i hate lore olympus

And one of the best retellings I’ve found recently is the webcomic Lore Olympus. The author has revealed she has no intention of depicting Hades abducting Persephone.

It's completely unfounded, since the two have never slept together and Persephone repeatedly makes it clear to Hades that she does. Nyx waxes nostalgic about how cute Hades looked when he was little. Likewise, Eros in the original myth basically tricked her parents into giving Psyche to him and her consent in their initial sexual encounter is rather shady. Particularly, her Act of Wrath, which resulted in her going on a. rescue Hades from further abuse from Minthe, suspending her until further notice. The webcomic provides examples of: A-Cup Angst: Once she finds out about Persephone, Minthe starts becoming insecure about her body and checks out her breast size in the bathroom mirror.Humorously illustrated in the December 29th Q-and-A, which included an image of Minthe and Persephone based on a famous photo of Sophia Loren side-eyeing Jayne Mansfield. A drama webcomic by Rachel Smythe retelling the story of The Taking of Persephone with a modern skin. Thetis acts like she's Minthe's snarky best bud when she really only cares about herself and even undermines Minthes relationship with Hades out of jealously. Kiersty / February 29, 2020 / Comic Reviews, Reviews.

"While you are here, you shall rule all that lives and moves and shall have the greatest rights among the deathless gods: Those who defraud you and do not appease your power with offerings, reverently performing rites and paying fit of gifts, shall be punished forevermore.". In this version the "abduction" is completely accidental, brought about by the machinations of Aphrodite, and Hades remains reluctant to pursue any kind of relationship with Persephone for quite a while after due to the difference in their ages (Persephone is 19 and Hades is 2000+) and his feeling that she can do better. The watercolor effect illustration is perfect. Explicit (263) Teen And Up Audiences (188) Mature (158) General Audiences (137) Not Rated (65) Include Warnings . LOL I loved it. Hades, kinda being able to guess why she's asking, assures her she doesn't need to worry since "mortals are a dime a dozen.".

Yeah I’m rly getting tired of this shit.... Now I have to wait for a week do you know what happened to that farmers, This is why you buy a fast pass you don’t want to miss the juicy episode which could be any of them. If you like what I write, click here to buy me a coffee! Zeus and Poseidon are happy to encourage Hades in pursuing his interest in Persephone. Another surprising inversion regarding Eros is that when he, In general, the attitude of the gods towards mortals is for the most part entirely in line with Greek Mythology.

Thetis's scheme to get Zeus to leave Hera for her is destined to fail.

In fact, stories of Greek gods and heroes finding ways to trick or force unwilling women into sex was often used to show how "clever" they were. If looks could kill, Ares would have imploded. Persephone frequently gets accused of this after the tabloid article of her and Hades walking around in his house makes the rounds and she gets an internship at the Underworld right after. And that’s not even touching on the story, which is a masterful modern reworking of the myths. Fans of Lore Olympus are super excited about the recent release of Lore Olympus Season Two, with not only one episode being made available, but three additional FastPass chapters too. Kiersty/ February 29, 2020/ Comic Reviews, Reviews. Jul 15, 2020 nuin giliath rated it it was amazing. In this comic she quickly regrets what she ordered her son to do, and when Eros abandons Psyche she takes the girl in and protects her, while teaching Eros a lesson about trust. When Apollo starts accosting Persephone Eros. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. And then he coerces her into sex, photographs her naked body without her permission, and repeatedly ignores her lack of consent to force himself on her. It's no Wheel of Time where the author died before the series ended. see review. RELATED: 5 Webtoons That Need To Become K-Dramas ASAP (& 5 That Already Are)

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