intune app protection exempt apps

Intune device enrollmentIf you are using Intune to manage your devices, see Manage Internet access using managed browser policies with Microsoft Intune. A user assigned multiple app protection policies will be allowed to use only the approved keyboards common to all policies. See for more information on this iOS/iPadOS MDM setting. This setting in particular ensures that Google's Verify Apps scan is turned on for end user devices. Specify how web content (http/https links) are opened from policy-managed applications. This will allow sharing of the specified number of characters when it would be otherwise blocked by the "Restrict cut, copy, and paste with other apps" setting. To exempt the Webex app so that it's allowed to be invoked by Intune managed apps, you must add a data transfer exception for the following string:, Android SMS example: There are three categories of policy settings: Data relocation, Access requirements, and Conditional launch. The number of minutes that MAM apps can run offline. In addition, you can create your own exemptions if you need to allow data to transfer to an app that doesn't support Intune APP. The Microsoft Edge browser integrates the APP SDK and supports all of its data protection policies, with the exception of preventing: Note: This setting requires app support: Outlook for Android 4.0.95 or laterTeams for Android 1416/ or later. This … For more information, see Data transfer exemptions. For example, all Intune-managed apps on Android must be able to transfer data to and from the Google Text-to-speech, so that … This list is subject to change and reflects the services and apps considered useful for secure productivity. You can set a maximum number of days as the age of the Company Portal (CP) version for Android devices. Specify either.

For more information about Android data transfer exceptions, see Android app protection policy settings - Data transfer exemptions. If this setting is targeted to a user on an unenrolled device, the behavior of the Any apps value applies. If this setting is targeted to a user on an unenrolled device, the behavior of the Policy managed apps value applies. This setting ensures that end users are within a certain range of CP releases (in days). The package ID is contained in the URL of the app's page. Specify a maximum threat level acceptable to use this app. Web content (http/https links) from policy managed applications will open in the specified browser. The Intune Managed Browser has been retired. Specify when cut, copy, and paste actions can be used with this app. This setting requires the app to have the Intune SDK for Android version 6.2.0 or above. App Protection policies created before June 15, 2020 include tel and telprompt URL scheme as part of the default data transfer exemptions. Choose from: Specify the number of characters that may be cut or copied from org data and accounts. The value must be between 0 and 365 days. Threats are determined by your chosen Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) vendor app on the end user device. For a policy targeting Android, you can configure data transfer exceptions by app package name. Typically, when a user selects a hyperlinked phone number in an app, a dialer app will open with the phone number prepopulated and ready to call.

There is no value to set for this setting. This setting does not affect the use of third-party keyboards in unmanaged applications.

For more information, see Data transfer policy exceptions for apps. Require devices have a minimum Android security patch released by Google. To add an exception, check the documentation provided by the developer of the app to find information about supported URL protocols. Changing a LoB app to Win32 app without user disruption? When I firsts started with Intune I created my Antivirus & RMM as LoB apps and they use to push sucessfully during Autopilot. Select from: Azure Authenticator app, which is required for successful authentication in many scenarios. See Data transfer exemptions for a full list of apps and services. Additionally, only add exceptions for apps that you do not consider to be data leak risks. This article describes the app protection policy settings for Android devices. Users who sign in with their corporate Azure AD accounts in the Microsoft Edge browser application will be protected by Intune.

This timeout value should be greater than the value specified under 'Recheck the access requirements after (minutes of inactivity)'. Specify a time in minutes after which either a passcode or numeric (as configured) PIN will override the use of a fingerprint. For more details, see Known issue: Third party keyboards are not blocked in iOS/iPadOS for personal accounts. App protection policies can take advantage of the Intune-MTD connector. Numeric requirements involve only numbers, while a passcode can be defined with at least 1 alphabetical letter. The App Protection policy setting Transfer telecommunication data to has replaced this functionality.

Choose Require to enable encryption of work or school data in this app.

For example, all Intune-managed apps on Android must be able to transfer data to and from the Google Text-to-speech, so that text from your mobile device screen can be read aloud. In addition, applications may optionally encrypt app data using Intune APP SDK encryption. If a policy-managed browser is required, Android App Links are managed by the Allow app to transfer data to other apps policy setting. A bit of a random one; we use baseline app protection policies for a client across Android and iOS devices, specifically to prevent corporate data from being pasted into non-authorized apps. All other services will be blocked. The Intune Company Portal is required on the device to receive App Protection Policies for Android devices. If you need to allow data to be transferred to specific apps that don't support Intune APP, you can create exceptions to this policy by using Select apps to exempt. You can find the package ID of an app by browsing to the app on the Google Play store. Configure the number of days before the PIN reset is required. There are some exempt apps and platform services that Intune app protection policies allow data transfer to and from. Specify how much org data is shared via OS notifications for org accounts. "You have new mail"; "You have a meeting". When this setting is enabled, the user receives a one-time message stating that the use of third-party keyboards is blocked. Enter the application name for browser associated with the. Specify when cut, copy, and paste actions can be used with this app. Specify the number of tries the user has to successfully enter their PIN before the configured action is taken. Choose from: Specify how Org data is shared via OS notifications for Org accounts. For more information, see Android Instant Apps in the Android Developer documentation. Specify the time (in minutes) before the access requirements for the app are rechecked. However they are now causing issues in the autopilot stage, which I am told it should really only use Win32 apps. Intune will block any data connection to or from the app. The App Protection policy setting Transfer telecommunication data to … Set a requirement for either numeric or passcode type PINs before accessing an app that has app protection policies applied. If not supported by the application, notifications will be blocked. General web links are managed by the Open app links in Intune Managed Browser policy setting. If Send org data to other apps is configured to All apps, text data may still be transferred via OS sharing to the clipboard. The Intune App Protection pane is displayed. The Intune Managed Browser has been retired.

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