how to whitewash metal

Last Updated: March 29, 2019 A light coat of a good self-etching primer such as Stix should be used before whitewashing. Try whitewashing your furniture or wood accessories to brighten the look of most any room in a house. Follow these tips on applying hand-rubbed finishes to wood. ), How To Style Shelves (simple decorating tips & ideas) ».


When I'm not helping others decorate or doing a project around my own home, you can find me doing all the boy things and loving every minute of my little family! Today there are white stains commercially available that take the guesswork out of staining wood white. Mixing the two types will often work, but not always. I didn’t want to overdo the gold. Your email address will not be published. This is what the space looked like in 2013.

Whitewash also has some antibacterial properties, which makes it a handy option for sealing tough-to-clean surfaces against bacteria and insects. I was getting there, but not quite complete.

Check out the first transformation when I originally painted this set.

Try to use water-based primers if your paint is water-based, and oil-based primers for oil-based paints. Do you see the texture?? If the excess blobs have already dried, use sandpaper to remove them.

These directions were clear, and I now have the confidence to try this. Want more tips, ideas & inspiration? This faux brick technique can be used in any area of the home, but today we will be using it to do a... Have you heard about German Schmear? Brick/Stone walls are great accents in the home, but sometimes they need a refresh or "glow up" to better suit your current decor. Why the Wilshire? Whitewashing is a painting technique used to create a semi-transparent look on wood and stone.

Whitewash has been used for centuries to brighten and disinfect surfaces. For most everything else I use clear/natural wax, but for table tops that will get a lot of use I do prefer Polycrylic.

My game plan was to white wash … If you don't seal your furniture, avoid touching it as much as possible for a few weeks until the paint fully cures.

Neither offers protection.

And at $24.99 each (TJ Maxx), that’s not a bad deal. Brush the stripper onto the wood with as few strokes as possible. Our expert helps you decide. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Our emails include an unsubscribe link and you may opt-out at any time. No, but the piece should be clean and free of any dirt, grease or oil. So, I used Blackberry House Warm Milk and did another 50/50 mix. I used a brush to apply the wash instead of my beloved car wash sponge because this deer head had a TON of nooks and crannies. If I pushed a sponge into all of those cracks it would be a runny mess.

Maybe I just missed them (it was a crazy workweek)! Important: Stir stains well.

I think they are plenty bright. Always use paints in an area with ample ventilation. The last step will be to seal it back up with Polycrylic. I thought I’d share a photo I snapped with my cell phone the other night to show you! ", "Many results came up when Googling, but this one reads clearly and sounds easier than other info.

It can be found at any home improvement center.

Don't Miss a Thing!! © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. How do I whitewash furniture if I don't know the type of wood?

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Your ideas are always amazing and inspiring! General Finishes and Minwax both make great water-based sealers. I mixed these until I got the color I desired for my first layer of wash. You can play around with this part and use any shade of gray that you like or mix a few like I did.

The problem was all of the BROWN. Funny how life comes full circle!! Hope you enjoyed learning how to whitewash metal.

But remember, fluid paint that soaks in is key. whitewashing. HOWEVER, I may not keep them this way. (<<< see it here). 25 Ways You Can Be an Artist - With No Experience Necessary!

And thank you for the kind words, so very appreciated!! Since the paint mixture is watery, you should have a cloth handy for the drips. Sand wooden furniture gently. Next, wipe the surface down with vinegar and water to remove dirt and sanding dust. a brand new look!

I knew after my first coat it was darker than I wanted and I needed more “layering.” So, next I did a layer of just the Creek Bed (my light gray) and did another 50/50 paint and water mix. Bravo! Just not a look that gives me joy. I used a 1:1 ratio of paint and water (equal parts of water and paint). Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. I also always look forward to your posts. Now that you know how to whitewash wood, choose the technique that’s right for your project and desired look. Send more of what you got to do!!! xo. Win-win! That’s the beauty of paint, my friends! Whitewash is nothing more than white paint that is thinned down so that it has a watery consistency. I’m really happy with the more relaxed, less cluttery feel of this space. (you can see all that in the gallery wall link I shared above), It’s just refreshing to give a room, or multiple rooms, a makeover from head to toe.

Until recently this technique involved taking ordinary paint and thinning it down to create a white stain. Unlike using a whitewash stain, you're trying to (largely) obscure the wood grain and make the furniture completely white. Love your blog site!!! Be sure you don’t wipe so much that you take it all right back off. I just added it to the post if you want to take a look!

Probably about the same as they would’ve been unpainted.

It’s an amazing color – Aubusson Blue! Once the water is added, you are ready to go. To learn how to dry brush to create a whitewashed look, read on! ©2012-2020 Artsy Chicks Rule® is a registered trademark.

Don’t sand your metal… Isn’t that what makes us women so fascinating?

It’s a little less “fussy” and more relaxed than straight gold would’ve been.

Is that flea market find worth your time and elbow grease? Applying a white stain allows you to brighten a wood surface without hiding the grain pattern. People who tend to have a reaction to chemicals or paints should wear protective gloves while engaged in the whitewashing. The water-based sealer is your topcoat, which will help the whitewash to last longer. I didn’t seal the white over the gold, I just left it as is. Saw a piece of furniture using this method and decided to, "I found this article to be very helpful. I really like your work. Sorry I’m unsubscribing you.

:) You are right, there have been a lot of these made, I’ve seen them. Read More…. Although I am not really ready to tear it all out I am still determined to make it a space I don’t hate. Glaze is essential in creating rich, dimensional paint treatments such as in many faux and decorative paint techniques. It’s the exact color I’d like to paint my dated bedroom furniture.

Once the whitewash has dried, use a clear water-based finish to protect the wood.

Work in small areas, starting at one end of your table. These are lovely but aren’t really going to go very well with the gold…so I painted them too! Hi I live the lamps but I’d love to know what color the dresser is painted. If you follow Joanna Gaines you've probably fallen in love with the white wash brick style somewhere... Hi Everyone, I hope all is well with you!Don't you just love brick walls?

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