, and vice versa. Completing a map will save your time and show how fast you are against others in the same server. You will do better on a course that you’ve seen a skilled player run through already. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines.

Getting into the habit of using these sweeping motions will not only help you to nail tricky jumps, but will also be generally useful in regular matches, particularly if you play with a low sensitivity. Building speed (gaining momentum) is the most important thing when it comes to finishing surf courses. Pls I'm not that good and I can't find a good one ^^. This is mostly needed above “teleportation-panels” or “landing-panels” (mostly with a water surface so you can land on it from high above). Choose the Community Server Browser option in the drop-down menu.

For one thing your feet usually remain firmly on the floor, whereas 'surfing' encourages you to slide along ramps and make smooth turns.

Same as panda, I would nod my head up to go to the finish and i just fall, lose all my speed. Just practice holding away from the ramp on bits where you enough speed to reduce friction and lost speed increase speed.

Landing (extra): When you leave a ramp and have to turn in mid air to land on the next ramp, a good way to gain good speed is to land near the top of the ramp holding away from the the ramp.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Please refresh the page and try again. you’re supposed to strafe into the side of the ramp which is the opposite side of the actual direction the ramp is facing.

If you wan’t to become pro there is a long guide below. Linear maps are courses which have a set beginning and end which players must complete in a single surf.

If you are struggling to understand why you aren’t going fast, definitely keep an eye on the speedometer.

Breaking news: How to find a surf map: Launch CS:GO and click ‘Play CS:GO’.

Now that we have the basic movement out of the way it’s a good idea to show you how to jump from one ramp to another.

When it comes to jumping up to platforms, you will have to sweep your mouse in an upwards motion. Combat surf maps also exist, however, adding an additional challenge to an already complicated mix. Never press the back or forwards key while surfing because the forward key will make you slide off (more on the back key, s, later). Surf maps have been an integral part of the Counter-Strike series over the past decade, learn how to surf in CSGO to experience the game differently. CS:GO surf servers and maps are frequently shared by the community, featuring crazy courses that dare you to zoom through them as efficiently as possible. Once you're comfortable with the basics of movement you can begin to attempt turns.

Once again, if you’re new to surfing, ensure that you select a server labelled ‘Tier 1’ to get started. Think about this diagram: D/\A. Surfing is hard to describe, its best to just go learn.

To get maximum distance when launching off a surf: try to be at the highest point you can get without losing speed. Receive news and offers from our other brands?

Try to avoid using auto-hop if you can, instead learn the proper techniques for bunny hopping. To get faster you can start from the top of ramp then head down to bottom and up to middle again for best result…Just go up and down, like a wave. The game franchise – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is all about killing opponents and showing off amazing CSGO skins like the AWP Dragon Lore. That way you can focus more on getting the sweeping motion of your jumps on point.

To surf in a straight line: strafe (a or d keys) into the side of the ramp (those things that float in the air), strafing right if you’re on the left side, strafing left if you’re on the right side. To ensure you don’t lose speed when landing on a new surf: try to reduce the amount of force that your z-axis receives when landing. Skill Surf servers challenge you to race to the end of the level as quickly as possible, whereas Combat servers reintroduce weapons to the fray. Open the developer console, paste these commands in, and hit Enter to confirm. Sticking to a ramp is the very first things you’re going to need to learn and once you get used to doing it everything else will just fall into place. All Rights Reserved. Your main objective is to maintain your momentum as you propel yourself to the end of a course. //This command does not work on CS:GO as it was removed by Valve //It still works in TF2, GMOD, CS 1.6, etc cl_yawspeed 120 //These commands will tell you the script is working and how to use it, remove it if you wish echo "d0ct0r's BHOP script is loaded" echo "Press F3 to activate and F4 to deactivate, you can only do it ingame"

Now that you know everything you just need to put it together. This advanced technique can be utilised in Competitive games to make it harder for opponents to hit you. North Sydney

If you jump onto the left side, you have to hold ‘D’ in order to stay on the ramp.

Launch the game and select Play CS:GO. Without a lot of speed, you will be unable to travel from ramp to ramp without falling down completely. Turning requires a harmonious balance between your key inputs and the direction you move your mouse.

Unlike the physics you're used to experiencing in CS:GO, it's ramped up a notch in surf maps which enables plays to smoothly skim across various surfaces. Surfing is very different to a good, old-fashioned competitive CS:GO match. If you enjoyed this guide please give it a thumbs up and check out my other guides and videos on. Today I’ll be showing you guys how to surf in Counter Strike: Global Offensive but this also works the exact same in Counter Strike: Source. A lot of servers include a type of speedometer to keep track of how fast you are going. Failing to surf usually places you inside a jail which is pits everyone who can’t surf against each other. Never press the back or forwards key while surfing because the forward key will make you slide off (more on the back key, s, later). Please see the.

Keep the mouse pointed in the direction you want to travel, the pitch of your cross hair doesn’t matter, just don’t look left or right if you want to go in a straight line. Well, to put it simply, surfing is fun.

So, let's ditch Dust2's raucous bombsites and venture into the slippery realm of surfing. The first is skill surf which allows you to surf at your own pace on easy to very hard maps.

Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons guide.

Practicing by yourself is always a good way to start. I think a good map to go learn on is surf_legends as it has some nice ramps, make sure its a Death-match though.

Likewise, on the right side you’ll need to hold down ‘A’.

You can even watch the guy who invented Counter-Strike surf maps work on his upcoming map, surf_eventide, on Twitch. Think of surfing like driving around a course - it’s the same principle.

=)• settings i used:-strafe on mouse5-jump bhop-duck-no \"w s a d\" keys• songname: lakuno - echo• my mouse: -zowie ec2-a• mouse sense:-windows 6/11-ingame 1.07-dpi 1600csgo surf: noangle / +strafe [mouseoverview]

No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Turning corners can take a little bit to get use to as you need to use the opposite keys as you normally would. It is only visible to you. In addition to surfing being a nice way to spend your time, it may also help you to improve a few aspects of your performance in CS:GO. I ALRSHO GERT A RERSDHAN GURLFRAND TANKS BRA, I keep losing speed.

SAFELY BUY AND SELL SKINS: very detailed strafing \u0026 longjump tutorial with a custom map. Surf maps are very different to the pressures of a Competitive CS:GO game and genuinely have very little in common with one, so why exactly should you try them?

Not only is it fun, but it also improves your mouse control and movement, which is a nice bonus for when you hop back into regular matches. Have fun finding the easter eggs. This doesn’t make much sense, but go try and you’ll get extra speed. To find surf maps, head to the Steam Workshop, add the CS:GO filter, and type surf.Then click the green subscribe button on the maps you find appealing.. Once you’re ready to try them, launch CS:GO and select Workshop Maps from the dropdown menu.

As with most things, this comes down to personal preference - there’s no harm in trying both! Try to do this in one fluid motion as judders cause drops in speed.

There was a problem. We recommend jumping into a beginner Tier 1 server to get to grips with air-strafing, and the kinds of obstacles and turns you’ll have to perform.

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